Internet Marketing Action Plan Aaron Abbott


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Internet Marketing Action Plan Aaron Abbott

  1. 1. Aaron  Abbott—   1  Internet  Marketing  Action  Plan   By:  Aaron  M.  Abbott     I.  Relationship  Development  Strategy     The  Audience  Defined   There  are  3  market  segments  to  be  considered:   1. Criminal  Justice  Students   2. Criminal  Justice  Instructors   3. Criminal  Justice  Professionals   The  audience  to  be  targeted  is  the  entire  Criminal  Justice  System—from  students   to  their  educators  and  other  working  professionals  in  the  industry.    While  the  Criminal   Justice  System  is  a  very  specific  niche  market,  the  composition  ranges  from  college   students  to  seasoned.    In  regards  to  the  initial  offer  to  be  made  by,  we   will  define  the  initial  audience  in  relation  to  whom  we  need  to  attract  initially  to  create  a   successful  platform.    This  initial  audience  will  focus  initially  on  students,  those   interested  in  being  students,  and  their  direct  educators/trainers.    The  professional   segment  will  be  initially  drawn  from  existing  relationships  we  have  developed  over  the   years.   These  segments  need  these  resources  in  order  to  successfully  connect  Online   and  to  make  use  of  the  evolving  Internet  technologies  that  will  better  their   learning/teaching  experience.    While  money  will  be  made  off  of  the  students  purchasing   the  training  videos  Online,  all  other  resources  are  free  of  charge  to  use  if  you  are  a  part   of  the  Criminal  Justice  System.    So  while  ages  will  be  split,  as  will  income  levels,  the   actual  dichotomy  between  market  segments  happens  in  relation  to  why  they  will  be   visiting,  rather  than  focusing  on  the  money  they  will  be  spending.    The   resources  we  will  sell  will  be  very  affordable  and  will  be  tangential  to  the  reasons  they   users  are  visiting  the  site  in  the  first  place.     Existing  Intentions   The  identification  of  the  existing  audience  intentions  has  been  grounded  by  the   fact  that  we  have  nearly  5  years  of  insightful  data  and  feedback  regarding  the  use  of  the   existing  resources  we  offer,  as  well  as  the  future  solutions  being  developed.    The  major   intention  of  each  member  of  the  target  audience  deals  with  need  for  effective  learning   resources  and  next-­‐generation  tools  that  will  provide  support  and  advancement  from   the  beginning  of  the  education  to  the  journey  through  the  professional  life  in  the   Criminal  Justice  System.    These  intentions  allow  us  to  look  in  and  see  that  we  need  to   find  the  commonality  between  the  students  and  the  teachers  and  create  a  platform  that   will  serve  them  individually  and  collectively.    Appealing  to  their  needs  for  quality   training  videos,  and  an  interactive  Internet  experience  that  brings  Web  2.0  solutions  to   the  field.    
  2. 2. Aaron  Abbott—   2     Our  Customer  Roles  and  Personas   Based  on  direct  feedback  from  a  variety  of  professionals  in  the  Industry,  the   initial  targeting  of  Instructors/Educators  seems  to  rely  on  targeting  this  segment  with   the  Methodical  persona—with  a  touch  of  them  being  Humanistic.    While  the  students,   and  those  looking  to  become  students  fall  more  into  the  Humanistic  and  Spontaneous   personas.    Being  that  both  of  the  initial  segments  share  Humanistic  qualities,  the  initial   marketing  and  design  concepts  should  utilize  this  as  the  relationship  that  binds  them.     Their  broader  needs  are  shared  in  the  view  that  both  segments  utilize  Internet   technologies  outside  of  the  Criminal  Justice  System.      It  is  just  that  there  are  no  readily   available  Web  2.0  Criminal  Justice  tools.   As  we  approach  the  teachers  and  instructors—Humanistic  and  Methodical   personas—we  will  be  sure  to  engage  them  in  a  manner  that  will  show  how  we  make   their  teaching  life  easier.  will  become  their  own  “Teacher’s  Assistant”   and  will  help  them  connect,  teach,  and  collaborate  all  via  our  Web  site.    The  students,   on  the  other  side  of  the  fence—with  their  Humanistic  and  Spontaneous  personas—will   be  shown  how  will  give  them  a  step  ahead  in  starting  and  managing   their  career,  as  well  as  being  provided  paid-­‐for-­‐access  to  fundamental  training  videos   that  will  ground  them  in  their  studies  to  get  more  out  of  their  education  and  their   future.    Messages  will  evolve  around  communicating  these  benefits  and  results,  rather   than  the  products  and  services.    Showing  each  segment  the  emotional  appeal  that   connects  with  the  broad  terms  of  their  persona  will  lead  to  greater  success.     Online  Channels  for  Audience  Reach       The  online  channels  that  will  be  focused  on  involve:   o The  variety  of  social  networks  that  students  use   o The  sites  they  visit  for  leisure   o Where  they  are  going  Online  to  find  training  and  study  aides   o Sites  relating  to  the  topics  of  the  videos   o Sites  relating  to  the  Criminal  Justice  System   The  idea  is  to  connect  and  to  serve  the  Criminal  Justice  System.  Participating  in   these  channels  will  connect  us  with  the  student  side  of  the  audience.    With  respect  to   the  teachers,  must  be  identifiable  and  recognizable.    Looking  to  where   they  purchase  their  class  supplies,  to  where  they  look  online  for  training  content  will  be   very  valuable.    Teachers  are  less  involved  in  social  sites  but  do  have  the  need  for  mobile   applications  that  would  make  their  lives  easier.    Looking  for  advertising  opportunities  in   every  site  they  visit  would  promote  this  awareness.    Also  being  involved  in  the  variety  of   Associations  and  Network  groups  would  make  great  channel  opportunities  as  well.    By   getting  the  teachers,  they  can  reinforce  the  brand  and  trust  for  all  students.    And  as  the   student  uses  and  benefits  from  the  resources,  the  teachers  will  gain  more  trust.    This   exchange  will  lead  to  successful  conversions  of  both  use  and  purchase  of  resources.        
  3. 3. Aaron  Abbott—   3     Audience  Actions   The  actions  necessary  to  the  successful  implementation  and  evolution  of  involves  three  actions:     1. Registration     2. Use  of  resources     3. Purchase  of  the  training  video  experience.       The  site  will  be  designed  for  the  variety  of  users  who  will  come  to  this  unique   experience.    The  idea  is  to  make  the  registration  experience  easy  and  intuitive,  while  the   use  of  the  resources  will  be  innate  and  easy.    Online  videos  explaining  the  resources  and   how  to  use  them  will  be  plentiful.    When  it  comes  time  to  purchase  training  videos,  with   them  logged  in,  all  we  will  need  is  their  credit  card  information.    By  feeding  data  within   different  form  functions  of  the  site  will  prove  to  provide  a  more  harmonious  user   experience,  which  will  lead  to  effective  navigation  and  getting  the  users  to  act  as  they   want  to,  and  as  we  need  them  to  act.     AIDAS  Model  Insights   In  regards  to  the  AIDAS  model,  the  motivations  between  the  segments  are  rather   complementary.    The  students  need  to  learn,  and  the  teachers  need  to  teach.    One   cannot  survive  without  the  other,  and  both  can  be  engaged  in  a  similar  fashion.    While   the  message  can  be  the  same,  the  presentation  and  communicative  qualities  of  the   message  to  each  segment  must  be  shaped  for  that  segment.    The  following  approaches   are  how  each  segment  will  be  approached  in  reference  to  their  position  in  the  buying   process:   o Attention  can  be  generated  with  the  sharing  of  the  benefits  of  the   education  process  being  made  easier  for  each  segment.  Use  of  call  to   action  PPC  and  banner  ads  will  be  a  direct  source.       o Interest  will  be  reinforced  in  regards  to  how  these  solutions  and   resources  make  their  role  easier  in  the  relationship  they  have  between   one  another  in  the  education  process.    The  landing  page  will  appeal  to   the  visitor  and  lead  them  along  the  scent  to  the  sale  conversion.   o Desire  will  be  to  make  their  lives  easier  in  the  process  while  gaining  more   insight  and  knowledge  through  the  experience.    It  will  be  expressed   through  pictures  and  testimonials  of  what  these  resources  provide.   o Action  will  be  engaged  with  calls  to  action,  such  as  great  discounts  if   purchased  now.    Use  of  promotions  and  contests  will  support   conversions.   o Satisfaction  will  be  shown  in  the  actions  of  re-­‐use  of  the  resources  and   continual  use  over  a  lifetime,  as  well  as  sharing  the  resources  with  peers   and  colleagues.    This  is  supported  by  lifetime  guarantee  on  the  physical   DVD/CD-­‐ROM  set.    We  will  keep  our  users  in  front  by  allowing  them  to   provide  feedback  to  hone  the  resources  provided.    Surveys  and   questionnaires,  with  rewards  for  completion  of  them,  will  be  mainstay  to   ensure  and  develop  customer  satisfaction.  
  4. 4. Aaron  Abbott—   4     Confidence  in  Action   In  order  for  the  segments  to  feel  confident  in  these  actions,   must  provide  unique  and  up-­‐to-­‐date  solutions.    Everything  from  site  design,  to  the   design  of  the  media  player  must  communicate  the  reasons  why  they  are  here  in  the  first   place.    Considering  the  most  important  actions  and  what  is  involved  for  the  user  to  take   these  actions,  we  must  consider  a  variety  of  factors  that  will  keep  them  coming  back  for   more.    These  in  order,  starting  with  the  most  important  involve:   1. Security  of  there  personal  information   2. Quality  and  feel  of  the  interactive  experience   3. That  the  training  resources  are  valuable  and  mean  something   4. That  they  are  a  part  of  something  big,  and  unique.     Unique  Value  Proposition  Variations   Finally,  in  consideration  of  variations  of  the  Unique  Value  Proposition  (UVP),  the   relationship  of  the  segments  is  what  really  provides  the  most  communicative  value   between  the  segments  in  regards  to  the  primary  relationships.    The  following  are   variations  of  the  UVP:   1.  connects  and  serves  the  Criminal  Justice  System.   2.  provides  solutions  and  technology  you  need  to  succeed.   3.  opens  the  door  to  the  reality  of  Criminal  Justice.   Effective  implementation  and  testing  of  these  variations  will  lead  to  greater  growth  and   development  of  the  resources  over  time.    While  we  can  come  up  with  ideas,  it  will  be   the  behaviors  and  the  feedback  of  the  user’s  experience  that  will  evolve    The  relationship  formed  with  the  user  is  the  relationship  they  form   with  the  resources  and  Web  site  being  provided.    It  is  not  the  other  way  around.     II.  Conversion  and  Optimization  Strategy     Headline  Options   1.—the  1st  for  Criminal  Justice.   2.  connects  and  innovates  the  Criminal  Justice  System.   3.—the  Internet  solutions  you  want  for  on  the  scene.     Offer  Summary  Options   1.    CJ  Students  get  the  resources,  connections,  and  fundamentals  for  your  success.   2.    Our  Job:  To  connect  and  to  serve  the  Criminal  Justice  System.   3.    CJ  training  and  networking—on  the  Web,  for  on  the  Job!     Offer  Image  Library  Options   1. Main  element  of  the  design  will  be  a  dead  body  at  an  obvious  crime  scene.    The   images  will  be  very  vivid  and  graphic,  but  not  offensive.    Where  appropriate,  Flash  
  5. 5. Aaron  Abbott—   5     will  be  utilized  to  animate  the  crime  scene  tape  blowing  in  the  wind  with  police  car   lights  flashing.   2. This  design  will  utilize  the  software  computer  screen  shots  we  see  everyday  in  the   CSI  television  shows.    Create  a  representative  image  that  makes  the  user  feel  as  if   they  are  clicking  into  the  mainframe  of  the  crime  lab.    Have  images  relating  to  the   Internet,  the  globe,  and  crime  scene  software.     3. The  focus  here  is  to  push  into  the  realm  of  education  and  training.    Use  training  tools   as  graphic  elements  and  images  that  relate  to  books,  education,  and   professionalism.    Show  shaking  hands  and  hands  being  cuffed  of  opposite  sides  of   the  ad  could  be  an  interesting  contrast.     Call  to  Action  Options   1. Get  on  the!  Building  your  foundation  a  connection  at  a  time.   2. Get  on  the  inside  of  the  yellow  tape…  (The  design  will  show  the  yellow  crime  scene   tape.)   3. Don’t  shoot  blanks!  Train  and  connect  with!     Statement  of  Trust  Options   1.  provides  the  latest  in  Internet  security  protection  with  MacAfee   Security.    Your  data  is  never  seen  by,  rented,  or  sold  to  anyone.    We  work  hard  to   ensure  we  provide  you  with  the  latest  security  measures  available.    Contact  us  now   with  any  concerns  or  comments.   2. Being  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System,  we  know  how  to  protect  your  information.    We   implement  the  latest  in  Internet  Security  features.    Go  ahead  try  to  copy  an  image   from  this  page.    See  what  we  mean.    The  only  way  to  get  to  your  data  is  with  your   username  and  password.  Contact  us  now  with  any  concerns  or  comments.   3.  takes  your  privacy  seriously.    We  cut  no  corners  and  spare  no   expense  in  ensuring  that  your  private  information  and  data  is  kept  secure  and   confidential.    You  control  who  you  share  your  information  with,  and  we  ensure  that   is  who  will  have  access.    We  implement  MacAfee  Security  on  each  page  of  our  site   and  we  will  never  share  rent  or  sell  your  information  to  marketing  firms  or  other   companies.  Contact  us  now  with  any  concerns  or  comments.     Main  Funnel  Navigation     The  following  funnel  navigations  detail  the  process  in  acquiring  and  moving  the   site  visitor  closer  to  the  respected  conversion.    While  each  stage  has  a  specific  action,   great  care  and  thought  is  put  into  the  structure  in  relation  to  what  visitors  are  here  for,   and  what  the  company  is  providing.    In  this  case,  is  at  an  advantage  as   the  focus  of  the  business  model  deals  with  promoting  the  free  resources,  while  having   the  training  resources  as  a  valuable  subscription  service  targeted  to  the  student  visitors.     Ample  traffic  will  support  the  main  purchase  conversion,  as  the  other  conversions  will   fuel  the  appropriate  traffic.    
  6. 6. Aaron  Abbott—   6     1.    Purchase  Training  Conversion  (Figure  1)   The  sale  of  training  videos  resources  is  the  conversion  that  will  drive  money  into   the  company.    That  is  until  enough  traffic  generates  advertisement  placement   opportunities.    Each  step  through  the  funnel  has  been  designed  to  keep  the  interested   visitor  engaged.    By  keeping  the  registration  step  after  the  actual  purchase  of  the   training  experience,  we  can  combat  abandonment  for  those  who  hate  to  register  their   private  information,  or  don’t  have  the  patience.    By  getting  their  money  first,  we   guarantee  that  they  will  follow  through.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:       a.    Build  Your  Foundation   b.    Purchase  Training   c.    Get  Training  Now     Figure  1.  Purchase  Training  Funnel   Review  training  resources  and  cost.   Click  on  "Train  Now"  button.   Submit  Payment  Information.   Submit  Registration   Information   Payment  and   Registration   ConJirmation       2.    Registration  Conversion  (Figure  2)   While  selling  the  training  resources  is  the  main  goal  for  the  company,  acquiring   consistent  new  users  is  vital.  Having  these  new  users  become  consistent  users  will   guarantee  internal  targeted  traffic  that  we  can  sell  the  training  resources  to.    There  will   be  no  cost  to  the  user  for  this  conversion.    We  must  appeal  to  their  humanistic  and   methodical  personas  in  order  to  get  them  to  create  an  International  network  for  us.  The   value  is  the  stimulation  of  traffic  by  those  who  will  use  and  share  the  resources.  Selling   to  them  will  never  be  a  part  of  the  process,  as  all  information  will  be  there  for  them  to  
  7. 7. Aaron  Abbott—   7     take  and  use.  We  can  offer  some  type  of  free  incentive  or  tool  for  them  filling  it  out   completely.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:     a.  Get  Connected  Now   b.  Get  In  Here   c.  Build  Your  Network     Figure  2.  Registration  Funnel   Click  thourgh  landing  page.   Review  resources  and  the  network   solutions.   Click  "Join  Now".   Submit   Registration   Information.         3.  Review  Training  Video  Samples/Sample  Test  Conversion  (Figure  3)   A  major  conversion  of  interest  deals  with  determining  the  actual  interest  in   utilizing  the  training  resources  being  sold.  We  have  moved  the  registration  process  up  in   the  funnel  for  this  conversion.  The  purpose  is  we  want  to  filter  who  really  is  serious   about  the  resources.  The  images  are  very  graphic,  and  unless  you  are  really  meant  to   see  these  videos  and  images,  we  will  do  everything  to  keep  them  out  of  accidental   prying  Web  surfers.  Knowing  the  actual  interest,  and  where  interest  is  either  gained  or   lost  will  allow  development  of  the  resources  with  capturing  and  maintaining  attention  in   mind.  Also  determining  where  they  drop  out  in  the  registration  process  will  lend  insight   into  determining  the  necessary  information  we  can  gather  without  triggering   abandonment.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:     a.  Free  Training  Tour   b.  Test  Your  Knowledge  
  8. 8. Aaron  Abbott—   8     c.  Show  What  You  Know     Figure  3.  Training  Review  Funnel   Click  on  sample  training  button.   Review  training  information.   Submit  Registration   Information  for  Preview   Track  the  assets   they  preveiw.       4.  Use  of  Free  CJ  Resources  Conversion  (Figure  4)   The  use  of  the  free  resources  will  provide  is  a  very  important   conversion.  Although  it  is  not  generating  actual  money  to  the  company,  it  is  the   mechanism  that  is  utilized  to  drive  qualified  traffic  to  the  site.  Getting  users  to  sign  up   seems  like  it  would  be  the  aspect  to  focus  on  most.  But  actually  providing  innovative   solutions  that  are  used  by  the  registered  members  is  what  will  ensure  the  success  of  the   site.  The  use  of  the  resources  is  what  will  drive  traffic  to  the  site  and  is  what  will  provide   the  opportunity  to  sell  the  training  video  experience  to  the  user.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:     a.  Use  Resources  Now   b.  CJ  Solutions  Here   c.  Click  for  CJ  Tools                    
  9. 9. Aaron  Abbott—   9     Figure  4.  Social  Resource  Use  Funnel   Registered  user  log-­‐in.   Click  on  "CJ  Resources".   Track  use  of  free   CJ  tools  and   resources.       Testing  and  Optimization  Plan  is  in  the  development  stage.  Being  at  this  stage  will  allow  the   company  to  develop  the  site  with  testing  and  optimization  as  key  factors  in  the   structure  of  the  site  and  resources.  This  way  we  can  grow  with  our  market.  With  three   market  segments  (1.  students,  2.  teachers,  and  3.  professionals),  is  able   to  implement  a  variety  of  testing  strategies.  One  immediate  thought  is  to  actually  ask   the  visitor  who  they  are  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System  so  we  can  customize  the  site  to  fit   their  needs.  Immediately,  we  are  able  to  segment  the  traffic  and  see  where  they  go  in   the  site.  Utilizing  Web  metrics  and  tools  such  as  Google’s  Website  Optimizer  will  allow   in-­‐depth  analysis  to  test  and  analyze  all  relevant  data  sets  and  variables  in  order  to   optimize  the  experience,  the  tools,  and  the  site.  The  main  relationships  and  actions  to   be  tested  are  explored  in  Table  1.     Table  1.  Types  of  Testing  for   Message  Variation/   Type  of  Test   Measurement   Assumption   Purchase  Training:   A/B  test   Click  through  rate   See  what  call  to  action   compared  to  number  of   stimulates  more   sales  conversions.   purchases  of  training   portion.     Register  for  Membership:   A/B  test   Compare  number  of   See  if  different  calls  to   unique  site  visitors  to  
  10. 10. Aaron  Abbott—   10     action  lead  to  more  or   number  of  registrant   less  registrations.   conversions.     Use  of  Sample   A/B  test   Compare  number  of   Test/Review:   unique  visitors  to  number   Do  unregistered  visitors   of  visitors  use  sample   access  and  experience?   test/review.  How  far  do   they  get  into  the  samples   before  dropping?     Headlines:   Multivariate  test   Click  through  rate  form   Which  headlines  work   landing  page  to  site.   better?     Offer  Summary:   A/B  test   Click  through  rates  from   Test  for  effectiveness  in   landing  page/ads  to  site.   getting  visitor  to  site.     Statement  of  Trust:   A/B  test   See  if  the  statement  is   Test  for  effectiveness  in   accessed,  how  long  it  is   securing  transaction.   accessed  for,  and  whether   user  bounces  off  of  site  or   not,  and  track  where  they   go  next.     UVP’s:   Multivariate  test   Click  through  rate  from   Which  are  most   landing  pages  and  ads   effective?   compared  to  types  of   related  conversions.  Are   sales  UVP  providing  sales   conversions?  Are  brand   UVP  converting   registrations?     Usability  of  Site:   Multivariate  test   Bounce  rate  and  length  of   Are  visitors  and  users   time  on  site.   staying  on  the  site?     Design  of  Site:   Multivariate  test   Compare  time  on  site,   Do  different  site  designs   versus  pages  visited,  as   lead  to  longer  user   compared  to  bounce  rate.   experiences     Market  Segment  Traffic:   Multivariate  test   Calculate  total  unique  
  11. 11. Aaron  Abbott—   11     Who  is  visiting  the  site   visitors.  Compare  to   more  form  the  three   responses  at  the  entry   main  segments  of  our   portal  to  site  that  ask,   market—students,   “Who  are  you?”   teachers,  or     professionals?   Paid  Training  Users:   Multivariate  test   Compare  the  total   Who  is  paying  to  use  the   registered  users  to  who   training  video   purchase  training  videos.   resources?   What  segment  are  they  a     part  of?    Compare  cost   limits  per  market   segments.       It  is  clear  to  see  that  the  user  experience  is  most  important.  The  more  traffic  we   can  drive  to  the  site,  as  it  is  an  industry  specific  site,  the  better  the  chance  to  have  these   users  purchase  the  training  solutions.    The  only  non-­‐Industry  traffic  expected  to  be   stimulated  would  more  than  likely  consist  of  people  who  are  interested  in  the  topic,   such  as  fans  of  the  CSI  television  shows.  These  visitors  are  likely  to  have  an  interest  in   purchasing  the  training  video  resources  themselves,  so  they  are  welcomed.    A/B  testing   and  multivariate  tests  will  be  implemented  in  non-­‐obtrusive  ways  internally  on  the  site   and  on  the  various  landing  pages  used  to  drive  traffic  from  the  3  market  segments  being   targeted.  The  goal  is  to  create  an  experience  that  will  drive  each  of  the  three  segments   to  the  site,  and  to  convert  them  with  respect  to  their  actual  role  in  the  experience.   While  professionals  and  teachers  won’t  necessarily  be  interested  in  purchasing  the   training  resources,  their  presence  provides  qualification  of  our  resources  in  the  minds  of   the  students.  Uncovering  these  relationships  will  allow  the  site  and  the  company  to   evolve  with,  and  for  each  market  segment.     III.  Traffic  and  Promotion  Strategy     Broad  Markets     Exposure  Goals     The  primary  goal  is  to  expose  the  brand  to  the  widest  possible   market,  which  displays  an  obvious  interest  in  the  subject  matter  of  the  training  video   program  being  sold.  The  Broad  Market  prospects  all  exhibit  extreme  interest  in  the   content  of  the  training  videos  through  their  Online  and  Offline  behaviors  in  relation  to   the  variety  of  crime  and  murder  investigation  dramas  running  on  television—in   primetime  and  syndication.  The  goal  is  to  expose  the  brand  to  an  established  market  of   700,000  monthly  exposures.    
  12. 12. Aaron  Abbott—   12       Conversion  Goals     The  conversion  will  be  the  sale  of  the  1-­‐week  Access  Package  of  the  training   video  content.  Stimulating  their  interest  in  experiencing  what  Hollywood  only  teases  in   these  dramas  could  be  the  stimulus  to  convert  the  market.  With  related  sites  showing   repeat  traffic  is  a  frequent  behavior  of  these  visitors  to  these  sites  (,   n.d.),  it  is  viable  to  speculate  that  there  is  a  probability  for  conversions.  The  conversion   rate  of  5%  is  very  realistic  and  should  raise  much  above  this  as  the  brand  is  effectively   communicated  and  conversions  obtained.       ATV  Goals       The  cost  for  24-­‐hour  access  for  7  days  will  be  $10.95.     Advertising  to  meet  Exposure  Goals     The  principle  sites  of  exposure  are  as  follows:   o       100k   o         100k     o         500k     The  relevancy  of  these  sites  involves  the  interest  of  the  television  shows,  as  well   as  the  interest  of  the  professionals  in  the  field.  The  innate  human  interest  in  the  dead   body  creates  a  very  general  interest.  While  our  product  holds  professional  merit,  we  do   not  need  to  create  a  brand  like  Faces  of  Death.  However,  we  do  want  to  make  the   content  accessible  to  all  who  have  a  genuine  interest  in  learning  the  procedures  of   investigations  involving  death.  Capturing  the  audience  in  the  Interest  stage  of  the  AIDAS   model  will  be  considered  in  all  messaging  to  this  market.  The  brand  must  be  presented   in  a  way  that  will  get  them  to  the  site  and  make  the  purchase.     Traffic  and  Visitor  Profile     The  market  is  varied  from  students,  to  teachers,  professionals,  and  just  about   anyone  else  with  an  interest  in  crime  scene  investigation  and  autopsies.  Incomes  range   from  $30k  to  $100k  plus.  Traffic  frequency  shows  repeat  behaviors.     Demographic  Segmentation     Focus  will  be  on  Females  at  the  College  level.  is  representative  of   the  demographics  of  traffic  to  sites  of  this  nature.  The  following  chart  is  from  (Figure  5).                
  13. 13. Aaron  Abbott—   13     Figure  5.  Demographic  sample  of                           Ad  Formats     Initial  ad  formats  will  be  in  text  format  via  Google  AdWords.  Most  sites  the   network  utilize  only  text  formatted  ads.  Other  that  utilize  banner  and  video  display  ads   will  be  utilized  eventually.       Messaging  Strategy       Message  will  appeal  to  the  personas  of  the  market.  The  methodical,  humanistic,   and  competitive  are  the  majority  of  the  Criminal  Justice  System  and  those  interested  in   this  subject  matter.    Primary  messaging  will  intrigue  interest  in  what  they  can’t  find   anywhere  else.     Goals  of  Ad  Exposures     To  get  as  close  to  the  700,000  attainable  exposures  possible  to  click  through  to   the  site  and  purchase  the  1-­‐week  access  for  $10.95.  Get  the  exposed  to  click  through   and  purchase  the  training  access  bundle.       Special  Offers  and  Incentives   o Click  now  to  see  12  free  autopsy  videos   o Buy  the  1-­‐week  access  and  get  25%  off  the  DVD  video     Summary  of  Projected  Revenue  and  Costs   Table  2.  Broad  Placement  Summary     Broad  Paid  Placement       Conversion  Rate   5.00%           Average  Transaction  Value   $10.95       Traffic  Metrics    
  14. 14. Aaron  Abbott—   14     Exposures   700,000   Click-­‐Thru  Rate  (CTR)   0.10%   Branding/View-­‐Through  Rate   0.15%   Paid  Visitors   700   Brand/View-­‐Thru  Visitors   1,050   Total  Visitors   1,750       Ad  Budget   $200   Cost  Per  Click   $0.29   Cost  Per  Visitor   $0.11       Revenue   $958.13   Total  Conversions   88   RPV   $0.55   MPV   $0.43       Ad  Spend/Revenue  Ratio   20.87%   Discounting  Percent   0%   Total  Cost/  Revenue  Ratio   20.87%     Targeted  Markets     Exposure  Goals     The  targeted  segment  focuses  primarily  on  the  student  segment  of  the  market.   The  resources  are  designed  for  students  to  connect  with  professionals  and  teachers.  So   exposing  them  is  the  primary  relationship  that  will  drive  traffic  to  the  site.  The  targeted   market  has  an  exposure  potential  of  120,000.  While  much  less  than  the  Broad  Market,   this  group  contains  those  persons  who  have  a  vested  interest  in  education  in  the   Criminal  Justice  System.  They  have  an  intrinsic  need  to  master  the  content  of  our   training  program.     Conversion  Goals     The  conversion  will  be  the  purchase  of  the  Student’s  Semester  Access  Bundle.   This  conversion  provides  them  with  4  months  of  unlimited  access  to  the  training  video   resources.  While  other  conversions  will  help  secure  this  conversion—such  as  becoming   a  free  member  to  join  the  CJ  blog  with  Industry  pros.  The  conversion  rate  of  10%  is  a   realistic  objective.       ATV  Goals         The  transaction  value  of  the  purchase  of  the  Student’s  Semester  Access  Bundle  is   $29.95  for  4  months  access  to  streaming  video  resources.      
  15. 15. Aaron  Abbott—   15     Advertising  to  meet  Exposure  Goals       The  principle  sites  of  exposure  are  as  follows:   o     10k   o         100k   o       10k   These  sites  are  sites  that  students  and  recent  graduates  frequent.  These  sites   represent  those  interested  in  what  is  being  said  in  blogs,  those  seeking  jobs,  and  those   interested  in  education  and  career  advice  in  the  Criminal  Justice  Foundation.         Traffic  and  Visitor  Profile   Comprised  mostly  of  college  age  and  young  adults  with  incomes  under  $60k,   these  visitors  are  on  a  quest  for  information.  The  majority  of  traffic  is  comprised  of  one-­‐ time  visitors  with  very  few  return  visitors.  Although  they  only  visit  the  sites  only  a  few   times,  they  are  in  search  of  the  resources  we  provide.  They  are  at  a  higher  level  in  the   AIDAS  model,  closer  to  the  desire  and  action  stages.       Demographic  Segmentation   Focus  will  be  on  Females  at  the  College  level.  is   representative  of  the  demographics  of  traffic  to  sites  of  this  nature.  The  following  chart   is  from  (Figure  6).     Figure  6.  Demographic  sample  of   Ad  Formats       These  sites  primarily  only  provide  text  display  advertisements.       Messaging  Strategy       With  the  majority  of  traffic  being  one-­‐time  visitors  to  these  sites  displaying   advertisements,  attention  grabbing  headlines  and  unique  call  to  actions  will  be   implemented.        
  16. 16. Aaron  Abbott—   16     Goals  of  Ad  Exposures     To  get  as  close  to  the  120,000  attainable  exposures  possible  to  click  through  to   the  site  and  purchase  the  4-­‐month  access  for  $29.95.  The  goal  is  to  build  brand   awareness  for  this  market  segment  in  relation  to  their  stage  in  the  AIDAS  model.  They   are  in  search  of  resources  for  education  and  career,  and  these  are  the  solutions  we   provide.     Special  Offers  and  Incentives   o Get  the  entire  DVD/CD-­‐ROM  training  package  for  50%  off  when  you   purchase  4  month  access   o Share  our  site  with  7  friends  and  get  entered  in  monthly  drawing  to  win   the  DVD/CD-­‐ROM  set   o Get  a  1  hour  conversation  with  the  author  for  sharing  the  site  with  3   friends  weekly  competition     Summary  of  Projected  Revenue  and  Costs   Table  3.  Targeted  Market  Summary     Targeted  Paid  Placement       Conversion  Rate   10.00%           Average  Transaction  Value   $29.95       Traffic  Metrics     Exposures   120,000   Click-­‐Thru  Rate  (CTR)   1.00%   Branding/View-­‐Through  Rate   0.10%   Paid  Visitors   1,200   Brand/View-­‐Thru  Visitors   120   Total  Visitors   1,320       Ad  Budget   $500   Cost  Per  Click   $0.42   Cost  Per  Visitor   $0.38       Revenue   $3,953.40   Total  Conversions   132   RPV   $3.00   MPV   $2.62       Ad  Spend/Revenue  Ratio   12.65%   Discounting  Percent   0%   Total  Cost/  Revenue  Ratio   20.87%  
  17. 17. Aaron  Abbott—   17     Intention-­‐based  Paid     Exposure  Goals     While  most  keyword  related  terms  in  this  Industry  are  pushing  $15.00  per  click   and  more,  a  unique  advantage  has  been  discovered.  With  certain  keywords  and   associated  pairings,  potential  exposures  are  pushing  nearly  3,000,000.  These  terms  are   costing  at  most  $0.50  per  click,  with  the  majority  much  lower.  Positioning  at  the  top  is   attainable  within  the  current  budget  allowance.       Conversion  Goals     The  sale  of  the  physical  DVD/CD-­‐ROM  set  is  the  primary  conversion  for  this   segment  of  the  strategy.  These  are  people  looking  for  autopsy  footage.  They  will  be   more  likely  to  want  the  physical  product  for  their  collection  of  videos.  Conversion  goals   will  be  conservative  at  a  steady  2%  while  appealing  to  their  desires.     ATV  Goals     The  physical  training  set  is  $59.95.     Branded  Terms  to  Measure  and  Protect   Table  4.  Keyword  search  volume  via  Google  Keyword  Tool.   Keyword   Monthly  Search  Volume   Autopsy   2,240,000   Autopsy  photos   201,000   Autopsy  pictures   74,000   Autopsy  movie   5,400   Dead  autopsy   5,400   Autopsy  video   27,100   Death   55,600,000     Death  is  a  relevant  term  and  will  be  tested.  The  size  of  the  sample  could  lead  to   tremendous  click  through  rates,  but  without  insight  to  relevancy  to  conversion,  it  must   be  tested.  While  not  figured  in  the  statistics  of  this  analysis,  it  is  pointed  out  for  the  very   large  sample  size.  The  term  autopsy  is  intrinsic  to  the  resources  provided  and  should   lead  to  consistent  conversions.     Cost  and  Conversion  Strategy  for  Keyword   Table  5.  Keyword  cost  per  click  via  Google  Keyword  Tool.   Keyword   Cost  Per  Click   Autopsy   $0.40   Autopsy  photos   $0.28   Autopsy  pictures   $0.32   Autopsy  movie   $0.56   Dead  autopsy   $0.05  
  18. 18. Aaron  Abbott—   18     Autopsy  video   $0.55   Death   $0.66     The  goal  for  all  keyword  associated  PCP  conversions  will  come  from  identifying   that  these  visitors  are  all  in  the  Interest  and  Desire  stages  of  the  AIDAS  model.  While   these  words  are  affordable,  relativity  to  the  value  of  our  product  is  key.  While   conversions  to  the  term  death  is  questionable,  as  it  is  much  more  general;  autopsy  will   direct  qualified  traffic  who  will  take  action  and  convert.     Special  Offers  and  Incentives   o Purchase  any  Online  Access  Bundle  and  get  what  you  paid  back,  plus  an   additional  25%  off  the  DVD/CD-­‐ROM  Set     Summary  of  Projected  Revenue  and  Costs   Table  6.  Intention-­‐Based  Paid  Summary     Intention-­‐Based  Paid       Conversion  Rate   2.00%           Average  Transaction  Value   $59.95       Traffic  Metrics     Exposures   3,000,000   Click-­‐Thru  Rate  (CTR)   0.15%   Branding/View-­‐Through  Rate   0.20%   Paid  Visitors   4,500   Brand/View-­‐Thru  Visitors   6,000   Total  Visitors   10,500       Ad  Budget   $550   Cost  Per  Click   $0.12   Cost  Per  Visitor   $0.05       Revenue   $12,589.50   Total  Conversions   210   RPV   $1.20   MPV   $1.15       Ad  Spend/Revenue  Ratio   4.37%   Discounting  Percent   0%   Total  Cost/  Revenue  Ratio   4.37%      
  19. 19. Aaron  Abbott—   19     SEO  Campaigns     Exposure  Goals     With  a  more  specified  targeting  and  much  higher  cost  per  click,  these  SEO   exposure  goals  involve  using  specified  those  very  expensive  keywords—$10.00  plus— used  consistently  by  those  seeking  education,  jobs,  and  information  involving  lives  in  the   Criminal  Justice  System.  With  these  targeted  words,  the  exposure  goals  fall  in  at   250,000.  These  exposures  rely  on  effective  implementation  of  these  keywords  as  a  part   of  the  search  engine  optimization  strategy  for  the  Web  site  architecture.     Conversion  Goals     While  being  more  targeted  to  the  solutions  provided  at,  the   conversion  will  be  the  purchase  of  the  1-­‐week  Internet  Access  Bundle.  A  conversion  goal   of  10%  is  reasonable  and  takes  into  account  that  the  initial  conversion  being   communicated  via  this  channel  method  is  least  expensive  product  sold  to  those  who   would  have  the  most  interest  than  every  other  segment.     ATV  Goals       The  cost  of  the  1-­‐week  Internet  Access  Bundle  is  $10.95.     Link  Building  Strategy  for  Selected  Keywords/Terms   Table  7.  Keyword  search  volume  and  cost  per  click  via  Google  KeyWords.   Keyword   Cost  per  click   Search  Volume   Criminal  justice   $7.88   1,220,000   Criminal  justice  online   $20.54   74,000   Criminal  justice  schools   $15.11   22,000   Degree  criminal  justice   $16.73   90,500   Introduction  to  criminal  justice   $2.78   9,900   Criminal  justice  class   $16.31   8,100   Criminal  justice  training   $11.04   12,100       These  keywords  are  all  natural  terms  that  can  be  used  throughout  he  text  of  the   site—a  favorite  for  the  search  engine  crawlers.  By  incorporating  these  terms  into  the   metatags  and  the  text  of  the  site,  organic  SERPS  can  lead  to  consistent  conversions.  A   link-­‐building  engine  will  be  utilized  and  an  abundance  of  the  existing  clients  are   education  facilities.    Incoming  links  from  their  site  will  also  lend  to  increased  ranking,  as   they  are  domains  with  .edu  extensions.     Special  Offers  and  Incentives   o Click  now  to  see  12  free  autopsy  videos   o Buy  the  1-­‐week  access  and  get  25%  off  the  DVD  video      
  20. 20. Aaron  Abbott—   20     Summary  of  Projected  Revenue  and  Costs   Table  8.  SEO  Campaign  Summary     SEO  Campaign       Conversion  Rate   10%           Average  Transaction  Value   $10.95         Traffic  Metrics     Exposures   250,000   Click-­‐Thru  Rate  (CTR)   3%   Branding/View-­‐Through  Rate   0.10%   Paid  Visitors   7,500   Brand/View-­‐Thru  Visitors   250   Total  Visitors   7,750       Ad  Budget   $600   Cost  Per  Click   $0.08   Cost  Per  Visitor   $0.08       Revenue   $8,486.25   Total  Conversions   775   RPV   $1.10   MPV   $1.02       Ad  Spend/Revenue  Ratio   7.07%   Discounting  Percent   0%   Total  Cost/  Revenue  Ratio   7.07%     IV.  Partnership  Development  Strategy       The  following  three  sites  are  not  only  perfect  to  partner  with  in  a  variety  of   aspects  of  the  resources  will  provide,  they  have  made  great  partners   for  the  past  5  years.  These  established  relationships  we  share  have  allowed  us  to  get   them  to  join  efforts  with  the  development  and  contribution  of  content  to  They  love  our  ideas  and  have  given  us  their  support  in  all  future   developments.  They  are  waiting  on  our  developments  and  resources.    Each  will  be   explained  further  in  relation  to  their  value  as  a  particular  type  of  partner.          
  21. 21. Aaron  Abbott—   21  (LOD)     Traffic  Partners           LOD  currently  drives  roughly  3%  of  our  current  traffic  from  the  banner  ads  and   product  information  page  on  their  Web  site.  As  grows,  the  amount  of   traffic  from  their  site  should  increase  exponentially.  Especially  after  we  reach  a  deal  and   announce  that  we  are  utilizing  their  unique  training  content  as  well.     Content  Partners         Their  contribution  of  videos  will  add  a  tremendous  value  to  the  resources   provided  via  They  will  not  lose  traffic,  as  the  majority  of  their  traffic  is   law  enforcement  professionals.  will  be  targeting  students  mainly,  and   young  professionals  new  to  the  job.  Only  a  portion  of  their  total  library  of  videos  will  be   utilized,  leaving  their  business  model  in  tact  and  in  a  position  to  grow,  as  becomes  a  vital  resource  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System.  Copyrights  will   be  secure  and  content  protected  where  appropriate.     Trust  and  Authority  Partners       With  an  existing  5  minute  video  presentation  by  the  founding  partners  of  LOD   proclaiming  necessity  and  unrivaled  value,  trust  and  authority  is  provided  through  their   combined  50  years  of  service.     Revenue  Generation  Partners       ICSIA  is  the  International  Crime  Scene  Investigators  Association.  The  generate   sales  for  us—domestic  and  International.         Traffic  Partners       The  value  of  this  existing  2-­‐year  relationship  rests  in  the  realm  of  the  quality   traffic  they  send  to  our  site  and  the  links  they  provide  to  our  site.     Trust  and  Authority  Partners       They  are  very  respected  in  the  Industry  and  put  their  name  behind  our  product.   We  return  the  favor.     Technology  Partners       Utilizing  RSS  feeds  and  sharing  training  and  event  information  from  their  Web   site  through  will  allow  a  wider  audience  access  to  the  information  than   they  currently  present  to.  Credits  will  always  be  in  view  when  their  resources  are  being   utilized  via  
  22. 22. Aaron  Abbott—   22  (SOHO)     Revenue  Generation  Partners       By  working  together  in  alliance  and  partnership  with  well-­‐recognized  brand   names  in  the  industry,  this  company  is  one  of  the  main  suppliers  of  Forensics  and   Identification  products  in  Latin  America  expanding  to  Europe  and  Asia.  They  sell  our   training  product  as  one  of  their  featured  training  programs.  The  partnership  has  existed   for  1  year.     Traffic  Partners       SOHO  generates  a  great  deal  of  International  traffic  to  our  site.  They  will  be  a   major  source  of  future  traffic  to  Once  they  announce  the  variety  of   resources,  a  true  first  for  the  system,  traffic  should  flow  nicely.     Trust  and  Authority  Partners       With  an  International  customer  base  and  notoriety,  the  existing  partnership  of   12  months  has  proven  to  be  very  productive.  They  back  the  quality  and  innovation  of   our  product.     Technology  Partners       They  deal  with  Law  Enforcement  technology.  A  viable  possibility  that  would  lend   to  the  content  partnership  as  well  is  the  ability  to  feature  their  products  via  the   informative  technology  section  of                                      
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