Q2 Benchmark Overview: Best Practices for Holiday Season Planning


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Marked as the highest revenue-generating season of the year, the holiday months are a crucial time for marketers to ramp up their initiatives and engage with consumers. For those looking to put the cheer in “holiday cheer” this upcoming season, it’s all about content relevance, optimizing the mobile experience, and establishing lasting relationships. And we have the numbers to back it up. Read this overview of Yesmail’s Email Marketing Compass to learn key metrics spanning five quarters - Q2 2013 through Q2 2014 - so you can achieve holiday campaign success.

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Q2 Benchmark Overview: Best Practices for Holiday Season Planning

  1. 1. Q2 Benchmark Overview: Best Practices for Holiday Season Planning
  2. 2. Yesmail Confidential 2 Summary Findings • Year-over-year, the number of average email opens per opener increased by 6%. • During the same period, the number of unique clicks dropped by 14% year-over-year • Consumers are only half as likely to click on an email opened on their mobile device compared to desktops. • The mobile conversion rate also lags behind desktop (1.8% vs. 2.7% for desktop). Methodology: Yesmail analyzed more than 25 billion marketing emails sent on behalf of its clients from Q2 2013 to Q2 2014.
  3. 3. The Selective Email Reader
  4. 4. Yesmail Confidential 4 Clicks Fall As Email Volume Rises • Over the past year, the number of emails in subscribers’ inboxes has grown by 9% • During the same period, the email open rate has decreased by 3% and unique clicks have dropped by 14%
  5. 5. Yesmail Confidential 5 Triggers Pay Off Big Time
  6. 6. Yesmail Confidential 6 Customer Relationships Matter • The number of opens for active subscribers has increased 6% year-over-year • More than half of subscribers who opened or clicked an email are long-term customers
  7. 7. The Mobile Challenge
  8. 8. Yesmail Confidential 8 Shoppers Turn to Mobile Devices • Mobile devices account for two-thirds of all email opens1 • The number of mobile purchases has increased nearly 40 percent since last year ¹Adjusted Mobile Open rate. By applying the ratio of clicks to opens for Apple devices to Android clicks, we calculated an adjusted number for Android opens. This calculation allows for a more realistic measurement of mobile activity as a whole.
  9. 9. Yesmail Confidential 9 Mobile Conversions Still Struggling • Mobile devices count for only one-third of all email clicks • Consumers are half as likely to click on a mobile email vs. a desktop email • Mobile converts at two-thirds the rate of desktop
  10. 10. Yesmail Confidential 10 Mobile Revenue Not Keeping Up • Mobile email revenue has grown only 10 percent since a year ago • Average order value on mobile has declined 30 percent and is now 33 percent lower than desktop
  11. 11. Yesmail Confidential 11 Consumer Services, Insurance Lead
  12. 12. Yesmail Confidential 12 For best practices on how to address changes in consumers’ email behavior and purchase habits, download the full Yesmail Email Marketing Compass report HERE.
  13. 13. Yesmail Confidential 13 We power intelligent customer interactions. We give you the insights to recognize and understand your customer to deliver contextually relevant digital communications – while respecting their preferences and privacy. We help marketers evolve their customer relationships through intelligent interactions via technology, insights, and services. in a near real-time multichannel environment. We help you compete in the age of the customer. For more information, visit www.yesmail.com.
  14. 14. Thank you! Yesmail Marketing marketing@yesmail.com