Job Description: Security


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Job Description: Security

  1. 1. ministry position description Position: Security Team Member Role: The role of a Security Team Member is to be the first and last contact our students have with Youth Alive. This may be the only contact the majority of our students will have with us. This is a vital role in establishing a proper Youth Alive Experience and leaving a memorable impression – not only for our students, but also for their parents. The first priority is to create a welcoming experience for all of our guests. Must try to greet each and every person attending an event or service and provide an environment of safety. Security Team Members must be visible at all times to guests and ready to serve. The Security Team ensures the ability for all guests to receive the Word of God without hindrance or fear. Like all other positions within Youth Alive you are expected to exhibit a positive, friendly and helpful attitude to our guests and maintain the show quality of our facility and services. Schedule: Minimum requirement of two services per month. We request a committed schedule to serve a specific service time and location. We request a consistent schedule whenever possible, for example the first and third week of every month for Wednesday Unleashed Services. Reports to: Service Coordinator for scheduled service and the Security Team Leader Time Required: Each service requires a commitment of approximately three and one half (3 ½ ) active hours per service. This includes service 30 minutes prior to each service, throughout the service and 30 minutes after each service to assist all guests. Commitment: Minimum (12) twelve months to allow time for relationships with students to form and to build trust. Training Provided: Initial orientation and hands-on training equivalent to two services where you will be assigned a seasoned volunteer to shadow as well as be given a thorough “walk through” of various departments and services offered to arm
  2. 2. ministry position description you with information that may be requested from students or parents. Weekly fifteen minute (15 min) pre-service meetings with Service Coordinator. Special Security Team Meetings as required Annual Leadership Training meeting Special Qualifications: Strong, friendly personality. Exemplifies discernment, and both courtesy and a comfort level to exhibit authority to handle any uncomfortable situation. This requires strong Christian character, patience and firmness. Responsibilities: Departmental: Secure the safety of all guests inside and outside of services Know and embrace Youth Alive Rules & Guidelines to properly understand enforcement procedures. Team: 1. Pre-Service a. Prayer for service, students and guests b. 5 minute Order of Service Review with Service Coordinator c. Pre-Service Duties: i. 1st Pillar: Atmosphere & Appearance 1. Cleanliness, Order & Neatness to Building Perimeter 2. Preparedness a. Radios checked, on correct frequency b. Check Incident Log for any prior incidents 3. Excellence a. “WOW” factor b. Inviting smiles c. Timeliness – Be in position when doors open! nd ii. 2 Pillar: Information & Importance 1. Review Agenda 2. Understand Order of Service 3. Clarity of current events and upcoming events including dates, times and locations and where to find additional
  3. 3. ministry position description information iii. 3rd Pillar: Relationship & Connection 1. Be Prayed Up…Pray for opportunities to connect for both volunteers and students 2. Be in position, outside perimeter, inside Lounge, inside Sanctuary, near Restrooms and exits 3. Be polite and inviting 4. Be genuine in showing interest to others 5. Remember Correction Without Relationship Leads to Rebellion th iv. 4 Pillar: Passion & Excitement 1. Be contagious in your excitement for what a new visitor will experience 2. Be excited for the Word of God to be preached and that guests are coming to hear, and expect to be able to hear and receive, free of distractions. d. Service i. Escort guests to the sanctuary as necessary ii. Escort any guests that an Usher has requested assistance with iii. Walk perimeter of buildings inside and out on a continuous basis. iv. Ears and eyes open throughout service. During Service a security personnel should be on upper level with full visibility of guests. v. Guests should not be on playground or in parking lot during service, they must be encouraged to enter Youth or Main Sanctuary. e. Post service i. Assist all guests to exit safely. Doors to sanctuary should be locked after service. Restrooms should be verified cleared of all guests. Monitor exterior of facility including playground and parking lots. 2. Recruiting a. Open Positions Be aware of open positions in your team and department and take initiative to find people to fill those roles. Support special recruiting efforts
  4. 4. ministry position description as planned