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Jd new visitors

  1. 1. ministry position descriptionPosition: Welcome Team Member (Visitors / Guests)Role: The role of a Welcome Team Member is to greet each and every person attending an event or service. This is the first opportunity to “WOW” a guest and all people are guests. This is a shining opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus and rid any concerns of someone who may be hesitant to visit our church for the first time. Consider yourself the “Director of First Impressions”. Like all other positions within Youth Alive you are expected to exhibit a positive, friendly and helpful attitude to our guests and maintain the show quality of our facility and services.Schedule: Minimum requirement of two services per month. We request a committed schedule to serve a specific service time and location. We request a consistent schedule whenever possible, for example the first and third week of every month for Wednesday Unleashed Services.Reports to: Service Coordinator for scheduled serviceTime Required: Each service requires a commitment of approximately two (2) active hours per service. This entails providing services 30 minutes prior to each service and through the first hour after service begins and concluding with 30 minutes after each service to assist all new visitors.Commitment: Minimum (12) twelve months to allow time for relationships with students to form and to build trust.Training Provided: Initial orientation and hands-on training equivalent to two services where you will be assigned a seasoned volunteer to shadow as well as be given a thorough “walk through” of various departments and services offered to arm you with information that may be requested from students or parents. Weekly fifteen minute (15 min) pre-service meetings with Service
  2. 2. ministry position description Coordinator. Annual Leadership Training meetingSpecial Qualifications: Strong, friendly personality. Exemplifies hospitality and ability to connect and engage.Responsibilities: Departmental: Welcome Guest Assistance Team: 1. Pre-Service a. Prayer for service, students and guests b. 5 minute Order of Service Review with Service Coordinator c. Pre-Service Duties: i. 1st Pillar: Atmosphere & Appearance 1. Cleanliness, Order & Neatness 2. Preparedness a. Directional signs up b. Pens, forms and gifts packaged & ready c. General church information brochures available d. Upcoming event cards/flyers available 3. Excellence a. “WOW” factor b. Inviting smiles c. Timeliness – Be in position when doors open! nd ii. 2 Pillar: Information & Importance 1. Review Agenda 2. Understand Order of Service 3. Ensure no outdated materials lying around 4. Clarity of current events and upcoming events including dates, times and locations and where to find additional information 5. Be prepared to direct any guest to appropriate area even if
  3. 3. ministry position description that is not for Youth Services 6. Have Tour Guides ready for New Visitors rd iii. 3 Pillar: Relationship & Connection 1. Be Prayed Up…Pray for opportunities to connect for both volunteers and students 2. Be available 3. Be polite and inviting 4. Be genuine in showing interest to others 5. Appreciate everyone around you iv. 4th Pillar: Passion & Excitement 1. Be contagious in your excitement for what a new visitor will experience 2. Emphasize how joyful we are that a guest is visiting us 3. Restate we look forward to seeing them again 4. Ask if there is anything you can do for them or to ensure their comfort (and be willing to do it) 5. Stay focused on vision d. Service i. Welcome any late visitors, remind them of our starting time and escort / direct them to the sanctuary. ii. Encourage any late visitor to stop back by for a tour and to learn more about what we have to offer. iii. Thank them for joining us. e. Post service i. During Altar Call, be prepared to setup New Visitor table, be stocked with cards, pens and New Visitor Gifts ii. Assist each new visitor with any forms, ask them to choose a gift and thank them again for coming. iii. Ask them to come again. iv. When opportunities present themselves make sure you engage, ask who they came with, to bring a friend, invite them to our next event. Find out what school they go to, introduce them to another student from the same school if opportunity is available. 2. Recruiting
  4. 4. ministry position description a. Open Positions Be aware of open positions in your team and department and take initiative to find people to fill those roles. Support special recruiting efforts as planned