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2) The People We Serve:
- Natural & Confident women seeking
“Real Beauty”; want to look and feel
3) Human Truth...
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Brand positioning model (Dove case study)


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My assignment when taking Branding & Communication training

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Brand positioning model (Dove case study)

  1. 1. 2) The People We Serve: - Natural & Confident women seeking “Real Beauty”; want to look and feel optimistic 3) Human Truth: - Beauty standards of a woman is decided by the society → Being beautiful is a pressure, instead of something natural that women would enjoy 5) Product Truth: - Skin care: Body wash has Nutrium Moisture → nourish hair from inside. Soap bar contains of ¼ moisturizing cream - Hair care: Micro Moisture Serum + Fiber Actives → repair damaged hair from inside; Trichazole Actives nourish hair roots 4) Purpose: - Re-define true beauty & deliver real care 6) Functional Benefits: - Skin care: keep skin nourished, smooth, soft - Hair care: reduce hair fall & breakage (95%), nourish hair from the inside → strengthen hair 7) Emotional Benefits: - Empower women by increasing self-esteem; make them feel more confident, optimistic about their real beauty; more feminine 9) Brand Personality: - Natural beauty, soft, feminine, sophisticated, purity, inner confidence 10) USLP: - Dove’s Self-Esteem Project aims to help young people to improve self-esteem through educational programs → Over 11 million people have received help since 2005. Over 2 million participated in 16 countries in 2012 8) Brand Discriminator: - Only Dove can nourish and repair damaged hair and inspire women to feel truly beautiful. 1) Roots: - Strong & well-known global brand (Unilever is the No.1 brand owner in Rural Vietnam - Brand Footprint 2015, Kantar World Panel - Link) - Strong R&D, talent human resource & wide distribution channel - Dove is the top riser in Health & Beauty Care sector (BrandFootprint 2015, Kantar World Panel) - Diverse product lines which meet all of segments (Beauty bar, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, treatments); dove; white; moisturizing; soft product shapes; normal women (no celebrities) and their testimonials 1 2 35 4 7 9 10 8 6 BRAND TASK MAP - LE KHANH AN