Yale-Tulane ESF-8 MOC Report - Hurricane Sandy - 11 NOV 2012


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Yale-Tulane ESF-8 MOC Report - Hurricane Sandy - 11 NOV 2012

  1. YALE/TULANE ESF-8 PLANNING AND RESPONSE PROGRAM SPECIAL REPORT STATE LINKS HURRICANE SANDY FEDERAL LINKSConnecticut FEDERAL GOVERNMENTCT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection BACKGROUNDTwitter | Facebook FEMAHurricane Sandy Preparations Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Blog CURRENT SITUATIONNew Jersey Ready. GovNew Jersey Office of Emergency Management FEDERAL ACTIVITIES HHSTwitter | Facebook | Public Health Emergency – ASPR RED CROSS Twitter | FacebookNew York StateNew York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency CDCServices CONNECTICUT Twitter | FacebookTwitter| Facebook | You TubeNWS Office NYC NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICEHurricane Sandy News and Information NEW JERSEY National Weather Service National Hurricane Center New York City NEW YORK NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION New York City Office of Emergency Preparedness NOAA All Hazard Watch Twitter| Facebook | You Tube NOAA Environmental Visual Laboratory NWS Office NYC NEW YORK CITY DOD NORTHCOM CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING Twitter | Facebook ARMY NORTH DISEASE TRANSMISSION Twitter | Facebook NYC - WEATHER U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEYHURRICANE SANDY-RELATED FATALITIES BY STATE: New York – 49 New Jersey - 28 Pennsylvania – 14 Maryland – 11 West Virginia – 7 Connecticut – 4 North Carolina – 2 Virginia – 2 New Hampshire - 1 Total: 118The focus of this report will be primarily on the Tri-State AS OF 10:00PM EST area (NJ, NY, CT) 11 NOV 2012
  2. BACKGROUNDOVERVIEW: Hurricane Sandy was a late-season tropical cyclone that first affected IMPACT OF SANDY: In the US a 24 states were in some way affected by Sandy. TheJamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Haiti and Florida before slamming into the U.S. East surge caused catastrophic flooding while the winds knocked out power lines all alongCoast and Canada. In diameter, it was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with the eastern seaboard and inland to9o Ohio. The hurricane caused billions of dollars inwinds spanning 1,100 miles (1,800 km) damage and could be the most costliest hurricane in US history. Thousands of homes, were lost , millions were left without electricity, and transportation networks wereDEATH TOLL: 120 lives were lost in the US destroyed.U.S. IMPACT: Sandy impacted 14 states along the U.S. East Coast, from Florida to NOR’EASTER: Immediately after Sandy made landfall, forecasters were already New England, stretching tropical storm force winds far inland, causing major discussing the possibility of a noreaster directly impacting the North East during the flooding in coastal communities and New York City, exacerbating mountain following week. In preparation for the storm, some residents of the states coastal areas snows in the Mid Atlantic Appalachian region, especially in West Virginia, halting were evacuated once again due to the threat of high winds, flooding, and storm surge mass transit and cutting power to more than 7 million homes and businesses, of up to three feet; . The storm hit New Jersey on November 7, a little more than a and causing at least $50 billion in estimated damages across the East Coast, Mid week after Sandys landfall. Much of the state experienced wet snow which weighed Atlantic and Appalachian regions. down power lines and caused tree limbs to snap, significantly adding on to the existing power outages throughout the region.TROPICAL DEVELOPMENT:• The eighteenth tropical cyclone and tenth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Sandy developed from an elongated tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22. It quickly strengthened after becoming a tropical depression and was upgraded to a tropical storm six hours later.• On October 24, Sandy was upgraded to a hurricane, shortly before making landfall in Jamaica. Upon moving farther north, Sandy re-entered water and made its second landfall in Cuba during the early morning of October 25 as a Category 2 hurricane. During the late evening of October 25, Sandy weakened to Category 1 strength; in the early hours of October 26, it headed north through the Bahamas and north along the U.S. East Coast.• Sandy show some characteristics of both tropical and extratropical cyclones on October 26.[ Sandy briefly weakened to a tropical storm in the early morning hours of October 27, then strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane later that morning.• Just before 8 a.m. EDT, on October 29, Sandy turned to the north-northwest and started to make its expected approach towards the U.S. coast. At 7 p.m. EDT that evening, Sandy was declared a post-tropical cyclone, while still maintaining Hurricane Sandy is the biggest Atlantic storm in history, spanning an area broader Category 1 strength. Sandy made its final landfall 5 miles (8 km) southwest of than Texas and has caused at least 50. U.S. deaths. Millions of people in Northeast Atlantic City, New Jersey at about 8 p.m. EDT on October 29 . U.S. are still struggling to return to normalcy in its wake.
  3. CURRENT SITUATION TRAVEL: POWER OUTAGES: As of 9:00 am EST November 11, there 166,499 customers without • QUEENS-MIDTOWN TUNNEL, a major automotive route linking Manhattan to power customers without power in the affected States impacted by Hurricane Sandy and points east, reopened Friday, 9 NOV 2012 after being flooded by Sandys storm the Nor’easter. The combined total peak customer outages from Hurricane Sandy and surge. the Nor’easter are 8,661,527: 8,511,251 from Hurricane Sandy and 150,276 from the Nor’easter Storm, respectively. • A major auto tunnel linking Brooklyn to Manhattan is still out of commission. • THE NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY continues working toward full service. NJ TRANSIT AND PATH TRAINS, which carry a combined average of 532,000 passengers on a normal weekday, have been knocked out completely GAS RATIONING: Sandys power failures and damage complicated fuel deliveries and or put on limited service. The created a gas crunch. A rationing system based on even or odd license plate numbers PATH has 6-foot-high went into effect Friday in New York City and Long Island, nearly a week after New Jersey floodgates throughout the instituted a similar system. system, but record-high storm surges easily topped them. ASSISTANCE: As of 3 p.m., 10 NOV 2012, more than 356,000 individuals in Connecticut, Underground security barriers New York and New Jersey have registered for assistance, and more than $411 million has meant to protect the World been approved in FEMA housing and other needs assistance. Currently 44 Disaster Trade Center might have sealed Recovery Centers are open in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Of that amount, 21 off the tunnelsman. But their Disaster Recovery Centers are open in New York, 16 in New Jersey and seven in years long installation process Connecticut and more continue to open. wasnt yet finished when the storm hit on Oct. 29. IMPACT ON THOSE WITH MEDICAL AND FUNCTIONAL NEEDS Hurricane Sandy disrupted the fragile support networks that allowed the elderly, the Service from Hoboken and below 14th Street in Manhattan—including to the new PATH disabled and the chronically ill to get by. It has closed pharmacies, kept home care aids station at the rebuilt World Trade Center site—has been dark. The railroad must finish from getting to clients and made getting around in a wheelchair impossible. pumping one of the two tubes linked to lower Manhattan, scrub down the caked salt from rails, and disassemble and repair dozens of switches, signals, power structures and TETANUS VACCINES: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that he has signed other machinery inundated by Sandys flooding. an Executive Order on 10 NOV that will make it easier for people in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to be vaccinated against tetanus to prevent infections that could result At the same time, NJ Transit has been hobbled by extensive flooding at a rail yard in from exposure to tetanus bacteria during post-storm cleanup activities. Under the Order, Kearny, N.J., where brackish, corrosive harbor water damaged 65 locomotives and 257 pharmacists will be allowed to administer tetanus shots at their place of business, and passenger cars—almost a third of the fleet. emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and dentists will be able to assist city or county health departments in administering tetanus vaccines NJ Transit is also hamstrung by its dependence on the two tunnels it shares with Amtrak beneath the Hudson River. Only one has returned to service since the storm,FEDERAL FAMILY AND PARTNERS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT STATES IMPACTED BY SANDY – 10 NOV 2012 limiting the number of trains that can pass under the river. The Long Island Rail RoadDOE SITREP – 10 NOV 2012 and Amtrak are now sharing three of the four tunnels under the East River, and there isWSJ - NEW JERSEY RAILS LAG IN RECOVERY more frequent service from Long Island into Manhattan.AP - SICK, FRAIL STRUGGLE MOST IN STORMS AFTERMATH
  5. FEDERAL ACTIVITIES FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: President Barack U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA)FEMA Obama and FEMA the Federal Emergency Management announced that businesses with physical damages orTwitter | Facebook | YouTube | Blog Agency (FEMA) have set as a top priority access to shelter loss of revenue should consider visiting a Business• SEEKING ASSISTANCE: As of 3 p.m., 9 NOV 2012, for residents whose homes were severely damaged or Recover Center and applying for an SBA disaster more than 343,000 individuals in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have registered for destroyed by the storm. A particular focus is on the states business loan. Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance To register individuals and households of New Jersey and New York. The state Housing Task assistance is available regardless of whether the call1-800-462-7585 Forces in New York and New Jersey have already begun business suffered any physical property damage. SBA meeting with FEMA representatives and recovery housing continues to operate several Business Recovery• SHELTERS: for those who are unable to return plans are underway. These individualized task forces help Centers in New York and New Jersey. For more home, states, tribes, localities and the Red Cross ensure the states continue to have the authority to select information, call the SBA Customer Service Center at continue to operate emergency shelters along the East Coast. Download the Red Cross Hurricane from available temporary housing solutions they deem 800-659-2955 (800-877-8339 for the deaf and hard-of- app, visit the Red Cross web site, call 1-800-RED sufficient to meet the needs of their residents following a hearing) or go to www.sba.gov. CROSS (1-800-733-2767), or check local media disaster. outlets. Download the FEMA smartphone app. To TREASURY DEPARTMENT AND THE INTERNAL search for shelters via text message, text: UNITED STATE POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) wants to remind SHELTER and your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). For REVENUE SERVICE (IRS): announced special relief example: Shelter 01234 (Standard rates apply). customers who have evacuated or relocated due to intended to support leave-based donation programs to hurricane Sandy to submit a change of address, place mail aid survivors who have suffered from the extraordinary• DISASTER RECOVERY CENTERS: A Disaster on hold or request that mail be temporarily forwarded to destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. Under these Recovery Center is a readily accessible facility or their new location. For the latest service updates regarding programs, employees may donate their vacation, sick mobile office where applicants may go for hurricane Sandy, call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). or personal leave in exchange for employer cash information about FEMA or other disaster assistance programs, Currently, a total of 40 payments made to qualified tax-exempt organizations Disaster Recovery Centers are open in New York, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURES (USDAS) NATURAL providing relief for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. New Jersey and Connecticut. Search for a RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE (NRCS) has Disaster Recovery Center - To search for a Disaster distributed an initial $5.3 million to 11 states affected by Treasury Department and the IRS announced an Recovery Center via text message, text: DRC and Hurricane Sandy. NRCS provides this funding through its your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). For example: expedited review and approval process will be offered DRC 01234 (Standard rates apply). Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program. for organizations seeking tax-exempt status in order to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. USDAS FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICE (FNS) is allowing flexibility to New York City Public School District to serve all U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR: As Hurricane meals free through the National School Lunch Program and Sandy left a wake of destruction across the Mid- School Breakfast Program for the month of November. FNS Atlantic States and New England, the U.S. Department has also approved New Jerseys request to allow of the Interior mobilized resources to speed storm Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients that recovery on Federal and tribal lands in the impacted reside in Atlantic County, Bergen County, Cape May County, region and to support FEMA in its efforts to assist Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, States and local governments in the disaster area. Monmouth County, Ocean County, Somerset County and Nearly 700 DOI employees are deployed on response Union County, be allowed to purchase hot foods and hot and recovery missions for Hurricane Sandy, and at least food products with SNAP benefits through the end of the an equal number are committed to disaster recovery month work in at their home locations.
  6. FEDERAL ACTIVITIESU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY: SitRep BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (BIA) is leading a Tribal Assistance Coordination Group (TAC-G), enhancingNovember 7 a Nor’easter impacted the Mid-Atlantic and communications and coordination between Native American Tribes in the disaster area, other Federal agencies, andNortheast with strong winds, rain or snow, and coastalflooding. People without power: 8,661,527 non-profit relief organizations. American Red Cross, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were key participants inPetroleum Stations lists and closures or call 202-586-7517, this effort. While power is now restored for all tribal nations, BIA and other agencies are standing-by to provideWilliam N. Bryan additional response should a second storm poised off the New Jersey coast create urgent needs on the reservations.ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: Call 1-800-424-8802. NEW YORK: EPA has assessed 3 drinking water facilities NATIONAL PARK SERVICE (NPS) has deployed more than 350 incident management personnel, technical experts andand 7 wastewater treatment plants. Hurricane Proof plan. work crews to assist almost 650 personnel at parks throughout the region in recovery operations. Extensive recoveryNEW JERSEY: EPA has assessed 14 drinking water facilities work is needed at the National Parks in New York and New Jersey. Working with interagency partners, NPS has alsoand 11 wastewater treatment plants. established debris transfer sites at Jacob Riis Park in New York to support local clean-up activities and is providingAll 105 of the short-term, removal sites have been assessedand do not pose an immediate threat to public health or the feeding for emergency workers in the vicinity of its logistics base at Fort Wadsworth in the Gateway National Recreationenvironment. Area.THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIONS FEDERAL U.S. PARK POLICE, an agency of the NPS responsible for law enforcement in urban parks, has deployed its "Eagle-1"TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION as secured as many as 350 buseswhich will be used across New Jersey to help commuters helicopter from Washington, DC to New York to assist with damage assessment, law enforcement, and emergencyconnect to or reach Manhattan and the surrounding area. 1- medical support at impacted parks. U.S. Park Police has also provided law enforcement officers to support a Disaster800-877-8339, or DOT Customer Service Center: 202-366- Medical Assistance Team from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, two U.S. Park Police4000 command officials from the Washington Metropolitan Area responded to the NY-NJ area to support the NPS IncidentU.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, U.S. GEOLOGICAL Management Teams.SURVEY The USGS has released a series of aerialphotographs showing before-and-after images of Hurricane U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE (FWS) continues to assess damage to its facilities and natural habitat throughout theSandy’s impacts on the Atlantic Pre- and post-storm images area impacted by Hurricane Sandy. More than 35 FWS staff have deployed to assist fellow employees with damageof the New Jersey and New York shoreline in particular tell astory of a coastal landscape that was considerably altered by assessment and repairs in the hardest hit areas, including S.B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge in CT; Great Swampthe historic storm. and E.B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuges in NJ; and Long Island National Wildlife Refuge in NY. US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (USGS) is applied its broad technical expertise to support a number of interagency requirements during this emergency. USGS deployed 231 sensors prior to the landfall of Hurricane Sandy to record the level of storm surge and coastal inundation. After the storm passed, field crews moved in quickly to recover equipment as well as identify and flag high-water marks throughout the impacted area. Data were posted to a website as sensors were retrieved. In addition, aerial Lidar surveys were initiated from New York to North Carolina to assess coastal erosion; a landslide alert was distributed to state geologists and the National Weather Service; water-quality samples were collected on swollen rivers and the Chesapeake Bay; and the Bureau disseminated aerial imagery and geospatial products to Federal, tribal, state and local organizations. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIORS OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND COMPLIANCE (OEPC), working with DOI bureaus and interagency partners, is providing technical expertise to FEMA and other interagency partners to support tribal, state and local governments in the mitigation of damage to and protection of natural and cultural resources and historic properties. : SOURCE : DOI – Hurricane Sandy – 8 NOV 2012
  7. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY: Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has declared a public healthHEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICE (HHS) emergency for the entirety of New Jersey (on Nov. 1st ) and New York state (on Oct. 31st). Public Health Emergency – ASPRTwitter | Facebook DEPLOYMENTS AND C2: More than 1,200 HHS personnel are deployed to provide public health and medical assistance to• HHS has more than 1,200 personnel in New York and New Jersey in Hurricane Sandy response and recovery efforts. ASPR Regional Emergency Coordinators and New York and New Jersey, providing liaisons from the Administration for Children and Families remain deployed to the Regional Response Coordination public health and medical assistance. Centers. Regional Emergency Coordinators also are serving as liaisons for FEMA incident management assistance• A Disaster Distress Help Line has been teams. An HHS Incident Response Coordination Team in New York and New Jersey continues to provide command-and- established with counselors to provide control to HHS teams requested in that state. support and referrals to mental help resources: Call 1-800-985-5990 or text HHS has activated the Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (EPAP) to assist those without insurance to replace lost “TalkWithUs” to 66746 or damaged prescription medications and limited durable medical equipment.CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROLTwitter | Facebook DISASTER MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TEAMS• Text “SANDY” to 87000 for Sandy Storm Health Updates • Fifteen Disaster Medical Assistance Teams from the National Disaster Medical System with caches of medical supplies• CASPER: Community Assessment for and two teams of U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers are deployed to New York and New Jersey. Public Health Emergency Response • Eleven DMATs and a team of Public Health Service Commissioned Corps team are providing care in medical shelters and (CASPER) Toolkit augmenting hospital staff in the New York at the state’s and city’s request.• CDC house proof vs hurricane • The HHS medical teams are drawn from across the country, including Rhode Island, Washington State, Minnesota,NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR OCCUPATIONAL Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee,SAFETY AND HEALTH (NIOSH) and Florida. Additional teams are available if needed in New York or New Jersey.Hurricane Sandy - Common Hazards:Please be extra vigilant for hazards likely to NOTE: As hospitals and other care facilities begin to regain their capacities, the teams will begin to return to their homeappear during the Hurricane Sandy response, states.including: exposures while cleaning up floodwater and mold, carbon monoxide FEDERAL MEDICAL STATION : At the request of the State of New Jersey, the CDC Federal Medical Station remains in Edison,exposures, working in cold weather. New Jersey as a medical shelter. This Federal Medical Station was one of seven deployed to the area to be available if needed in New Jersey or New York. Medical teams from the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and the National Disaster Medical System are providing medical caring for residents at the FMS. MENTAL HEALTH: Nearly 60 officers from three Mental Health Teams are integrated with the HHS medical teams and have assisted approximately 700 residents and first responders daily. Their efforts to increase resilience include meeting basic mental health needs and helping to facilitate environmental interventions in shelters, such as addressing sleeping conditions and planning structured activities. They have also established a Disaster Distress HelpLine with counselors available by phone to provide support and referrals to mental help resources: Call 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 HHS - PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY
  8. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION:• How to keep food and water clean and FDA: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration safe personnel are assisting New Jersey and New York states with FDA-regulated industries.• Immediate assistance with water and food 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332). AMBULANCES: Four liaisons and two The FDA reminds consumers to take pharmacists remain deployed to New York to precautions for storing water and support 350 ambulances made available through ensuring the safety of their food and the FEMA national ambulance contract. medical supplies for themselves, their families, and their pets during and after MEDICARE/MEDICAID: any hurricane-related rain, possible flooding and power outages. • Following the Secretary’s declarations of public health emergencies in New York and New• For food and drug safety messaging, visit Jersey, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid the Food and Drug Administration Services has begun approving waivers under hurricane safety checklist, available in 1135 of the Social Security Act for healthcare English and Spanish providers in NY and NJ, as well as 5 individual http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Public The FDA’s Emergency Operations Center is staffed waivers. HealthFocus/ucm317232.htm. during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy by a FDA • Additional waiver requests have been received Incident Management Group comprised of personnel• Medical Devices - If you have a "life- and are pending. who are expert in a variety of public health and supporting" or "life-sustaining" device regulatory areas. They work with FDA Incident that depends on electricity, you should • The CMS New York office remains closed with Management Teams in the field to monitor the contact your healthcare provider for non-essential employees on Administrative impact of the storm and help shape the agency’s information on how to maintain function Leave due to building damage and power response - Photo : FDA in the event of a loss of power. Keep your outages. www.cms.gov. device and supplies clean and dry. If possible, notify your local Public Health ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES Authority to request evacuation prior to i: A team of specialists from the Administration for adverse weather events. For more Children and Families is supporting child care, information, see FDA Offers Tips about foster care, and Head Start recovery efforts in Medical Devices and Hurricane Disasters New York and New Jersey.CENTER FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAIDSERVICES IMPORTANT: ENROLLMENTFLEXIBILITY FOR PEOPLE AFFECTED BYHURRICANE SANDY - Medicare OpenEnrollment ends December 7, but if youneed more flexibility, call 1-800-MEDICARE(1-800-633-4227 HHS - PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY
  11. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA) NORTHCOM: U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has nearly 4,000 personnel • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has delivered more than 1.8 million supporting Hurricane Sandy relief operations in the affected area gallons of fuel to FEMA distribution points in the New York/New Jersey region, nine generators to the Army Corps of Engineers for AIR FORCE OPERATIONS apartment buildings in New York City, seven additional generators to • Air Force teams completed unwatering operations at Rockaway Waste Water the New York City Housing Authority with seven more generators and Treatment facility, and East School in Long Beach, N.Y., and provided teams to support seven transformers are en route. fire departments conducting unwatering operations in Breezy Point, N.Y. • DLA has contracts in place to support waste water clean-up, hazardous material removal, and debris removal operations. ARMY OPERATIONS • Army divers repaired the pier system at Caven Point, N.J. • DLA has also awarded two contracts for 330 roll-off dumpsters and 34 trucks for overland trash hauling. 2.5 million pounds of debris have • Divers continue to assist the New York City Fire Department unwater PATH Tunnel at been removed in the last 48 hours. the World Trade Center and unwater the Long Beach High School and Recreation Center, N.Y. NAVY/MARINES OPERATIONS • The U.S. Fleet Forces (Navy & Marine Corps) are assisting the Army Corps of Engineers in their power restoration, cleaning and dewatering efforts in NY and NJ. • Marines continued assessments with Army engineers in Far Rockaway, N.Y., and pumped 90,000 gallons of water from apartment buildings there. Approximately 750,000 gallons were pumped from affected homes and parks in Breezy Point, N.Y. • Navy dive detachments continue to support the World Trade Center site and Marine pump teams are assisting pumping operations at Breezy Point. • Helicopters from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit are transporting and re- locating generators in the area at Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) direction. • Navy Seabees and Marine personnel restored the beach at Coast Guard Station Lance Cpl. Levi Brown of the 8th Engineer Support Battalion Sandy Hook; and supporting debris clearance operations at locations in Bayonne, from Camp Lejuene, NC holds a pump hose in a flooded N.J. and the Battery, N.Y. basement in Far Rockaway, NY Nov. 8, 2012. Brown and several other marines pumped out the basements of Redfern Houses public housing units as a step to regain electricity lost inSOURCE: Hurricane Sandy. DoD photo by EJ HersomFederal Family and Partners Continue to Support States Impacted by Sandy
  12. U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERSOPERATIONS TEMPORARY POWER • USACE is aggressively supporting emergency temporary power missions in New York and New• USACE has more than 3000 employees from the North Atlantic Division with an Jersey. We are ready to provide emergency power with more than 505 generators staged at additional 900 team members deployed from other USACE divisions across the Nation engaged to support the response mission. USACE currently has more than 65 forward locations in order to provide capacity beyond states’ capabilities. FEMA Mission Assignments exceeding a total of $249 million. • The USACE has teams deployed to strategic locations in NY, NJ, PA and WV, and has resources in• USACE debris teams are in ports, waterways and coastal areas in NJ and NY clearing place to haul, install, operate and maintain generators at critical facilities. debris along the Atlantic seaboard. 35 debris teams are assisting local NY and NJ authorities. • Nearly 495 critical power assessments have been completed. 99 generators have been installed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Installation of 44 more generators are in progress. USACE• 42 dump trucks are in operation for debris removal with 40 more dump trucks expected in the next 24 hours. continues to receive prioritized lists of requirements from local officials and is immediately acting on these requests.• Planning response teams are also assisting with debris management, commodities distribution, infrastructure assessment, temporary roofing, critical public facilities, • Additionally, we have sent power experts and generators to support NY Public Housing, the water planning, and temporary housing. Hoboken High Rise Complex, the Kinder Morgan Petroleum Terminal and Hoboken Terminal.• USACE is supporting States’ and FEMA Regions I, II and III operations centers to • We are supporting the NYC Housing Authority and have provided emergency temporary power to organize response efforts. More than 25 team leaders or assistant team leaders have been alerted and/or deployed to provide public works and engineering expertise to five public housing buildings. include damage modeling, storm surge modeling, and coastal preparations. • USACE has deployed temporary emergency power assets - Planning and Response Teams, the• USACE is establishing a Recovery Field Office in New Jersey to be co-located with the 249th Engineer Battalion, Emergency Command and Control Vehicles/Deployable Tactical FEMA Joint Field Office. Operating Systems (ECCV/DTOS), Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) to provide support to areas impacted by post-tropical storm Sandy.• USACE assigned a liaison to the Department of Energy and to the National Guard Bureau to coordinate any combined response actions.• USACE temporary housing advisors are on scene in New York and New Jersey SITES working to assist with the evaluation of temporary housing requirements. 2 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Planning and Response Teams (PRTs) are coordinating damage assessments of public buildings, waste and waste water treatment plants, and transportation infrastructure in areas of New York and New• Emergent work continues at Manasquan Inlet restoration near Mantoloking, New Jersey impacted by Hurricane Sandy” including the locations below: Jersey Nassau County (N.Y.) Water Treatment PlantDE-WATERING Hoboken (N.J.) Ferry Terminal• With local authorities USACE has concentrated pumping efforts at 14 critical locations as determined by local officials. Liberty State Park• Pumping is complete at 11 locations. Seabright-Monmouth (N.J.) Beach Seawall Middlesex (N.J.) Waste Water Treatment Plant• We are currently pumping at the Jersey City PATH Train Tunnel, Passaic Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Kearny Amtrak Substation. Sites in Mantoloking, N.J. Sites in Cape May-Sandy Hook, N.J. Sites in Moonachie, N.J. http://www.usace.army.mil/Media/NewsArchive/tabid/204/Article/5826/usace-ramps-up-nyc-debris-removal-work.aspx http://www.usace.army.mil/Media/NewsArchive/tabid/204/Article/5825/fema-assigns-infrastructure-assessment-mission-to-corps-of-engineers.aspx http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/EmergencyOperations/HurricaneSeason/Sandy.aspx
  13. NATIONAL GUARD • There are 6,618 National Guard personnel from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and West Virginia are assisting in response and recovery efforts across their affected states. • The National Guard is providing Defense Department support to civilian authorities in a whole-of-government response to assist state, local and federal agencies. • In New Jersey and New York, National Guard dual-status commanders - Army Brig. Gen. James Grant and Army Brig. Gen. Michael Swezey - are coordinating active duty, National Guard and Reserve force recovery efforts • 47 Chaplains and Chaplains assistants are providing trauma intervention/ counseling, shelters visitations, worship services and other support. NEW YORK NATIONAL GUARD Soldiers and airmen with the New York Air National Guard provide relief support to Long Beach, N.Y., following severe damage caused by Hurricane Sandy PHOTO: • There are 3,237 NYNG personnel on state active duty supporting relief (USAF / Senior Airman Christopher S Muncy ) operations in New York. NYNG personnel members have distributed • New York National Guard personnel members have distributed 1,439,654 meals from 21 points of distribution sites since Nov 1. 50 NEW JERSEY NATIONAL GUARD • 50 NYNG personnel are supporting Red Cross shelters at six sites in sites in • There are 1,957 NJNG personnel on state active duty supporting relief Nassau County. operations in New Jersey. • NYNG personnel are also sorting and distributing donated goods from the • The New Jersey National Guard distributed 12,590 blankets, 1,740 cots Javits Center and delivering them to three points of distribution sites. and 3,648 towels since Nov. 1. • They also distributed 93,229 gallons (since Nov. 2), of fuel to emergency responders from four distribution points in support of FEMA and DLA. 2/101st Cav from the New York • The NJNG are providing tents and mobile kitchen trailers to shelter National Guard soldiers from Buffalo, and feed emergency management personnel. NY deliver aid to Coney Island. (Video • The NJNG are providing tents and mobile kitchen trailers to shelter and by SGT Meghan Berry) feed emergency management personnel. The NJNG continues to assist civil authorities at state-run shelters with transportation, meals, water, and power generation in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, the Jersey City Armory, Glen Gardner, and Ocean Countyhttp://www.defense.gov/releases/release.aspx?releaseid=15668
  14. AMERICAN RED CROSS• Across all affected states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia/DC and West Virginia):  3,375,649 meals and snacks served  124,594 relief items distributed  29,670 health and mental health contacts  5,784 disaster workers assigned to operations• The Red Cross is getting ready for a large outreach operation this weekend to provide disaster relief items to families across Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Rockaways and Hoboken.• In advance of the cold temperatures, the ARC has handed out thousands of ready-to-eat meals and cold weather items for people in New York and New Jersey like blankets, hand and foot warmers, hats and gloves, ponchos and socks.• Red Cross volunteers have resumed mobile distribution of water, food and relief supplies in neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey as road conditions permit. Visit http://newsroom.redcross.org for current information.• Kitchens on Staten Island, Queens and Long Island have resumed preparation of warm meals. Even as services resume after the nor’easter, the Red Cross is getting ready for a large outreach operation this weekend to provide disaster relief items to families across the region’s hardest hit areas.• Those who need a safe place to go are encouraged to come to a Red Cross shelter. Locations can be found at www.redcross.org. In New York City, people can call 3-1-1 or visit www.nyc.gov for a list of both day and night-time warming centers. It’s important for people to check on their neighbors, share what they have and take care of each other.• The response to Sandy is likely to be the biggest Red Cross response in the U.S. in the past five years. To help, visit www.redcross.org, call 1-800-RED CROSS ( 1-800-733-2767) or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. People can also use the “donate” feature on the free Red Cross Apps to support the Red Cross relief response. If you are seeking relief as a result of Hurricane Sandy, please go to a service location or shelter. If there’s not one near you, find an Emergency Response Vehicle on the ground providing urgently needed meals, water and comfort kits.http://newsroom.redcross.org/
  15. CONNECTICUT CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Twitter | Facebook WEATHER WATERPublic Drinking Water Systems Under Boil Water AdvisoryThere are currently 24 public drinking water systems under boil water advisory serving a total of 3,396residents (0.10% of the total state population): TRANSIT SITUATION • Metro-North rail service has returned to normal on the New Haven Line, with the exception of the New Canaan branch, To disinfect water, use ONE of the following methods: where, because of extensive damage, • Boil at a rolling boil for one minute. Make buses will be running until further notice. sure water is clear of floating pieces before boiling; OR, See full details/updates here • Add 8 drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops per gallon for cloudy water. Do NOT use bleach that has perfumes or ingredients other than sodium hypochlorite as it may be toxic; OR, • Add water purification tablets according to SHELTERS directions on the package. Mix completely and let water stand 30 minutes before using. • FEMA has 5 Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in Bridgeport, How Do I Boil My Water? (in English, Chinese, Greenwich, Groton, New Haven and Old Saybrook. Here are the Haitian Creole, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese) specific locations . Hurricane Sandy: Health Information • For shelters and DRCs location
  16. NEW JERSEY New Jersey Office of Emergency Management WEATHER UPDATE Twitter Facebook FEMA Region 2• The overall State of Emergency for NJ is still in effect, with NJ ROIC and NJOEM currently at operational Level 4. All 21 counties are still included for Public and Individual Assistance in areas determined to have been adversely affected by the event declared a major disaster by POTUS on October 30, 2012• As FEMA and its partners continue an aggressive power restoration effort, the President has approved an extension to the 100 percent cost share for emergency work performed by state, tribal and local governments through November 14, 2012. The 100 percent SHELTERS funding was set originally to last ten days, starting October 31 and specifically applies to work executed to restore emergency power and emergency public transportation 48 Shelters open throughout all NJ counties with assistance, including direct federal assistance for New Jersey . an occupancy of 1865 (shelter locations found• FEMA announced that the agency is increasing the amount of rental assistance that it may here) provide eligible disaster survivors in NJ and NY by an additional 25%. FEMA has activated its Transitional Sheltering Assistance program, allowing eligible survivors in• NJ has requested and received resource support from numerous states in support of shelters that cannot return home to the Hurricane emergency response mission requests via the Emergency Management Assistance to remain in hotels or motels until more suitable Compact national mutual aid system. housing accommodations are made available. IMPACT WATER SYSTEMS SUBJECT TO A BOIL WATER ADVISORY (AS OF DEATH TOLL: 28 NOVEMBER 11, 2012) POWER OUTAGES: 24,981 as of 11 NOV 2012 at 7 am – County by county summary WATER SYSTEM NOTICES Ocean County (6) – Google Crisis Map detailing NJ Power Outages • Fountainhead Parks – Jackson Township – For Updated Utility Restoration Plans, click here: PSEG, JCP&L (Counties, • Long Beach Township Water Department - Brant Beach, Long Beach Township Towns), ACE and RECO • Pinewood Estates, Barnegat Township PUBLIC HEALTH IMPACT AND RESPONSE: • Seaside Heights Water Department, Seaside Heights • Public health experts are available through the states 2-1-1 system to answer • Southwind Village – Jackson Township questions about food and water safety and mold removal due to the affects of • NJAW – Mantoloking, Chadwick Beach, Normandy Beach, Lavalette, Ortley Hurricane Sandy. Call 2-1-1 24/7 or 1-866-234-0964 from 8am to 8pm on Beach, Pelican Beach Sussex County (4) weekdays and 10am to 5pm on weekends • Arthur Road – Hopatcong INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE: • North Shore Water Association – Andover Borough, Sussex County Applications approved 19,903; Total Individual & Households Program: • Sparta Summit Lake - Sparta $93,747,550.64 (approved); Total Housing Assistance: $88,863,574 (approved); • Sparta Colby Water Department – Byram Total Other Needs Assistance: $4,883,975 (approved) Click here for most current information on transit, power, fuel, and public health notices.
  17. NEW JERSEY TRANSIT UPDATEONGOING FULL CLOSURES – 4:• Monmouth: NJ 33 Westbound, West of NJ 18; Neptune Twp. All lanes closed; NJ 36 Both Directions, North of NJ 35, Eatontown all lanes closed• Ocean: NJ 166 Both Directions, North of CR 530/CR 527/CR 549, Toms River Twp. All lanes closed; NJ 166 Southbound, North of US 9, Beachwood all lanes closed due to floodingNJ TRANSIT and infrastructure has been severely impacted by the Hurricane, and residents areencouraged to travel outside of morning and afternoon peak periods to avoid delays andcrowding. On Sat. 11/10 and Sun. 11/11, NJ Transit will operate regular weekend rail service onthe Atlantic City Line, Northeast Corridor and Raritan Valley Lines. The Main Line and Port JervisLine will operate on a special schedule.RAIL AND LIGHT RAIL SERVICE• For Rail and Light Rail Service, click here.• For the Rail System Recovery Map, click here.BUSSES:• While nearly 100 percent of NJ TRANSIT Bus Service has resumed since the storm, please use the following links for additional service options:• Emergency Shuttle Bus Service to Ferries/Manhattan click here. For a list of NJ TRANSIT bus routes that parallel NJ TRANSIT rail, light rail and PATH stations, click here.• For a list of NJ TRANSIT bus routes by town, click here.ACCESS LINK SERVICE: Access Link service has been fully restored.PATH: Limited service operates on the Journal Square to 33rd Street line, from 5am to10pm, seven days a week. Trains will not stop at Christopher St or 9th St stations. Allother PATH lines remain suspended. GETTING HELP AND ADVICE ABOUT RECOVERYGetting Help & Advice About Recovering From Hurricane Sandyready.nj.govNJ211New Jersey Office of Emergency ManagementNew Jersey Department of EducationNew Jersey Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentNew Jersey Department of the Treasury
  18. NEW JERSEY – WATER RESTRICTIONSWATER RESRICTIONS• Residents and businesses in the 48 North Jersey cities and towns served by the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission wastewater treatment system are strongly encouraged to minimize water use to reduce stress on the storm-damaged sewage treatment system THE FOLLOWING TOWNS ARE SERVED BY THE PVSC: and help limit partially treated effluent flowing into Newark and New York Harbor. Bayonne, Belleville, Bloomfield, Cedar Grove, Clifton, East Newark, East Orange, East Rutherford, Elizabeth, Elmwood Park, Fair Lawn, Franklin Lakes, Garfield, Glen Ridge, Glen Rock, Hackensack,• The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission receives sewage and industrial waste from 48 municipalities in and around Newark. It is the fifth largest wastewater treatment plant in Haledon, Harrison, Hasbrouck Heights, Hawthorne, Hillside, Jersey the nation. During the storm, the plant was flooded and lost electricity. The federal City, Kearny, Little Falls, Lodi, Lyndhurst, Montclair, Newark, North Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is working in partnership with state and federal Arlington, North Bergen, North Caldwell, North Haledon, Nutley, agencies to remove water from the plant, restore power and find environmentally safe Orange, Passaic, Paterson, Prospect Park, Ridgewood, Rutherford, solutions for sludge disposal until the plant is back in full operation. Saddle Brook, South Hackensack, South Orange, Totowa, Union City, Wallington, West Orange, Woodland Park and Wood-Ridge.• Hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated or partially treated wastewater have flowed into the states waterways since Sandy hit. Most of the wastewater is coming from the crippled Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission system, which suffered power outages and flooding from Sandy, the state Department of Environmental Protection said. On Thursday, 8 NOV Christies office and the DEP urged the 1.4 million residents in 48 towns served by the PVSC to restrict water use to reduce stress on the system.• Right after the storm, the PVSC system was releasing 500 million gallons of untreated wastewater and stormwater a day into Newark Bay. The PVSC, after restoring power and repairing some of the damage last weekend, has been pumping 250 million gallons of partially treated wastewater per day through its normal route into New York Harbor. Utilities arent allowed to dump untreated or partially treated water into waterways unless an emergency exists. THE FOLLOWING TOWNS ARE SERVED BY THE MCUA:• The Middlesex County Utility Authoritys wastewater treatment system also sustained Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Carteret, Cranbury, Dunellen, East damage and has been pumping about 65 million gallons of untreated wastewater per day into the Raritan River. The MCUA’s treatment plant is fully operational but two of its Brunswick, Edison, Fanwood, Franklin Township, Green Brook, three pump stations, which normally handle 110 million gallons of wastewater daily, are Helmetta, Highland Park, Jamesburg, Metuchen, Middlesex not working, so wastewater is not being shipped to the treatment facility. The result is Borough, Milltown, Monroe Township, New Brunswick, North the discharge of untreated sewage into the waterways. The DEP issued a water Brunswick, North Plainfield, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, restriction advisory to the 38 towns and 797,000 customers of MCUA on Tuesday, 6 Plainfield, Sayreville, Scotch Plains, South Amboy, South Bound NOV. Brook, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, Warren Township, Watchung and Woodbridge.
  19. NEW JERSEY – ENERGYELECTRICITY PETROLEUM GAS and NATURAL GAS• New Jersey currently has the second greatest number of individuals without • 5 petroleum terminals still remain offline in New Jersey: the Hess Terminals in power. As of 9am EDT on November 10th, there were 109,287 individuals Bayonne and Newark, the Motiva terminal in Newark, the CITGO terminal in without power, which equates to 3% of customers. Linden, and the Phillips 66 terminal in Tremley Point.• The State of New Jersey released power restoration plans from Public Service • Phillips 66 reported that its terminal will probably be operational in a limited capacity Electric and Gas, Jersey Central Power and Light, Atlantic City Electric, and by the end of the month. Orange & Rockland. The restoration plans are updated daily and can be found in the “Information Sources” section at: • The Phillips 66 and Hess Refineries in New Jersey still remain shut down, though http://www.state.nj.us/nj/home/features/spotlight/hurricane_sandy.shtm Phillips 66 suggested its refinery should be fully operation in 2-3 weeks. Much of its electrical equipment was damaged by saltwater as a result of the storm surge• Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) reported today (November 11) that the vast majority of their customers have been restored. The remaining outages • 12 counties in NJ will have gas rationing in effect from noon on November 3rd until are due to localized issues that were not corrected when a system or circuit the Governor declares the end of the State of Emergency outage was restored, including damaged electrical service lines from the pole to a home or business • On November 3rd , the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in consultation with the US Department of Energy, issued an emergency wavier of the reformulated• Orange and Rockland (O&R), serving New Jersey, New York, and gasoline (RFG) that is in effect until November 20th Pennsylvania reported yesterday (November 10) that it is continuing to restore those remaining customers who are without power. • On November 2nd, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Non Action Assurance) permitting the loading and unloading of fuel at defined locations• Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), a FirstEnergy subsidiary, reported last in New Jersey and New York without the use of a vapor recovery device or vapor night (November 10) that it expects the majority of its customers in the mainland combustion device that is effective through November 17th to receive power by the end of the weekend. In the Barrier Islands and some of the shoreline communities where the storm devastation is most severe, JCP&L • Additionally, for those in New Jersey, the Department of Energy and EPA also is working with State and local officials on developing and implementing a full issued an emergency waiver in effect through November 13th for the Ultra Low restoration plan and timeline to connect affected customers safely. Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel specifications for mobile non-road diesel engine Photo from http://cdn2- b.examiner.com/sites/default/file s/styles/image_content_width/ha sh/95/08/9508a40d854e3179ed7 38f538598f32f.jpg SOURCES: http://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/SitRep6_Sandy-Noreaster_11102012_1000AM.pdf
  21. NEW YORK NY Division Homeland Security & Emergency Services • DIALYSIS: The New York State Department of Health (DOH) is advising Twitter / Facebook renal patients in need of dialysis to first contact their dialysis facility to schedule treatment. If the facility is unable to deliver the needed dialysisGov. Cuomo Friday afternoon, 10/26 declared a state of emergency for all 62 counties in treatment, patients should call the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Networkadvance of Hurricane Sandy in anticipation of severe weather impacting New York. Hotline at: 1-800-238-ESRD (3773) to obtain information on outpatient dialysis facilities that can provide needed treatment. This hotline is IMPACT operational 24 hours/7 days a week during this recovery period. Patients are being urged to avoid visiting an emergency department for dialysis since many emergency departments are at full capacity handling other• MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATION: The following counties under PA-B include storm-related health needs. direct federal assistance: Bronx County, Kings County, Nassau County, New York County, Queens County, Richmond County and Suffolk County. • FOOD ASSISTANCE: Current recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance• HEALTHCARE CENTERS: 9 NOV 2012, there are 58 health care facilities Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as Food Stamps, in areas hardest hit by remaining on generator power: 6 hospitals, 38 nursing homes and 13 Adult Hurricane Sandy will automatically receive 50 percent of their October monthly Care Facilities (ACFs.) SNAP benefit amount the week of November 5 to replace food lost as a result of the storm. The benefits are being automatically issued to SNAP recipients in• POWER OUTAGES: As of 7:30 a.m. EST Sat. Nov. 10, FEMA reports 170,542 Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan and Westchester counties, as remaining power outages. The State of NY reports as of 8 a.m. EST Nov. 10, well as at least 82 zip codes in New York City, including all of Staten Island. 185,098 remaining power outages. Additional zip codes in New York City that experienced extended power loss may be added as more details about the number of households affected becomes• De-watering is 86% complete for the Passaic Water Treatment Plant; leaking available. Most up-to-date SNAP Replacement list is containedDRINKING WATER ADVISORIES FOLLOWING HURRICANE SANDYDO NOT DRINK See FEMA’s NY Hurricane SandyBOIL WATER NOTICES: See Link Web site forRESCINDED (LIFTED) WATER ADVISORIES: See Link updates. PHARMACIES THAT ARE OPEN AND DELIVERING See Link
  22. NEW YORK - ENERGY • Orange and Rockland (O&R), serving New Jersey, New York, andELECTRICITY Pennsylvania report that as of 10 a.m. EST Nov. 10, power has been• New York currently has the greatest number of individuals without power. As of 7:30 restored to all 250,000 O&R electric customers – aside from fewer than a.m. EST Sat. Nov. 10, FEMA reported 170,542 remaining power outages. The State of 50 remaining customers whose power was interrupted since the NY reports as of 8 a.m. EST Nov. 10, 185,098 remaining outages. The Department of nor’easter struck the area Wednesday. Energy reports as of 10 a.m. EST Nov. 10 169,603 outages.CURRENT SITUATION PETROLEUM GAS• Consolidated Edison (ConEd) set up command posts at seven locations in Brooklyn, • New York City and Nassau and Suffolk County in New York Queens and Staten Island to help customers whose electrical equipment was implemented temporary fuel management measures which took damaged by Hurricane Sandy flooding. Con Edison inspectors are going door to door effect yesterday, November 9. An “odd-even” rule will be used to to homes in flood-damaged areas to determine whether customer equipment was purchase gasoline for non-commercial vehicles. The duration of the damaged. If the company determines that a customers equipment was not damaged, fuel management plan will be determined by the counties and New their service will be restored when the company re-energizes the affected area. If a York City in coordination with the State of New York. customers equipment has water damage, the customer will need to have a private licensed electrician or plumber certify that the equipment can be safely energized. For • The Energy Information Administration (EIA) updated its report on the more information, click here and here. Retail Motor Gasoline Supply in the New York City Metropolitan Area on Nov 9th, reporting that 28 percent of gas stations in the New York• For power outage maps, updated every 15 minutes, see here. All outages where they Metropolitan area do not have gasoline available for sale. They do not can receive power are expected to be restored by the evening of Nov. 11. plan to issue additional reports • As of 8 am EDT on Nov 20th, 2 impacted petroleum terminals remain• Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) reported shut—the Motiva terminals in Long Island and Brooklyn yesterday (November 10) that local officials and LIPA estimate 55,000 customers on Long Island and in the Rockaways could be powered, but damage to the homes is too severe and repairs to home or an inspection must be completed before the house can be reconnected to the grid. On Long Island the bulk of these are in Island Park, Oceanside and the East Rockaway area, with smaller pockets in other south shore communities. In Nassau, 250 surveyors are out in the field, with teams of technicians and electric servicemen following closely behind to re-energize those premises that are found to be safe. Those areas include Bellmore, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Merrick, Seaford, Wantagh, Baldwin, Baldwin Harbor, East Rockaway, Island Park, Lynbrook, and Oceanside.. Detailed information about when an electrical inspection certificate is required and how to submit one is available for Nassau and Suffolk Counties and for the Rockaways.• LIPA has restored power to 19 of 21 hospitals on Long Island. Of the two remaining in the flood area, one is on back-up generation, and the other has been evacuated. PHOTO: WALL STREET JOURNAL
  23. NEW YORKSUFFOLK COUNTY: WESTCHESTER COUNTY:• WARMING CENTERS: Warming Centers will provide residents without • FATALITIES: There were three storm-related fatalities in the county, two electricity a chance to get warm, charge electronic devices, get some food. in North Salem and one on the Sprain Brook Parkway. There are numerous smaller water suppliers on generators• RED CROSS FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS: New Locations and hours. • MULTIY PURPOSE CENTER: A multi-purpose Hurricane Sandy recovery• SHELTERS: As of Friday, Nov. 9, shelters were open at St. Joseph’s College, center has opened at 198 Central Ave., White Plains. The center will Patchogue, and the Village Green Center, Park Avenue, Huntington, which is operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week until further notice. operated by Town of Huntington for Huntington residents only. Suffolk Parking fees at the County Center have been waived. The center will be County is working with the American Red Cross to transition from shelter staffed with representatives from: FEMA, Con Edison, SBA, a variety of operations to temporary housing. See link. social services agencies and The Department of Health, which will be• FUEL POLICY Drivers with license plates ending in an even number will be giving free tetanus shots to anyone involved with cleanup. See link. able to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days and drivers with license plate numbers that end in an odd number will be able to purchase fuel only • SHELTERS: As of Friday, Nov. 9 most shelters had closed, however, on odd-numbered days. See link. Muriel Morabito Community Center, Chappaqua Crossing, and the Yonkers PAL Police Athletic League remain open. See link.• SUFFOLK COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT UPDATES SCDHS advises residents NOT to include household hazardous waste (pesticides, • POWER: As of 8 a.m. Saturday, Con Ed reports 7,670 customers without oil, paint, solvents etc.) with regular trash items. Further instructions regarding power in Westchester. Con Ed estimates full restoration by Sunday, proper disposal and collection of household hazardous waste will be November 11. NYSEG reports 3 outages in Westchester. forthcoming. • PUBLIC HEALTH:• WATER QUALITY- Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) advises o The Westchester County Department of Health is advising people that the following community water supplies may not be safe for consumption: who use the Hudson River waters for recreational purposes, namely All Fire Island area community water supply systems except for Ocean Beach, swimmers, boaters, kayakers and windsurfers to avoid direct contact West Gilgo and Robert Moses State Park and Shelter Island Chalets (Advisory predated Hurricane Sandy; problems not caused by storm.) See link. with the water until further notice• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Suffolk County will collect and properly dispose of potentially hazardous common household products from flood-damaged A portion of the North Boardwalk at Rye Playland begins a slow drift into the homes in Suffolk County. Beginning on Nov. 12, people in affected homes may Long Island Sound bring household products, including solvents, paints, cleaners, oil, propane tanks, batteries, petroleum products, weed/bug killers, car batteries, bleach and ammonia, to one of four drop-off locations. In addition, starting on Nov. 12, residents of Islip, Babylon, Patchogue, Mastic Beach and Riverhead can put waste products on the curb for pickup. The drop-off and pickup locations - SEE LINK
  24. NEW YORKROCKLAND COUNTY NASSAU COUNTY:http://rocklandgov.com/index.php/storm-update/ http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/OEM/index.html• WARMING CENTERS: Warming Centers will provide residents without • WARMING CENTERS: Warming Centers will provide residents without electricity a chance to get warm, charge electronic devices, get some food. electricity a chance to get warm, charge electronic devices, get some food.• RED CROSS FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS: New Locations and hours. • RED CROSS FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS: The Red Cross has• SHELTERS: Rockland County Shelter is closed. opened a number of meal distribution centers Nassau County.• FUEL POLICY Drivers with license plates ending in an even number will be Locations are open from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to able to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days and drivers with license 6:00 p.m. Meals, water, and comfort kits will be distributed at the plate numbers that end in an odd number will be able to purchase fuel only following locations. See Link on odd-numbered days. See link. • SHELTERS: Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and the Red• RECOVERY CENTER: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be Cross have opened the following locations for residents to take opening a Disaster Recovery Center in Rockland County beginning Saturday, shelter: November 10, to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Disaster Recovery Nassau County Community Farmingdale High Glen Cove High School New Hyde Park High College School 150 Dosoris Lane School Center will be located at: Provident Bank Park, 2nd Floor Community Room 1 P Building 150 Lincoln Street Glen Cover, New York 500 Leonard Blvd 1 Education Drive Farmingdale, New York New Hyde Park, New York Provident Bank Park Drive, Pomona, NY 10970 Garden City East, New York• FUEL: Pomona, NY – Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef today • FEMA POD LOCATIONS See Link announced that he has extended the Local Emergency Order, in place since last week, which limits the sale and purchase of gasoline and diesel to 10 gallons per WATER CONSERVATION: : On October 31, a Conserve Water Order was vehicle per day, inclusive of portable fuel containers. The order excludes the issued because of impacts to the Bay Park Sewage treatment Plant. wholesale delivery of fuel to gas station retailers, all emergency vehicles, first Residents living south of the Long Island Expressway (LIE) from the Queens responders, and commercial businesses, which were the only exceptions to the order. Vanderhoef had made the decision to restrict the purchase of gasoline border to the Meadowbrook Parkway except for Cedarhurst and Lawrence after consulting with emergency officials and law enforcement are being asked to limit their water use. Additional information is available from Nassau Countys website at: http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/CountyExecutive/NewsRelease/ 2012/10-31-2012a.html
  25. NEW YORK CITY IMPACT SHELTERS• DEATH TOLL: 49 in New York City SHELTER FOR THOSE WITHOUT HEAT• POWER OUTAGES: Approximately 66, 160 (AS OF 2:30 PM, 11 NOV 2012) Cold weather in the city will continue and increases the risk of hypothermia. Anyone FOR THE LATEST UPDATES: WWW.NYC.GOV who needs heat should find warm shelter, whether at City facilities or with a friend or relative. RESPONSE Evacuation shelters remain open and as of Sunday morning, they were 2,194FOOD AND WATER DISTRIBUTION SITES: The City has opened food and water evacuees and 731 staff.distribution sites in the hardest hit areas and are staffed by City employees,volunteers, the Salvation Army and National Guard. Locations and hours: There are 6 shelters operating and two locations were those in need can seekhttp://www.nyc.gov/html/misc/html/2012/foodandwater.html. referrals to shelter sites: http://www.nyc.gov/html/misc/html/2012/hurricane_shelters.html.CANVASSINGThe City continues to coordinate canvassing operations to check on homebound The City also has opened daytime-only warming centers at senior centers in everyNew Yorkers. Volunteers have canvassed more than 15,100 apartments and reached borough :http://www.nyc.gov/html/misc/html/2012/warming_ctr.html.more than 15,000 people in NYCHA properties, rental buildings and single-familyhomes. SANITATIONPOWER CUSTOMERS OUT Total Con Ed customers without power: 27,060 SANITATION 24-HOUR DEBRIS CLEANUP CONTINUES; RECYCLING RESUMESTotal LIPA customers without power: 39,100 • Mayor Bloomberg directed the Department of Sanitation to adjust collections schedule so that 24-hour cleanup could continue in the hard-hit areas ofMOBILE MEDICAL TEAMS FOR FAR ROCKAWAY AND CONEY ISLAND Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn.The City has deployed mobile medical teams consisting of a paramedic and member • Areas normally receiving three times a week collection may only receive twoof the National Guard to the Far Rockaways and Coney Island. The teams will go collections per week, while areas that receive two times per week collectiondoor-to-door in tall residential buildings from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to: may only receive one collection while the emergency debris removal work• Ensure residents medical needs are met continues.• Conduct medical assessments to determine if residents are safe • Recycling resumed today, Sunday, November 11.• Connect residents with prescription medications • Recycling collections on Sunday have begun with regularly scheduled Saturday• If needed, take residents to a field clinic or hospital for medical care recycling. Regularly scheduled Monday recycling will be picked up on Monday, November 12, even though the day was originally scheduled as a holiday inMOBILE MEDICAL VANS WITH PRESCRIPTION SERVICES observance of Veterans Day.The City has deployed vans staffed with primary care providers who will be able to • 728 pieces of sanitation equipment are working on debris removal, includingprovide medical care and distribute commonly prescribed drugs at several locations 270 trucks, 234 mechanical broom, 114 front end loaders and 110 cut downin the Rockaways, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Volunteers are also going door-to- dump trucks.door to reach people who may have medical needs but remain in their homes • Sanitation crews have collected more than 225,000 tons of trash, debris andwithout heat and power. The location and hours are available tree as a part of storm cleanup operations.here:http://www.nyc.gov/html/misc/html/2012/medical_vans.html. • The heavily-impacted areas will continue to receive collection and debris removal around the clock.