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Your health rights


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Know your health rights

Published in: Education
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Your health rights

  1. 1. Your Health Rights The UN Conventions says: People with a disability have the same right to a good health service as anyone else
  2. 2. Your Health Rights Has this ever happened to you?
  3. 3. Your Health Rights What can you do if your doctor talks to other people and not YOU? Talk to me!!!!
  4. 4. • Choose your own doctor. • Change doctors. • See your doctor alone. • Choose what happens to your body. • Be included in all decisions about your body. Your Health Rights You have the right to:
  5. 5. Your Health Rights If you want to make a complaint about a doctor, hospital or health service contact Health Direct . . . Email: Phone: 02 9263 9000 - (business hours only) Website: