Trident 360 Integrated Marketing campaign


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Brief - Wrigley covers 80% of UK gum market and challenge is to conquered Trident Gum highest market share in UK.

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  • Whatthevaluesstandsfor?
  • Whatthevaluesstandsfor?
  • Whatthevaluesstandsfor?
  • Trident 360 Integrated Marketing campaign

    1. 1. Dissertation TridentIntegrated Marketing CampaignUniversity of Bedfordshire Luton I 24th September 2010
    2. 2. Agenda Trident • Background • Situation Analysis • Strategy and Objectives • Big Idea and Target Audience • Operations • Schedule • Budget • Evaluation • Vision of the future 2
    3. 3. TASK 3
    6. 6. BACKGROUND 6
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. ‘I like the way all the bits of gum are lined ‘The pack is cool, it up, it makes it feel a little bit special’really jumps out at you’ ‘I like the writing on the pack, its funny and pretty random’ 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Trident chosepleasureas its brandpositioning. 12
    13. 13. 13Source:
    14. 14. PHILOSOPHY ‘Enjoy the long-lasting flavours of Trident.’ ‘Smile and laugh.’ 14Source:
    15. 15. VALUES Joy Pleasure Excitement Taste 15Source:
    16. 16. CURRENT ASSORTMENT ARCHITECTURE PeppermintStrawberrySpearmintTropical Twist FLAVOURS •Peppermint • Strawberry • Spearmint PeppermintSplashStrawberrySplashSpearmintSplash • Tropical Twist Trident Splash: high uniqueness and exciting sensation Trident Soft: long-lasting flavours via its soft chew formulation and texture 16Source:
    17. 17. CURRENT ASSORTMENT ARCHITECTURE PeppermintStrawberrySpearmintTropical Twist FLAVOURS •Peppermint • Strawberry • Spearmint PeppermintSplashStrawberrySplashSpearmintSplash • Tropical Twist Trident Splash: high uniqueness and exciting sensation Trident Soft: long-lasting flavours via its soft chew formulation and texture 17Source:
    19. 19. 19Source:
    20. 20. WRIGLEY • Wrigley remains the world’s largest gum manufacturer and stands out in the market as category leader with a total market share of 83 percent in the UK • Wrigley, as quasi-monopolist, virtually formed its own categories • Wrigley’s Extra has become the most recognised chewing gum in the market 20Source:
    21. 21. • Extra is the most valuable brand within the Wrigley product portfolio and had sales of £153.9m in 2009, while its Airwaves variant was worth £30.9m • With the introduction of 5, Wrigley launched a new sophisticated, stylish and adult feeling product; targeting teens and young adults 21Source:
    22. 22. In comparison: • Trident had sales of £19.1m in 2009 and holds 15 percent market share in the UK • Since the UK launch of Trident (2007) sales plummeted from £26.2m in 2008 to £19.1m in 2009 22Source:
    24. 24. 24Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    25. 25. Mints and chewing gum are aimed at the same targets Consumers tend to choose gum for its functional uses: refreshment and breath freshening A number of mint products now target the breath- freshening and oral health care market; sugar-free ranges offer a healthier option 25Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    26. 26. 26Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    27. 27. INSIGHT HUNTING 27
    29. 29. √ √ √ Healthy living Newlifestyle DIY Mentality Family & Friends 29Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010/ TouchPoints3 Experience 2010
    30. 30. COMMUNICATION SOCIETY Society is more demanding MEDIA CONSUMER 30
    31. 31. Men and women consume chewing gum and mints nearly similarly Consumption by sex in percent Chewing gum; Mints 61.3 54.6 47.4 44.3 Women Men 31Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    32. 32. Consumption by age in percent Chewing gum; Mints 75.9 58.5 63.3 16.4 15-19 20-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Mints users tend to have an older age profile in comparison to chewing gum 32Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    33. 33. BENEFITS OF CHEWING GUM: INTERNAL Gums… • releasenervous energy and provide an outlet for frustration and irritation • helpto focus and concentrate • helpto ease stress, tension and to improve mood • increaseblood flow to the brain, influence brain activity positively 33Source:
    34. 34. In today’s world of multi-tasking, lack of concentration and increased stress are challenges that most people face People chew gum to relieve boredom and tension, refreshment and breath freshening 34Source: FRC Research Corporation/ 2006
    35. 35. ‘Chewing gum is a great way to help me to feel more relaxed.’ 28% 15% Teens Adults I need to relax after a busy day to get new energy and ideas. 35Source: FRC Research Corporation/ 2006
    36. 36. ‘When I am tense or excited, chewing gum helps calm down’ 26% 15% Teens Adults I like challenges and experiencing new things. 36Source: FRC Research Corporation/ 2006
    37. 37. BENEFITS OF CHEWING GUM: EXTERNAL Gums… • promotehealthy teeth • helpto reduce the risk of dental caries • helpto reduce plaque • strengthen teeth • providesfresh breath 37Source:
    38. 38. Consumers choose their gum in less than eight seconds, highlighting the impulsive nature of this product and the importance of loyalty to specific brands and flavours. Consumer buy what they usually know or what catches their eye at the counter. 38Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    39. 39. Consumers choose their gum in less than eight seconds, highlighting the impulsive nature of this product and the importance of loyalty to specific brands and flavours. Consumer buy what they usually know or what catches their eye at the counter. 39Source: Key Note Confectionery 2010
    40. 40. COMMUNICATION SOCIETY Society is more demanding MEDIA CONSUMER People need orientation 40
    41. 41. Different age groups prefer different media 15-24 25-44 45+ 41Source: TouchPoints3 Experience 2010
    42. 42. Daily media consumption in percent 1 4 19 TV 50 Radio Internet 26 Newspaper Magazine 42Source: TouchPoints3 Experience 2010
    43. 43. TV reaches most people is the most used media, however, out-of-home has a similar reach. 43Source: TouchPoints3 Experience 2010
    44. 44. COMMUNICATION SOCIETY Society is more demanding MARKETING CONSUMER TV is main media People need orientation 44
    45. 45. 45Source:Innova Market Insights 2009
    46. 46. Promoting the health aspect dominates the communication Positioning in percent Heath (Passive) 3 8 Heath (Active) 7 9 Age 54 Convenience 19 Pleasure Others 46Source:Innova Market Insights 2009
    47. 47. Promoting the health aspect dominates the communication Positioning in percent Heath (Passive) 3 8 Heath (Active) 7 9 Age 54 Convenience 19 Pleasure Others 47Source:Innova Market Insights 2009
    48. 48. ‘Keep your mouth extra clean’ ‘Help to fight the plaque you can’tsee’ 48
    49. 49. ‘Stimulate your Senses’ ‘Kick up a Gear’Communicate Lifestyle. For people who like cutting-edge lifestyle products and the ultimate experience. 49
    50. 50. ‘The original Fruit Gum’ ‘It’s Fun believablebubble’ ‘Doublethe Fun’ 50
    51. 51. COMMUNICATION SOCIETYCommunication satisfiesdifferent needs and wants Society is more demanding Society is more demanding MARKETING CONSUMER TV is main media People need orientation 51
    52. 52. To Sum Up √ √ √ Demand for Too many sugar People are products Health aspect free, healthy more crossing dominates the products sophisticated consumer’s way marketing 52
    53. 53. THE PROBLEMThe market is highly competitive and not just Wrigley can be seen ascompetitor, also the mint category must be taken notice ofWrigley, as category leader, covers every single need with its productportfolio in the gum market and constitutes Trident’s biggest competitorTrident’s positioning as a ‘pleasurable gum’ is unique indeed, but doesnot cover consumers’ needs and wantsTrident’s positioning over flavour and taste covers just 10 percent ofthe market and is therefore not strong enough to compete againstWrigley’s product portfolio, as the main potential can be found in thefunctional category 53
    54. 54. What does that mean for Trident 54
    55. 55. Trident’s currentpositioning does not follow the THAT’S WHY…large majority of the market. 55
    57. 57. STRATEGY 57
    58. 58. STEP 1: Re-launch the brand’s product range 58
    59. 59. Chewing Gum BenefitsSource: Group Nymphenburg 59
    60. 60. Chewing Gum Benefits Traditionally, chewing gum benefits can be found in two ‘benefit areas’. On the one hand, gums offer functional benefits, i.e. they whiten your teeth, freshen your breath or offer general oral care. The functional sector covers 73 percent of the overall market. On the other hand, gums also offer fun/ pleasure benefits. The chewing experience takes centre stage. To name a few, tropical flavours or the easy use are typical ‘fun benefits’.Source: Group Nymphenburg 60
    61. 61. Trident’s Current PositioningSource: Group Nymphenburg 61
    62. 62. Trident’s Current Positioning Currently, the Trident brand is positioned in the fun/ pleasure category and does not cover the functional sector. The package design, the latest marketing activities, the claim ‘pleasurable chew’ as well as the flavours support this positioning.Source: Group Nymphenburg 62
    63. 63. In order to cover the whole gum market and tocompete against Wrigley it is necessary for Trident to be onthe spot in both ‘benefit areas’To achieve this goal, Trident needs to set foot in thefunctional categoryAs a consequence, the functional category that alreadyexists in the US will be launched in the UK 63
    64. 64. Launch of Trident White and Xtra Care in the UK In order to become a serious competitor, the launch of functional gums in the UK is an absolute necessity for Trident Trident White and Xtra Care enable the brand to target the functional gum category Trident’s ‘fun product portfolio’ is already quite successful in the UK, therefore there is no need for modification (Würde das andersformulierenoderrauslassen, oderwarumsonstmachenwireinenrelaunchwen nalles super ist?, könntenenangriffspunktsein) 64
    65. 65. Trident goes into the functional categorySource: Group Nymphenburg 65
    66. 66. Trident goes into the functional categorySource: Group Nymphenburg 66
    67. 67. STEP 2: Re-position the brand 67
    68. 68. In order to differentiate the Trident brand from its maincompetitor a new positioning is necessary that goesbeyond traditional chewing gum benefitsThe new brand positioning will span over the wholeproduct portfolio, i.e.over the fun and functionalcategory, and will concurrently exploit a gap in themarketThe positioning will be linked to the overall brandand not to particular products 68
    69. 69. Trident’s New PositioningSource: Group Nymphenburg 69
    70. 70. 70
    71. 71. ‘Achieve Your Little Goals’The new Trident positioning will be established and communicated inorder to position the brand and occupy a distinct position in theminds of consumersThe positioning is based on the well-known fact that chewingstimulates brain activity and helps to improve concentration andcreativity, plus the factor that it takes care of the consumer’s teethBoth categories will be communicated under this new positioningThe campaign aims at establishing the Trident brand and notparticular products in the consumers’ choice set 71
    72. 72. SimonPositioning StatementTrident…. 72
    73. 73. NEW VALUESIndividualityAspirationCarefreeFlavour 73
    74. 74. NEW VALUESIndividuality Just like its consumers the Trident brand is far awayfrom stereotypes or clichés. The brand has its own character traitsand goes its own, individual way.Aspiration Trident sets its sight high. It is about bringing the bestout of the brand and offering consumers the best products possible.CarefreeJust like its products, Trident, on the one hand, putemphasis on taking care. On the other hand, the brand alsoembodies a carefree life, full of spontaneity and fun.FlavourWith its long lasting flavours, Trident provides its consumersan incredible taste experience and flavours that appeal to allsenses. 74
    76. 76. Business ObjectivesKey goals:• Compete against Wrigley and establish Trident as a serious competitor• Successfully re-launch and re-position the brand• Successfully introduce a full product portfolio• Occupy a strong position in the market• Adapt a promising course for the future 76
    77. 77. Marketing Objectives* • Increase annual sales by 32 percent within two years (CAGR of 15 percent; 10 percent attributed to the functional category, 5 percent to the fun category) • Gain market share in the functional category of 5 percent in 2012 • Slightly increase market share in the fun category (+ 10 percent) by 2012 • Permanently establish Trident as the No. 2 gum brand • Increase general awareness of the Trident brand among the target audience by 30 percent in 2011* UK 77
    78. 78. Marketing Communications ObjectivesCommunication should affect the mind of current and potentialconsumers in the following ways:• Make people aware of the re-launched Trident brand• Create awareness for and make consumers interested in Trident• Determine Trident as the gum brand to choose and distinctively position in the consumers’ minds• Reinforce the Trident brand image• Make consumers understand what the new Trident is all about 78
    79. 79. Overall Campaign ObjectivesDecisionChoice setConsideration setAwareness setTotal set 79
    80. 80. Overall Campaign ObjectivesDecisionChoice setThe campaign is aimed at creating awareness for the new Trident brand. In the long term, consumers shall consider Trident a good alternative toConsideration set Wrigley and finally think of Trident as their first choice.Awareness setTotal set 80
    82. 82. It isn’t the big pleasures thatcount the most;It’s making a great deal out ofthe little things. - Jean Webster - 82
    83. 83. Success and happiness in life is foundedupon attention to the small things,i.e. those every day things andchallenges that are nearest to us. 83
    84. 84. Life’s Little ChallengesLife is full of little challenges one is facing every dayIt is not about life and death. Not meeting these challenges is not the endof the world, however, a success results in a moment of personalhappiness and satisfactionA moment of clarity, i.e. the ‘light bulb moment’, that illuminates the mindplays a decisive role‘Light bulb moments’ are precious. They can happen at any age, any timeand they come and go. ‘Light bulb moments’ always lead to one thing:change 84
    85. 85. The Light Bulb Moment…is about achieving an idea and asudden boost of inspiration 85
    86. 86. The Light Bulb Moment… provides extra energy and creativity andleads to the ‘final answer’ or the ‘missing piece’ 86
    87. 87. The Light Bulb Moment… describes the moment where one is justone ‘click‘ away from discovering something new 87
    88. 88. The Light Bulb Moment… opens new paths and guides into newdirections 88
    89. 89. The Light Bulb Moment… embodies an individual ‘moment ofgenius’ and is particularly for the person concerned of special meaning 89
    90. 90. The Light Bulb Moment… is the moment when the clarity of thoughtbecomes so intense that one realises that something ‘special’ is possible 90
    91. 91. The light bulb moment embodiesa little bit of magicsince it comes out of the blue,unexpected and surprisingly. 91
    92. 92. BIG IDEA 92
    93. 93. Tick… Tick… Click!Discover Your Trident Moment 93
    94. 94. Tick… Tick… Click!Is directly related to the fact that chewing gum stimulates brain activityand expresses it in a modern way as well as is actively connected to theTrident brandReflects a typical situation everybody is facing all the timeIs about a process of thinking where people try to solve a problem, even iflittle, followed by a moment of enlightenment, i.e. the light bulb momentThe sub-slogan ‘Discover Your Trident Moment’ additionally supports thiswhile helping to establish the brand’s new brand positioning 94
    95. 95. The light Problem Thinking bulb Personaloccurrence process moment satisfactionTick… Tick… Click! Discover Your Moment 95
    96. 96. Trident helps to get over life’s little challengesTrident gum will be portrayed as the ‘little helper’ that helps to clear life’slittle hurdlesIt is not only about increasing concentration and striking on an idea. It isabout discovering a personal moment of happiness and satisfaction, i.e.‘Your Trident moment’The campaign’s message will be conveyed in a humorous way. Situationswill be shown where normal people discover their individual and perfectsolution to typical challenges of everyday life 96
    97. 97. Everyday challenges of: Caitlin & Andrew & The Crew Julie The College The Clique Anderson 97
    98. 98. OPERATIONS 98
    99. 99. TV Print Ambient MediaPOP Online Out of Home SalesPR Sponsorship Promotion 99
    100. 100. Media choiceBy using a variety of communication tools the campaign seeks to addressthe whole range of potential consumers, old or youngMass media will ensure that the re-launched brand will generally find asympathetic ear and a maximum amount of attentionMore targeted media will guarantee that Trident permanently occupies animportant place in the consumers choiceOne comes across life’s little challenges anytime and anywhere. Hence, itis always time for a ‘Trident moment’. What matters is that the campaignmessage and the new Trident brand reaches the ‘right’ consumers 100
    101. 101. Not sureif Ann meine m pfeilen, hab e beim zweiMedia choice Sponsorship begriffen PR meinst..aberi gut, vielleic Online man d Sales Promotion nenbissloffen Out of Home machen, wenn Awareness Consideratio Decision ega Choice SetTotal set Set n Set -Awareness- -Interest- -Desire- -Purchase- TV Point of Purchase AmbientIn order to equally target potential consumers as well as existing consumers andto take account of the buying decision making process the media mix is geared tocover all stages of this process. 101
    102. 102. Integration across all media guarantees aconsistent look and feel and a consistent brand experience across all brand touch points.In addition, synergy between various marketing disciplines can be created. 102
    103. 103. The CampaignThe campaign uses everyday situations to suggest an everydaychallenge, but the outcome is always something humorous andunexpected.It works because the idea or the ‘Click moment’ works for that individualbut might not work to anyone else (Sounds a bit funny, would change thesentence)The positioning somehow needs to relate to both categories, i.e. the funand the functional category‘Function’ will be communicated by suggesting that Trident helps theconsumer to reach his/her ‘Click moment’The campaign will incorporated ‘fun’ by the use of humour with theadvertsThe ‘Click moment’ is always unique and personal for the characterswithin the adverts. Therefore the outcome shows a glimpse of theirhumour and character 103
    104. 104. TV commercial – 15 secTV spots on major TV channels will help to introduce the new Tridentbrand and to easily convey the campaign messageSix TV commercials, i.e. six different scenarios, will be produced. All ofthem will show typical challenges of everyday life. Each scenario will betargeted at a specific age group. The ‘Trident Moment’, i.e. the characters’individual solution to their challenge, will take centre stageTV spots will also be shown on the ‘Your Trident Moments’ YouTubechannel, the Facebook page and the Trident website 104
    105. 105. TV commercial – ‘Greg‘ just to giveoneexampleGreg is sitting in front of three people in an interview. One of the interviewers askshim…‘So what would you The next few sec. Tick… Tick… Click! Greg’s funny idea is to takeconsider your Greg is struggling to word strength a little bit literally and pulls of hisgreatest strength?’ find the right answer shirt to flex his muscles. The interviewers look as he knows it impresses and burst out laughing. This is Greg’s needs needs to be Trident moment, his unique way of leaving an unique to impress impression. the bossesThe last thing you see is the Trident logo and a voice over saying ‘Discover Your TridentMoment’ 105
    106. 106. A serious examination of the myth of TV viewing (WARC – MarketLeader,2010)
    107. 107. Social Grade for targeting the right and reliable TA for Tridentcampaign as per TV channels we will select. This are the Top 5 best channel across UK with millions of viewer
    108. 108. Do we need to The mentionTV ishows specifically Best But think shows? of top 5 TV channel with millions will b reliable and viewers I don’t know can we place our effectful advert in BBC 1 & 2 have best showTV Channel Shows Time (Mon – Fri) Viewer (000)’BBC One East Enders 20:00 9283BBC One What Do You Think 21:00 5972 what you are?BBC One 10’0 News 22:00 4950Channel 4 Big Brother 22:35 3042BBC Two Top Gear 21:31 (sun) 5089BBC Two Athletes 18:04 3624BBC Two Dragon Den 21:02 3022FIVE CSI MIAMI 21:02 2624FIVE Neighbours 17:30 1452Five Film 21:35 1351 BARB, 2010
    109. 109. Print adsMagazine and newspaper ads will provide the opportunity to reach a massaudience and to effectively deliver the campaign messageAds in nationwide newspapers will support the Tick… tick… Click!campaign at the beginning of the campaignLater, advertisements will run in more targeted weekly and monthlymagazinesPrint ads will deliver a clear understanding of Trident’s new positioningand will, amongst others, run in the following newspapers and magazinesare: 109
    110. 110. Print MagazineTop Trident TA Resonance for considering best among others with the qualitybuying content and generating higher revenue from advertsbehaviour magTop Gear UK highest selling CAR magazineVogue Lifestyle MagazineTV Choice One of the highest selling TV magazine Y-O-YMen’s Health Men’s best magazineVanity Fair Specially mean Hollywood fans and Women’s lifestyle, fashionELLE Women’s highest purchasing magCosmopolitan Lifestyle and everything stuffFHM Sexy, fun, gadgets, sports and extra Audit Bureau Circulation (ABC) report card, 2010
    111. 111. National Morning Quality content Newspaper circulation• Daily Telegraph 678,391• Financial Times 378,497• The Guardian 277,246• The Independent 183,975• The Scotsman 42,850• The Times 502,588Average circulation 2,115,729 Source: ABC, 2010
    112. 112. 112
    113. 113. Out-of-HomeOut-of-Home activities present further brand touch points and ensure thatthe new Trident message will be adequately deliveredFor this purpose, billboards and posters will be put into use in crowdedareas around major UK cities as well as in the London undergroundOut-of-Home advertising will help to grab the public’s attention and toconvey the campaign message outdoorsJust like print ads, billboards and poster will show typical scenarios of day-to-day life‘Light bulb moments’ can occur anywhere and anytime. Hence, the focusis on highly frequented areas in order to effectively convey the campaignmessage 113
    114. 114. 114
    115. 115. 115
    116. 116. OnlineOnline activities offer the opportunity to cost effectively spread the newTrident message, to reinvigorate the brand and to create a dynamic, one-to-one dialogue with current and potential consumersAll online activities will be matched in a way that they strengthen the Tridentbrand as they constitute an interactive and experiential brand touch pointThe Trident website and Facebook page will be updated and matched to thelook and feel of the campaignA YouTube channel (‘Your Trident Moments’) will be launched. Therebycustomers will be actively involved by showing/ uploading their own ‘Tridentmoments’Online banners supplementary support the campaign 116
    117. 117. Trident Website 117
    118. 118. Online Banners 118
    119. 119. ‘Your Trident moment’ YouTube Channel 119
    120. 120. Sales Promotion / Point-of-Purchase (POP)Sales Promotion (SP) and POP activities will be used in order to affect thelater stages of the customers’ buying process and thereby generate trialsor increase usageSP, a cost-effective, below-the-line tool, will be applied in the form of acompetition. Prizes can be won that are related to the Trident theme, e.g.trips to discover some of the greatest light bulb moments in the history ofmankind (e.g. the Louvre in Paris) or ‘Snap Lamps’ (sound sensitivelamps that can be switched on by snapping the fingers)The importance of the POP, with regard to low-involvement FMCG inparticular, will be taken into account. Displays at the checkout counter orin the aisles will be matched to the look and feel of the campaign in orderto ensure consistency and the achievement of the campaign’s objectives 120
    121. 121. 121
    122. 122. Ambient Media – The ‘Click Tunnel’Ambient media is used, in conjunction with the marketing mix, in order toeffectively push the brand message in a highly interactive and exiting wayThe ambient media activity will create a ‘buzz’ while generating publicity inthe form of PR to gain comprehensive media coveragePedestrians will enter the ‘Click Tunnel’ at 2min intervals. As they walk thetunnel will be dark, but as they click their fingers lights will turn on. Posterscontaining short audio text will then play. The text and imagery will be thoseof great inventors, scientists, artists and so on that have on thing incommon: they all had at least one great ‘Click moment’The ‘Click Tunnel’ will be presented in major cities. It allows Trident tointeract with consumers. The tunnel will enable them to discover thegreatest ‘Click moments’ of mankind while making them curious about thenew campaign 122
    123. 123. 123
    124. 124. 124
    125. 125. SponsorshipSponsorship of‘Good Ideas Salon’will help to achieve Trident’scommunications objectivesThe event looks to reward candidates for progressive thinkingSponsorship activities will increase awareness and enhance the image ofthe new Trident brand. In addition, it will engage the target audience in arelaxed atmosphere of goodwill and also create a dialogue with themThe sponsorship of‘Good Ideas Salon’will help to rebuild and repositionthe Trident brand image through the associations of the actual event. Inaddition, there is a firm link between the theme of the event, Trident’s newpositioning and the ‘light bulb moment’The sponsorship also enables sampling activities 125
    126. 126. 126
    127. 127. PR Press releases should include in no more than onePR activities will help to create an environment inthe five it is easier to to two pages which Ws and an H:
WHO ismarket the new Trident brand involved 
WHAT happened 
WHEN did it happen 
WHERE did it happen 
WHY or HOW did it happen.Press releases about the Ambient Media activities/ publicity stunts as wellas about the sponsorship will be distributed to the right editors at the righttime in order to support the overall campaign objectivesPR activities, first and foremost, will be used to credibly and cost-effectively raise visibility for the re-launched Trident brand and motto(corporate PR) 127
    128. 128. SCHEDULE 128
    129. 129. Time schedule - Time period: September 2010 – August 2011Press releases send out in August to inform the press, media, retail about the newcampaign and Trident’s product re-launch start in September 2010Campaign kick-off start in September with TV commercial (15 sec) and reminder (5sec), as TV is different from all other media in that it demands visual presentation andcan deliver a strong emotional message to the mass audience.Print in magazines, out-of-home media, online activities and sales promotion willsupport the campaign.The POP will used to attract the customers over the whole campaign period via newpackaging, displays and instore promotions 129
    130. 130. Time schedule* Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 TV XXX XXX XXX X X X Print XX XXX XX XX XXX XXX X X X Out-of-home XX XX XX XX XXX XXX Ambient X X Online X Sales Promotion XXX XXX XX XX XXX XXX X X X X POP XXX XXX XXX XXX X X X X PR XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX Sponsorship X X X X X X X X X X X X XXX XXX XX XX XXX XXX X X X X XXX X* Thereis a detailedschedule in theappendix 130
    131. 131. BUDGET 131
    132. 132. Field Position TotalTV 15 sec £ 2,430,000 £ 368,000POP/ Sales Promotion Supermarket and Bars £ 1,190,760Out-of-home + Ambient Billboards, Banner £ 643,800Online Websites and widgetsMobile i-Phone appl £ 10,000 £ 50,000PR PR press releaseSponsorship Good Idea Salon £ 1,523,000Cinema 15 sec spots £ 272,500Print Magazine + Newspaper £ 680,833 £ 7,168,893 £ 1,792,224 £ 8,961,117 Including 25% agency fee, production* There is a detailed budget plan in the appendix 132
    133. 133. Budget allocation 0.5% 7% TV Cinema 22% 44% Print Online Out-of-home 12% Mobile POP 10% 5% 133
    134. 134. EVALUATION 134
    135. 135. EvaluationBusiness ObjectivesAnalysis of brand awareness/Direct opinion measurement/ Image studyFeedback from customer satisfaction surveyMarketing ObjectivesSales analysis/ CRM/ Quantitative research (e.g. questionnaire analysis)Cash flow statementsMarket share analysis/ Feedback from customer satisfaction surveyAnalysis of brand awareness/Direct opinion measurement/ Image studyMarketing Communication ObjectivesFeedback from customer satisfaction surveyBrand awareness analysis/ CRM/ Post-testing (e.g. recall-tests / advertisingawareness tests)/ Quantitative research (e.g. attitude scales) 135
    136. 136. Thank You