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Trident Gum powerpoint

This a presentation done by me and my group for our college coursework.

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Trident Gum powerpoint

  1. 1. Our Product We chose to do Trident because when we researching top brands, Trident was the second best brand, the first one was Stride, but we couldn’t find that in a local supermarkets or the internet, or America, so we chose Trident as it is available in British stores.
  2. 2. Our Audience Our target audience is 14-19 years olds as gum mainly appeals to young students, and whenever brought out in front of several teenagers the main question is ‘can I have some’. Plus most teenagers think the more gum you have the cooler you are, so advertising gum to teenagers seems the only logical choice.
  3. 3. USP The USP of trident gum is the packet that is different to all other chewing gum packets also the flavors are unique to this brand. Most other brands just do mint flavors, but trident branches out to others such as fruity, as well as giving you gum protection!
  4. 4. USP: Cavity prevention! USP 1 USP 2
  5. 5. Competition? Being such a big brand, Trident would have competition. Right? Well yes, wherever there is a brand there is another trying to better for Trident the competition is
  6. 6. Controversy There has been several issues brought to light due to the usage of artificial sweeteners used in Trident Gum, as well as a banned advert deemed ‘racist’. Aspartame is the sweetener in question, along with with advert being banned due to more than 500 complaints of racism.* *Figures from The Guardian. The name “Trident” derives from the fact that the gum’s formula containing 3 enzymes to promote dental health. FUN FACT
  7. 7. History of the company Trident gum was first introduced in 1964, under the owner of the American Chicle Company. Trident was created after it came out that sugar was bad for our teeth, so the company introduced Trident to promote sugar free gum. Making it the first gum ever in the US to not have sugar in it. In it June of 2014 it was officially taken over by Mondelez International. [Sometimes known as Kraft]
  8. 8. Advert history 1968-2001 Trident advert, 2001, called “Filing” Trident advert 1968
  9. 9. Advert history 2009-2014 Trident advert 2014. “Things are happening” Trident advert 2009. “Do you play?”
  10. 10. Advert pitch Our advert will contain one student walking around the college looking paranoid and trying to find somewhere with no people and once he finds that place he pulls out some chewing gum and opens the pack, but as soon as he opens the pack he looks around and there is loads of people around him asking for a chewing gum and claiming favors that they have done him so that he feels like he should give them a gum.
  11. 11. Well for one. It’s teenagers coming up with the idea. And for another ours is more realistic, as whenever a teenager does want gum, they do have to be cautious otherwise they end up losing it all as everyone wants some. Plus ours is different because it’s more entertaining, and the graphics may not be as good but we can still make it just as good. How is ours different
  12. 12. Thanks for watching!
  13. 13. 2YiG3ELvMQEMlhRahmS5eZxcSa4OIyCFLc Common Knowledge