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Why ask a life coach for help?


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This presentation is to demonstrate to coaches the power of using characters and stories to create more engaging presentations to communicate your core message.

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Why ask a life coach for help?

  1. Why ask a Life Coach for help?
  2. Life offers you endless opportunities to set and achieve your goals.
  3. Your experiences place certain attitudes - ways of thinking - in your thought landscape. Fear, Beliefs, Doubts, Hope …
  4. These perceptions have a major influence on what options you have available and therefore what kind of life experiences you have.
  5. When you set yourself a goal you create a mental destination you want to get to.
  6. However, your chance of arriving at that destination is largely determined by your ability to navigate your unique mental landscape.
  7. One of the biggest challenges you face is that you often can’t see the true layout of the landscape.
  8. You don’t always know which route to take and how to circumnavigate obstructive ideas.
  9. That is why you need others to help you get a different perspective.
  10. It is YOUR mental landscape. You build it - you walk it - you live it.
  11. But with the right kind of guidance you stand a better chance of finding that special route to your goal.
  12. A life coach can help you reach your goal.
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