Altmetric opportunities for libraries 2:AM Conference 2015


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Just over five years ago the concept of altmetrics was minted. For libraries and librarians this has brought a new plethora of opportunities. In the first place there is the traditional extension role. Outreach opportunities on the subject of altmetrics are manyfold, and librarians could seize the opportunity to become the general information source on altmetrics within their institution. The second area of involvement is the collection and aggregation of altmetric indicators, from single publication to collections of papers on subjects or scientists, departments, faculties or the university as whole. It goes without saying that collecting the indicators is coupled to interpretation and explanation as well. The third component of the altmetric opportunities for libraries are what I call then groundwork. Preparation of the institution's output in such a way that altmetric indicators are easily collected. This means that we should assist researches wherever possible with obtaining their ORCiD and making sure that all output in electronic form has persistent identifiers, this is especially true for the grey literature of the university. Think of all the e-theses, working documents, report series and data sets. Collaboration with printing offices et cetera to organize the issue of DOI's are therefore essential. Having permanent identifiers for these publication will improve their dissemination, increase the citability of those publications, and make it more easy to demonstrate their impact. We should avoid the trap of collecting altmetric indicators of only peer reviewed journal articles since they come easy to use. The ultimate challenge for libraries is to collect altmetric indicators for all output of the university, as managers of the institutional bibliography, libraries are well places to play a pivotal role in the altmetric landscape.

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Altmetric opportunities for libraries 2:AM Conference 2015

  2. 2. CONTENTS • The Library as the natural place for Altmetrics Major library roles • Outreach • Collecting • Groundwork 2 Altmetric opportunities for libraries This presentation is available at Under CC-BY 4.0
  3. 3. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 3 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  4. 4. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 4 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  5. 5. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 5 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  6. 6. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 6 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  7. 7. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 7 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  8. 8. WHERE RESEARCHERS COME ACROSS ALTMETRICS 8 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  10. 10. LIBRARY OUTREACH : WHAT ARE ALTMETRICS • Know the subject of Altmetrics • Start small, gain experience • Altmetrics ≠ twitter mentions, facebook likes • But the connection to social networks is important to make • For researchers their publication list is their fundamental social network • Share your presentations and experience, they are the ticket for your subsequent presentation 10 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  11. 11. COLLECTING ALTMETRICS 11 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  12. 12. INTEGRATION WITH THE CRIS Current Research Information System • One of the important source systems at the campus, specialized in collecting publication information • Closely integrated with the institutional repository • Leave out the C Institutional Bibliography 12 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  13. 13. INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY Collecting publication information • Collecting for the sake of collecting, has no purpose • Collecting for reporting only, has no purpose The fun part is in the analysis • Bibliometrics • Altmetrics • Collaboration analysis • Collection analysis • Visualizations 13 Titel in voettekst, aanpassen via Voettekst aanpassen, tab VU
  14. 14. COLLECTING AND ANALYZING Librarians need new skill sets Get your CRIS in good shape For the analytics, there are commercial providers Bibliometrics: InCites, SciVal in NL: CWTS monitor Altmetrics: 14 Titel in voettekst, aanpassen via Voettekst aanpassen, tab VU
  15. 15. COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION OF OUTPUT 15 Altmetric opportunities for libraries Scholarly publications Peer reviewed articles 5347 Non-refereed articles 146 Books 100 Book sections 666 PhD Theses 383 Conference contributions 414 Professional publications Articles 584 Books 36 Book sections 109 Annotations 144 Conference contributions 33 Reports 261 Popular publications Books 12 Book sections 33 Magazine article 253
  16. 16. PREPARE THE UNIVERSITY OUTPUT FOR METRICS • Support researchers with their ORCiD • Assign permanent, citable, identifiers to grey output • Theses • Working papers • Reports • Conference contributions DOI is the only realistic option 16 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  17. 17. 2 WARNINGS • Don’t collect metrics for peer reviewed articles only • Don’t concentrate on the best predictor for citations But Have a basket full of metrics, to let them tell stories about their research 17 Altmetric opportunities for libraries
  18. 18. Universiteitsbibliotheek VU THANK YOU ! University Library Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam18 Altmetric opportunities for libraries