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  • Alternative colors are links that lead to more detailed explanations
  • Here, they can access a chart that shows the immune system. Let me show you how this looks? Show a DVD player Grandpa explains with a chart all about the immune system, circadian rytyms
  • This links to a graphic story of the levels and how each one does a specific job, this includes the brain. FOR ADD,Child development of the nervous system.
  • Question and answer about organization and why it is so important. To procrastinate Has its own section
  • We can turn this into a game. Free radicals against the anti-oxidants. Team members would include pesticides, smoking, , alcohol, EMF, viruses, infections, allergies, stress for the free radical team (bad guys) for the Anti-Oxidants we have melatonin and the rest of the hormones, vitamins and herbs, sleep, exercise. Making the connection here as to why we need specific nutritional therapies, and so they will fully understand the second by second battle that goes on between Health and Disease. When they understand that the body has a constant war going on they will be more likely to do what is nec. To win their own personal war. Send in exercise, or send in sleep, graphic illustrations that show who is winning and losing. Send in vegies, against saturated fatty acids. And of course send in the omega 3s.
  • This section can also cover the teen problems, adult sleeping times, sleep debt and mood problems, shift workers.
  • This could be a game where the circadian rhythms are a musical group and the Timers are partners and show how they work together along with the Melatonins, the Seratonins the Aminos, Hormones, Enzymes and neurotransmitters. Also factors that can disrupt the body clock like lack of natural light.
  • Poppa and amy

    1. 2. POPPA & BUNNY All about a good nights sleep
    2. 3. Grandpa I’m worried That I am not going to be healthy when I Grow up? Your scared ketzelah
    3. 4. I see people getting sick, Susy’s dad is very sick. Can’t work anymore, her mom told her they have to sell the house. How do we become healthy grandpa? Amy , you know I have spent most of my life teaching people how to be healthy as a Doctor of holistic medicine. I’m so Happy you have come to me with this important question.
    4. 5. Grandpa, how important is a good night’s sleep? Sometimes I want to stay up and do more things. Do I have to sleep so long? You want to know whether You can miss sleep and do what you want to do and will it be harmful if you miss sleep?
    5. 6. Yes! If I stay up late, will I get sick by not getting enough sleep? Its been discovered that we have to spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Children actually need 12 hours, adults need 8 hours.Why is that necessary? Sleep is as important as diet and exercise in creating good health.
    6. 7. But, why? Amy, you play hard all day long and even though you are sleeping your body is working hard to keep your immune system strong.
    7. 8. What’s an immune system? Do I have one? You know how your daddy brings his car into the garage for servicing, and the mechanic tunes and makes sure the car is running smoothly.
    8. 9. I’m like a car? Yes, and sleep is like daddy’s mechanic. Sleep is a nightly tune up. So now lets talk about our immune systems. The immune system protects us from illness. All the organs working together make up the immune system .
    9. 10. There are different levels of sleep. Each one had a special purpose. Your move grandpa
    10. 11. Susy’s room is so neat and tidy?. Grandpa, my room is so messy, I hate it. Your unhappy because Susy’s room is prettier than yours? Have you ever heard of the word organize ? Procrastinate
    11. 12. Grandpa where do you get your wrinkles? That’s part of growing older, some people age slower than others.
    12. 13. This is such a wonderful opportunity to share what I have learned with Amy Should I let Grandpa win again? I’m ready to go and play.
    13. 14. But, does my body know how long I am supposed to sleep? Why do we sleep at night? Your body has a clock and what is called circadian rhythm And it is believed that we sleep at night because our early ancestors needed a safe place to protect themselves in the dark from dangerous animals.
    14. 15. I have a clock in-side me? There are substances in our blood that can protect us or harm us. These are called free Radicals and Anti Oxidants, think about it like a game..The free radicals are the bad guys and the anti oxidants are the good guys.
    15. 16. Sometimes, I have to study late, and than I have to get up real early to get to school. Everybody seems to have trouble finding enough time to sleep the right amount of hours. Let’s play a game where I teach you how to do your homework, sleep enough and get to school feeling rested.
    16. 17. Tell me more about the Clock in my body. Let me tell you about Circadian Rhythms and and the Timers. The first thing you should know is the importance of getting early morning sunlight.
    17. 18. I’m going to play now! This is pretty complicated stuff, but I am sure having fun