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Online Spaghetti Demystified - untangling the role of visual communication in online marketing

It is time to take visual communication more seriously: 83% of learning occurs visually, we remember 80% of what we see and just 10% of what we hear, and 67% of people find visual communication more persuasive. Visual communication plugs straight into the brain’s emotional centers to switch on all kinds of beneficial light bulbs.
This presentation looks at how visual communication can be utilized to create more effective marketing and sales content.

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Online Spaghetti Demystified - untangling the role of visual communication in online marketing

  1. Online Spaghetti Demystified - untangling therole of visual communication in online marketing.
  2. For businesses THE WEB can sometimes beas confusing as spaghetti in a washingmachine.
  3. Business is supposed to be really a simpleprocess:• Identify a pressing need
  4. • Get people to buy into your solution
  5. • Make a profit from it.
  6. Let’s start with the buying process:
  7. The main purpose of your WEBSITE is to convincepeople to buy from you…
  8. and not your competition.
  9. However, you will not be effective at convincinganyone if you just shove a brochure in their face asmost sites do.
  10. If your site is going to SELL it needs to conduct apersonal, meaningful and convincingconversation with visitors…
  11. …just like a top SALESPERSON woulddo.
  12. The best way to do this is to focus onSELLING SOLUTIONS:
  13. • First you need to identify the visitor’sparticular PROBLEM.
  14. • Then enlighten the visitor about theIMPACT of that problem.
  15. • And follow up with the SOLUTION youhave to that problem.
  16. As you’ve got very little time to get them to takeaction, you need to use visual-driven content toget your message through.
  17. This is proven to be as much as 30x moreengaging than using text alone.
  18. Now they’re interested in your solutionyou want to guide visitors through yoursales funnel of awareness,consideration, preference and sales.
  19. Your website as a sales tool, should provide high-value content to address four basic decision-making needs:• People want to understand the solution youoffer.• They want proof that the solution works.• They want to trust you can deliver on yourpromise.• And they want to feel good about dealing withyou.
  20. To fulfill these needs you should use:• InfoGraphics, animation, video and blogs tohelp them understand• white papers and case studies to prove thepoint• testimonials and references to build trust• and the feel good factor comes from yourbrand look & feel, easy access toinformation and the quality of presentation.
  21. Information overloaded visitors should have apersonalised journey through the salesfunnel, finding the information they needquickly and easily.
  22. Create high-quality, visual content for leadconversion and repurpose this for leadgeneration content.
  23. Get more mileage out of your visual content bydistributing it across as many channels as possible:• Your video and animation are uploaded to portalssuch as YouTube and Vimeo.• You repackage the video assets into an InfoGraphicthat is uploaded to image-sharing sites such asPinteres, Behance and Tumbler.• Those same assets go into a slide presentation thatis uploaded to sites such as SlideShare andPinterest.• And get even more mileage by repurposing it asconversation starting images for Facebook, Twitter,and Google+, LinkedIn and guest blogs.
  24. Attract additional awareness byrunning paid advertising campaignson Google AdWords, LinkedIn andFacebook. Set up some PRcampaigns for this purpose. It is upto you to start the conversations.
  25. The purpose of all this lead generation activity isto attract traffic back to your website as well asyour social media communities such as LinkedIn,Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  26. Engage with your followers on socialmedia communities on a regular basis bysharing valuable and relevant informationand encouraging them to engage with andshare those conversations.
  27. If done correctly the effectiveness of yourlead generation activities will cause astampede of traffic to the website.
  28. As your website is already focused onselling it will convert a good percentageof those to sales.
  29. Through all this you should measure and analyseimpact and content performance to optimize allaspects of your marketing and benchmark your onlinepresence against competitors.
  30. We hope this goes some way to untangling theinterlinked strands of spaghetti that are thewonderful opportunities you have to createsuccess for your business online.
  31. Brought to you by WAKSTERMasters of Visual CommunicationLiked this presentation?We can do the same for you!