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Retirement planning software personal edition (for windows or mac)


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Retirement planning software personal edition (for windows or mac)

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Retirement Planning Software -Personal Edition (for Windows or Mac)ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.7 out of 5Product FeatureWindows 7 / Windows Vista / 2000 / XP / XPqProfessional / XP Home EditionSee visually whether you will run out of money orqnot. PERSONAL EDITION is a one person plan.COUPLES EDITION is for husband and wife.Includes investments, social security, pensions,qexpenses, inflation, taxes, and moreInstantly redraws your "retirement picture" whenqyou change an inputEnter unlimited number of investments accountsqModel life events like downsizing home,qinheritance, selling a business, life insurance,annuities and much much moreRead moreqProduct DescriptionQUICK. SIMPLE. VISUAL. Retirement Income Planning software - for One Person Works for All Ages - whetherworking, saving for retirement, close to retirement, or already retired. Since 1995 people have used this to plantheir retirement savings. It answers: "Will you run out of money?" Sure there are a bunch of "calculators" out onthe internet but they dont give you the detail you need to really calculate YOUR situation. Hear whatcustomers have to say: "My wife and I have found the Retirement Planner to be a most valuable tool. We arewithin just a couple of years of retiring and the Planner has enabled us to explore many different scenarios.Every time we use the Planner, we discover another level of power and useful detail that has been built into thesoftware. We highly recommend the Retirement Planner to anyone who needs to evaluate different retirementoptions." - Ron and Sharon E., MN, May 5, 2011 " I have loved doing business with you ... the best customerservice and awareness of any company doing business on the internet. Great product and service of luckto you guys!!" - Jim Trott, CA, March 29, 2011 "Thanks again for a great program. It is totally giving us peace ofmind as we get ready to take the retirement plunge." - Kathi C., Oklahoma, August 19, 2010 "TorridTechnologies gets an "A" for superb customer service...Thanks" - Richard Maxwell, Houston, TX, July 7, 2010 "Ilove your product, by the way. I searched quite a while for some user friendly software that would do what yourproduct does. Nothing was affordable. Most of it did too much or too little. Your product is not terribly expensive,and I love the visual graph. You can instantly see the effects of any change in your planning. I was trying to dothis on my own in a spreadsheet. I was not successful, and seeing a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet justdoesnt have the same effect. I loved it from the beginning... " - Nancy L., TX , March 22, 2010 Read more