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2016 PCT


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2016 PCT

  1. 1. PERSONAL CARE TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT 2016 — Regulations & Testing, Skin Care, Hair Care, Color Cosmetics, Packaging Concurrent Event: Nonwovens Technology InnovativeApplication Conference 2016 June.23-24th, 2016 Shanghai,China Scan the QR code For More Information Sponsored by
  2. 2. Background Ever since it started in 2003, the Personal Care Technology Summit has been offering the industry with the most updated information. Concurrent with Nonwovens Technology Conference, this year’s summit will give you the opportunity to see more content on Wipes, Facial Masks, and more. With this year’s theme, “For a better and sustainable cosmetics”, we offer the most cutting edge market trends, technology innovation, market channels and regulation interpretation. We have also invited influential medical individuals to present their researches. The summit would be divided into five categories: regulation & testing, skin care, hair care, cosmetics and packaging. We will bring you case studies, panel discussions, brainstorming, formula lab, innovation zone and many other social and networking opportunities with several private spaces for discussions at your disposal. The 2016 Personal Care technology Summit is the best chance to know the China and Asia Personal Care Technology development you would not want to miss! A committee comprising of industry experts from the manufacturing sector, supplier, policy makers and R&D institutes will help formulate the topics that reflect the latest in technology and challenges that face the industry so as to ensure the maximum information value for delegates. A series of Buyer/Supplier meetings, round table discussions, and social events will ensure that all participants have the opportunity to network and develop new business contacts.
  3. 3. 11 Reasons You Need to Attend - 5 parallel sessions, 50+ topics, 500+ attendees - International Call for Research Papers - Match Making Service (NEW!) - Formula lab (NEW!) - Innovation zone (NEW!) - Advisory committee- high level speakers from domestic and overseas - Hot topics, top speakers - Latest technologies and solutions you should know - Forefront Market overview - Get new ideas and acquire latest knowledge to move on your work - Mini Expo and technical seminar Benefits: 1. Immediate return on investment: Take home the experts insights and know-how, plus shareable webaccess to conference session documentation, including presentation PPT, net- working contacts and E-newsletter. 2. Discover: Cost-saving technologies and processes, cost-effective ways to expand existing capabilities, andreal-world examples that yield actionable next steps. 3. Network: With your peers as well as authorities at a networking cocktail party for fellow manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, academicians and R&D experts. 4. Learn from others’ experience: Benefit from case studies, workshops, and business networking. 5. 360° coverage: Summit will give you the inspiration, tools, and know-how to find and maximize every marketingopportunity so you can increase your impact and your revenue.
  4. 4. Match Making Service Formula Lab 1. We create a list of the booth sponsors 2. We email this to all registered delegates in advance of the conference 3. We then create a schedule of appointment for each booth sponsor. Of course anybody can walk in at any time 4. On the name badges of delegates clearly state 5. We will also endeavor to bring a few key prospects to the event to meet with the supplier (they need to give us a wish list of prospects with a name and contact) - Demonstrating the finished products, and displays product brochures. - With a keen sense of the market, Mintel will bring innovative products. They will also bring experts from around the world to give several presentations. - This independent zone will attract a large number of innovative products and enterprises to participate, covering new concepts, and new products. - Collection of products and trends analysis, will no doubt become the highlight of this conference. - Demos on formula creation with video hook up from a lab off site or presentation showing the finished product - More innovative formulations bring more wonderful Experience. - Product display: Onsite formula demo, video display, presentation and interaction. Innovation Zone
  5. 5. Testimonials What sponsors say about PCT Summit: “Expect Ringier Personal Care Technology Summit will become the most appealing conference in the industry and lead the development of the industry.” —— Steve Mei, Symrise Shanghai Co., Ltd. “I believe this conference would be even greater and enhance the importance status in this industry.” —— Zhang Weijing, ZhongshanTentop Fine Chemical Limited Company “Great thanks to Ringier for providing me this platform to communicate with client and learn here.” —— Tang Liwei, Focuschem “This is a well-organized conference, and we communicated well with the other attendees. Several of communication styles including coffee break sessions and discussion sessions.” —— Ouyang Zhengbo, ZhongshanZenhe Color Resources Co., Ltd What delegates say about PCT Summit: “Ringier Personal Care Technology Summit is a grand event gathering the best professionals in cosmetic industry!” —— Wang Ping, Amore Pacific China “This conference is very content rich, I have learnt a lot I would like to obtain during my work.” —— Xiao Yueling, GRANDWAY INTERNATIONAL “I hope this conference would be even better, I’ll attend next year.” —— Mo Juanying, WINONA
  6. 6. Designed for Beauty Industry decision-makers, Ringier’s Personal Care Technology Summit 2016 is the event you won’t want to miss! Job titles include: • R&D • Supervisors • Directors • Corporate Management • CEOs • Presidents • Vice Presidents • QA/QC • Business Development • Contract Management • Project Management • Regulatory Affairs • Purchasing • Production & Manufacturing • Testing & Measuring • Sales/Marketing • Lab Management Personal Care Technology Summit 2016 will provide you a unique platform to • Regulation updates & Testing • Skin Care • Hair Care • Color Cosmetics Exhibitors from • Machinery • Raw Ingredients • Services and Furnishings • Packaging Who Should Attend
  7. 7. Mr. Tom Branna, Vice President/Editorial Director, Happi Magazine, Rodman Media Corp. Dr. Xu Liang, Professor, Beijing Daily Chemical Research Institute Dr. Su Ning, CEO of Beijing Sino-German Union Cosmetic Institute Co., Ltd. Dr. Cheng Shujun, Director of Technology Center, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Mr. Wei Liu, Dermatologist, Professor of Dermatology, Department of Dermatology, General Hospital AirForce; Chairman, Photobiology and photochemistry Committee China CIE Dr. Li, Dr. & Professor, West-China Hospital of Sichuan University Dr. Mei Weiping, Head of R&D China Koordination, Beiersdorf Dr. Li Huiliang, Professor, Senior Engineer, Chinese Medical Association Mr. Tom Branna, Vice President/Editorial Director, Happi Magazine, RodmanMedia Corp. Dr. Cheng Shujun, Director of Technology Center, Guangdong Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau Mr. Zhang Hongwei, Researcher, Chinese Center for Disease Control andPrevention (China CDC) Ms. Hui Wang, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science, CAS Mr. Changtao Wang, Deputy Director of the Plant Resources Laboratory, Beijing Technology and Business University Dr. Cao Guangqun, Professor, Southern Yangtze University, School ofChemical and Material Engineering Mr. Wang Xuemin, MD, Chief Dermatologist and Professor of Dermatology,, Director, of Skin & Cosmetic Research Dept., Dr. Li, Dr. &Professor, West-China Hospital of Sichuan University Dr. Liu Xiuwei, Professor, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication Dr. AN INSOOK, Director, Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences Dr. Mei Weiping, Head of R&D China Koordination, Beiersdorf Mr. Kang Ching Chun, Director, K&T Biotech Application Inc.-Bio medical &Cosmetics Institute Mr. Xu Jun, Design Director, Shanghai Jahwa United Company Ltd. Dr. Alice CAI, Scientific Director, L’Oréal Research & Innovation, AdvancedResearch Mr. Kang ByungHa, Director of R&D Center, Amorepacifi c Corp. Advisory Board Guest speakers
  8. 8. Key Topics Regulations & Testing: Updates on China and International Cosmetics Legislation &Regulations Europe and the United States Cosmetics Compliance Review Updates on Sunscreen Regulations Beauty Devices Updates Product Safety Testing Product Efficacy Testing Products/Ingredients Evaluations Animal Testing Alternatives Skin Care: The Global Trends in Skin-Care Market Updates on Natural ingredients in skin care New Multiple Target Approaches in Brightening/Anti-Spot Skin Care R&D Updates on anti-aging actives/formularies Antipollution in skin care OTC/Medicated skin care updates Skin Care Products from design to scale up Development of Innovative Product Forms Hair Care: Latest Trends in Hair Care Updates on Hair/Scalp Physiological Research and Product Solutions “Free of--“trend of the scalp and hair care products The Latest R&D in Anti-aging Hair Care The Development of the Hair-Care Innovative Product Form Color Cosmetics: Latest Color Trends for Makeup Products Global Trends of Color Cosmetics Internet + and Colour Cosmetics Marketing Innovative Product Forms and Applicators Eco-friendly Make-up Applicators Updates on Nail Polishers Oral Care/Teeth Whitening Packaging: Latest Trends in Cosmetics Packaging Innovative Packaging Materials and Compatibility with the Formulary Premiumization and Digitalization in Beauty Packaging Packaging Automation How to enhance user experience via packaging
  9. 9. Inviting Delegates Amore cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Amway (China) R & D Center Co., Ltd. AVON beauty cosmetics R & D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Bao Jian (China) daily necessities Co., Ltd. Baolingbao biological Limited by Share Ltd Bayer healthcare Co., Ltd. Beauty cosmetics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ace Beauty health innovation (Kobe) Co., Ltd. Beauty mask of science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Beauty Tech (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Beiersdorf daily chemical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Beijing Daily Chemical Research Institute Beijing FulongKangtai Biological Technology Beijing Heng City Industrial Development Corporation Beijing Jinxiang Chinese medicine pharmacy chain Beijing silver Manchester foundation Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Beijing TongrentangMayr sea biological technology Co. Ltd. Beijing weishang chemical Limited by Share Ltd Beijing Yiqing Daily Chemical Co. Ltd. Beijing Zhangguang 101 Polytron Technologies Inc Berleja (Huzhou) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Branch of the United States ofAmerica Poetry (China) Cosmetics Cargill investments (Chinese) Co. Ltd. Chanel (China) Trading Co., Ltd. CIGNA Beijing JiuHeng Trade Co. Ltd. CLARINS cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Colgate Palmolive (Chinese) Co. Ltd. Cotti (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Dai Ti (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. DANZ group Diana cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Dianhong pharmaceutical Dongguan JinXimei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Edward Keller (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Foshan yajieli Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Frog Prince (China) Co., Ltd. Fujian pianzaihuang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Gansu pan Plant Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Gao Demei Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Garan (Group) Limited by Share Ltd Germany (International) Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong beilaiLancome Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Guangdong Daily Chemical Industry Association Guangdong Mingchen Co. Ltd. Guangdong Yaqian Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou AoZi beauty Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Ba Wei Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Dicai Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Huanya cosmetics technology Co. Ltd. Guangzhou laiqian Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Meisheng Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Meisheng Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Na Shi Trading Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wen Ya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Xi Ting beauty health care Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Yalan International Biotechnology Research Guangzhou Yi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hainan Guangyu Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Hainan Jingrun pearl biotechnology Limited by Share Hangzhou Faith Kay Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Huace RUIO Technology Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Rui Xu Product Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou tinagia Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Wo Xin Cosmetics Trading Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Ya Yan cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Zefu snow Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Hefei Xushi Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Herbalife (China) Health Products Co. Ltd. Hua Yimei science and technology enterprise group Hui Ni (International) group Hunan Yan Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. International Holdings (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Dimei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Hua Sheng Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Yun Feng life supplies Co., Ltd. Johnson (China) Co., Ltd. Kao (China) Keti (China) Commodity Co. Ltd. Kolis cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Konica Minolta (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Kose Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Kunming Dian Hong Pharmaceutical Group LaFangJahwa Limited by Share Ltd Lai Baokang (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. LanxiAomei poetry cosmetics factory Li Hua (Guangzhou) essence Co., Ltd. Limited by Share Ltd. Cosmetics Longliqi Personal Care Technology Summit 2016 MaryKay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Meilan Fang (Hunan) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mills (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Ming Hui Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Nanjing Dream Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Ningbo LANSEN Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
  10. 10. Contact Us Conference Manager: Ms. Jennifer Fang(Skin Care, Hair Care, Packaging) Tel: 86-21-62895533-123 E-mail: Conference Manager: Ms. Amy Xiang (Regulation & Testing, Color Cosmetics) Tel: 86-21-62895533-155 E-mail: