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Writing Meta Tags Aaron Abbott


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Writing Meta Tags Aaron Abbott

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                                        Aaron  Abbott—   1               Writing  META  Tags     Aaron  Abbott                              
  2. 2.                                                                                                                                                        Aaron  Abbott—   2   Through  evaluation  of  competitor  websites,  it  is  seen  that  most  of  the   competition  did  not  even  use  keyword  and/or  description  Meta  tags.    The  Criminal   Justice  niche  is  very  specific  and  centralized,  leaving  great  opportunity  for   implementation  of  necessary  Meta  tag  tactics.    The  great  part  is  that  the  conceptual   keywords  of  this  field  are  searched  my  millions  of  people  due  to  the  popularity  of   television  shows  like  CSI,  Law  &  Order,  NCIS,  etc.     Looking  at  the  popularity  of  such  interactive  Internet  experiences  like  CBS’s,  new  opportunities  to  market  this  training  content  are   surfacing.    By  allowing  people  to  pay  to  see  the  actual  training  content  for  a  limited   time,  at  a  very  reasonable  price,  a  new  channel  of  profit  is  created.    A  new  website   will  be  built  for  this  new  target  market  and  delivery  model.    The  current  Meta  tags   represent  the  goal  of  the  existing  site  and  positioning  it  higher  in  the  search  engines   with  more  of  these  keywords  being  searched.    A  great  deal  of  the  site’s  copy  includes   effective  use  of  these  keywords.    Seeing  that  a  lot  of  the  competition  has  ignored  the   general  public’s  curiosity,  continuing  efforts  to  boost  this  existing  site’s  placement   will  lend  tremendous  credibility  to  the  new  business  model.   Seeing  that  the  existing  Web  site,,   targets  the  primary  market—Universities,  Police  Departments,  and  Coroners—it  is   important  to  continue  on  the  path  of  establishing  and  maintaining  organic   placement  with  the  included  keywords  below.    Typing  in  “Forensic  Death”  actually   has  the  site  already  listed  in  the  #1  position.    Being  a  Flash  site,  it  is  limited  to  two      
  3. 3.                                                                                                                                                        Aaron  Abbott—   3   HTML  pages.    This  will  be  redesigned  to  propagate  for  better  Web  2.0  and  SEO/SEM   purposes.     <HEAD>   <TITLE>Criminal Justice and CSI training. Real Videos. Real Crime Scenes.</TITLE>   <META name=”description” content=”Crime scene and autopsy interactive training video class for police, CSI, and Criminal Justice.”> <META name=”keywords” content=”Forensic, Criminal Justice, Crime Scene, Autopsy, Forensics, Crime, Watch Videos, Crime Scene Investigation, Investigating, Crime Investigation, Crime Scene Jobs, Death Investigation, CSI Investigation, Crime Scene Classes, Crime Scene School, Autopsy DVD, Forensic Programs, Streaming Video”>