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IMC - Happydent Gum Campaigns PPT

  1. 1. Happydent GumGroup - 7 “Muskura Le Jagmaga Le” - Since 1970
  2. 2. Introduction • Popular traditional confectionary item • Made of Chicle, a natural latex product • Per-capita consumption in India – 8 per year • Indian chewing gum market is estimated to be about 1000 Crore • It comes under the category of Impulse Purchase • Has been helping in Health Awareness • Huge potential in Indian Market
  3. 3. Perfetti Van Melle India • Perfetti Van Melle was established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti S.p.A and Van Melle NV • Started Indian operation in 1994 with Centre Fresh brand • More than 15 brands. Ex. Alpenliebe, Mentos etc. • Manufacturing units in Gurgaon & Chennai • Revenue of the company is approx. 1000 Crore • Owns approximately 30% market share in India • Network of around 4,500 distributors spread across 2000 urban towns.
  4. 4. Happydent Brand • Perfetti launched the brand `Happydent‟ in 1970 • Was introduced as the ayurvedic functional gum in the healthcare category • Contains baking soda as ingredient that provides the benefit of keeping teeth naturally white • Focuses on the healthcare aspect • Cheap and affordable • Starting with a market share of 6% now has a share of more than 25% • Happydent ads have a 90% recall rate because of its concepts.
  5. 5. Happydent Brand Variants • Happydent White • Happydent Wave • Happydent Protex Positioning • Whiteness • Teeth Strength • Sugarfree Gums
  6. 6. Happydent Advertising The Happydent ads are mainly focused on the Humor Emotional Appeal. This causes consumer to – • Watch • Laugh • Remember The ads of Happydent got a huge attention, and therefore succeeded in 99% of its objective.
  7. 7. Happydent Advertising TV Commercials Tera dil roshan,Title Tera mann roshanCreative Prasoon JoshiDirectorArt Director Prem Shankar Suresh PV Hari Prasad Abhilash DivakarCopywriter Nikhil Narayanan Suzanna KurianCreative McCann EricksonAgencyPhotographer N SugathanRelease April, 2006
  8. 8. Happydent Advertising TV CommercialsTitle Photographer/SmileCreative Prasoon JoshiDirectorArt Director Prem Shankar Suresh PV Hari Prasad Abhilash DivakarCopywriter Nikhil Narayanan Suzanna KurianCreative McCann EricksonAgencyPhotographer N SugathanRelease June, 2007
  9. 9. Happydent Advertising TV CommercialsTitle Daant tale diya jaleCreative Prasoon JoshiDirector Abhijit ChaudhuriArt Director Prem Shankar, Suresh PV, Hari Prasad, Abhilash DivakarCopywriter Talha Bin MohsinCreative McCann EricksonAgencyPhotographer Mitsuo SuzukiRelease April, 2009
  10. 10. Happydent Advertising Digital CommercialsTitle Daddu ki AmanatArt Director Prabhat BhatnagarCredits Laven Chauhan Samrat Ray Ashima Bawa Neha Bahl AnupamCreative Webchutney StudioAgency Pvt. LtdRelease 2009
  11. 11. Happydent AdvertisingDigital Commercials
  12. 12. Happydent AdvertisingDigital Commercials
  13. 13. Happydent AdvertisingPrint Commercials Features 3 most influential people in the human history to spread smile among people.
  14. 14. Happydent AdvertisingCampaign Analysis What is particularly striking about this campaign? • Humorous and striking • Creativity in the Ads • Promoting “Sparkling and Strong Teeth” • High brand recall • Effectively conveys the message Why does Happydent campaigns work ? • Be it happydent‟s "tera dil roshan, tera man roshan" ad campaign or Happydent Wave “Daaton tale, diya jale” campaign one common thread in all these is the amazing difference it brings to one‟s life. • The message is communicated in a manner that is not subtle, but at the same time creates an exaggeration that does not put off the audience.
  15. 15. Happydent AdvertisingBrand Analysis Happydent has been positioned as a functional gum which means it imparts some practical function along with usual enjoyment provided by traditional chewing gum, thus enticing the consumers. Brand Promise Happydent contains Baking Soda in Happydent helps in maintaining natural whiteness of the teeth. It has also been scientifically proven that chewing gum helps in getting healthy and strong gum Brand Personality • Old, humorous, low-class • Never sponsored any event, promotion or used any celebrity endorsement
  16. 16. Happydent AdvertisingBrand Analysis Brand Identity • High recall value of the brand variants due to the cult identity • The brand identity of Happydent is sparkling and strong teeth Brand Relationship Created emotional touch by using subjects from day-to-day life like a servant or a spot boy Brand Culture The value of brand culture comes out when companies give its consumers something to believe in. Happydent stands for a brand that symbolizes “Smart”, ”Humorous” and “Cool “ approach towards life. It stands for consistency, Accessibility and Commitment.
  17. 17. Happydent AdvertisingBrand Analysis Brand Semiotics • Color of Happydent White is light blue with shades of white all over it that clearly coveys the benefits of shining and strong teeth provided by its mint. • Happydent wave the green colour of packet symbolizes sparkling healthy teeth • Green color package of Happydent Protex with texture of blue is conveying message of other two variants i.e. strong and healthy teeth Brand Equity Three Pillar model factoring in the components – Price Premium, Brand Loyalty and Market Share gives a definitive measure of brand equity. Happydent scores high on Price Premium and Brand Loyality but has relatively lesser market share as compared to Orbit.
  18. 18. Agency PitchSituational Analysis • Functional Gum category is increasing in size • Indian consumers are not that dental health conscious • Current ads of Happydent mostly emphasize on the aspects of “whitening of teeth” • There is no focus on strengthening of teeth aspect except for Happydent Protex • Happydent Protex ads are not shown on TV, It is internet only ad, hence reach is limited • Happydent Ads do appeal but mostly to male audience; not a single ad shows girls/woman consuming Happydent • Another benefit of functional gum, which is weight control, is not conveyed by current campaign • Overall brand recall of Happydent is very high
  19. 19. Agency PitchCompetitor Media Analysis • First serious of ads ― It„s Working!! • Based on humor appeal • Had high recall • In 2009, Wrigley became official gum partner for all IPL teams • Launched - Orbit 12th Man Contest • Contest received more than 2.5L SMS responses • “Khaneke baad” • Humour appeal based • Focused on health conscious consumers • Emphasizes on consumption of Orbit after meals • Everyday Magic. • Focused on smile aspect of white teeth • Orbit was projected as more or less life style product
  20. 20. Agency PitchCompetitor Media Analysis • Only Indian Dental Association certified gum • Little bit of humor appeal • Message ― Helps prevent tooth decay !! • Currently Deepika Padukone is Brand Ambassador • Message ― Helps prevent tooth decay !!
  21. 21. Agency PitchObservation of Orbit Medial Campaign • Used humor appeal, but recent ads do not use it • Projected in multiple dimensions • teeth whitening • dental health • life style • Brand recall of Orbit is much lesser than that of Happydent
  22. 22. Agency PitchElements - adapted, changed, reinforced • Teeth whitening is being reinforced to different (female) audience • Teeth strengthen is being adapted for TV audience • There will be other change, humor appeal will remain unchangedTarget audience • teenagers and young adults • mostly female • somewhat dental health conscious • focus on beauty of smile
  23. 23. Agency PitchRationale behind approach • Happydent is mostly focused on male audience. • Orbit is also being targeted towards woman via Deepika Padukone ads or Everyday Magic ads. • To make brand appeal holistic, to all in certain age group; new campaign is required.Media schedule • Choice of media: TV, family program, woman„s program. Mostly lifestyle program on NDTV Good Times, MTV, Channel V or other TV channels which attracts modern female audience • Timeline: Evening TV • Frequency: Burst of high frequency ads for 3 days after 1 or 2 weeks • Volume: Lower volume
  24. 24. Agency PitchTracking Response & Effectiveness• Survey among urban teenager and young adult female can be done to examine recall of brand.• The campaign will be focused on female consumers. Buying behavior of females can be tracked to check if desired effect has been achieved.• Considerable sales of Happydent happen through paan shops or as a single product through medical or kirana shops. Girls are least likely to buy from paan shop. Change in sale of big pack in retail sales compared to single rupee pack on paan-shop will help in calculating effectiveness of ad on buying behavior.Limitations• Women are not major consumer of Happydent or any gum for that matter. If ad is not appealing enough, it may not have expected effect.
  25. 25. Agency PitchCreative Proposition Story Board Scene1- Mother is telling the famous story of Thirsty Crow to her son from the book. Scene2- Here the story goes into visualization- a crow searching for water, finds a pot, but there was very little water in it and the neck of pot was very narrow. He thinks for a while and then looks here and there it finds a box of Happydent White, and start throwing them one by one inside the water. As more and more happy dent packs filled the jug, the water level kept rising. Soon it was high enough for the crow to drink. Then it put his beak inside the jug to drink water and when takes his beak out, it turned into Sparkling White. Scene 3: Back to kid and Mother. Kid Thinks about his mother‟s yellow teeth and gives a happy dent white to his mother. The entire scene runs with a new jingle conceptualized around the story.
  26. 26. Agency PitchCreative Proposition
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