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Camplight 6.0 - transparency report for 2017


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The adventures in fiscal 2017 of an entirely remote, transparent, flat digital cooperative who's trying to inspire others with its own success :)

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Camplight 6.0 - transparency report for 2017

  1. 1. Camplight 6.0 Public transparency report for 2017 Photo by Courtney Prather on Unsplash
  2. 2. We did a lot in 2017. Maybe even more than what you can see in our last transparency report … and this blue trello color was always around while we made all decisions and executions in trello. So we developed a deep romantic relationship <3
  3. 3. It’s very interesting how the spikes of initiatives we do per month correlates to the turnover from the next slide … coincidence? Apart from that we were very lazy in February. People need rest from self-organization you know.
  4. 4. Total Shared expenses: 39 721 BGN Total Turnover: 729 757,7 BGN We’ve managed to keep our expenses low and still help a lot of people with our skills. It’s refreshing to see their smiles once we achieve results together. We turned down a lot of opportunities though …
  5. 5. Average shared expense per Camplighter per month: 227 BGN So it turns out it’s relatively inexpensive to be a Camplighter and work with high margins. This gives the power in Camplighters to have big enough buffers of money which increases a lot our sustainability.
  6. 6. We have two income streams in Camplight Product is 0.038506021190645% of our Outsourcing turnover :) Yet Product is 280.55 BGN which is bigger than our average shared expense per month per Camplighter :D So in 2017 we reached level 1 as a product company. We started to dream what it would look like if Product becomes equal to our Outsourcing initiative?
  7. 7. Our happiness index is oscillating but this means we’re alive and kicking ;) We introduced a simple spreadsheet inspired by our friends at who’s main reason for existence is to increase our emotional organizational intelligence. Because who doesn’t want a stress-free, mindful, aware, productive and healthy working environment? We’re lacking the habit of constantly updating this spreadsheet as you can see from the time schedule :)
  8. 8. Apart from our outsourcing and product development we have other initiatives… let’s talk about some noteworthy things which happened in our organizational trello board
  9. 9. No one is left behind One of our members got cancer sick so we collectively helped him with financial aid to get through this period in his life. After two surgeries he’s now well and recovering. Again Co-budgeting turned to be a very helpful & humane initiative. “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” ;)
  10. 10. The initiative in 2017 with most comments goes to After a lot of discussions we’ve managed to design and print our business cards. A side-effect from flat organizations -> when there’s no need or deadline an activity can become a black hole for communication
  11. 11. Best comeback award goes to … after 3 years We have accumulated a lot of knowledge from the world. We’re grateful and want to give back … but it seems it took us around 3 years to get to the point of launching our blog. As we’re still constantly occupied we try to write when we have surplus energy. If you’re interested check
  12. 12. Biggest checklist goes to ... We had to backup a lot of repositories from github and gitlab. Maaaan… so much code, how we were able to produce it in the first place? It’s staggering … 32 repos with projects big and small. Almost all of them are organic software This was our trello card with biggest checklist in 2017 :)
  13. 13. We did a very fun retreat in a cabin in the woods Let us show you
  14. 14. This is part of our physical workout routine around lunch. It looks very weird though… It involved dancing, quigong, yoga a little bit of aikido warmup and fitness cardio. Movement is life you know :D
  15. 15. We’re dancing traditional bulgarian “horo” with so many people that they cannot fit in one room
  16. 16. This picture is called “5am”
  17. 17. Other fun initiative We increased our financial intelligence by having an audit. It was a cool and refreshing experience which served us as a reality check that you can do honest business. This took us a lot of energy though...
  18. 18. For Christmas we created a greeting card for our friends. Kudos go to
  19. 19. New legal proxies Camplight is actually a limited company. The partners in the company are our legal proxies for the rest of the world which is not a flat cooperative like us :D We had to increase our team of associates in order to bypass single bus factors. Now there are 5 partners in total. Every Camplighter is free to join as a legal proxy, although most of the people in Camplight are collaborating via their own limited companies and don’t wish to join. So Camplight still remains just a collective brand.
  20. 20. 1Password to rule them all! Although we’re security fanatics we stored all of our server password and sensitive information in google drive for easy sharing and access. You know the proverb - “the shoemaker's children go barefoot” or something like that applies to us... Now everything looks more secure in a team vault in 1Password. Or at least we think so.
  21. 21. Want to get involved synchronously in Camplight - Organizational? We formed a task force, which is like a mastermind group focused on doing not consulting. The idea of the Phoenix group within Camplight is to ignite initiatives which are priority but nobody has surplus energy to execute them. Phoenix group members prioritise, help leaders of initiatives to become awesome, reflect, improve, polish and move our organization forward. Members of Phoenix are having the common interest about organizational and behaviour development so they have fun by keeping the flame of the Camplight network. It’s a very joyful and stress-free process for making contributions.
  22. 22. Each month, happy hangout meetings, started on Mar 14, 2017 As entirely remote organization we wanted to bond together more often. So we ignited informal monthly meetings where we just chat, brag, discuss, complain, whine, reflect and discuss various things which are life related.
  23. 23. Escaping from excel with ... Our shared expenses for the past years were documented in a very heavy excel spreadsheet. We developed a lightweight system for keeping track of our expenditure. This helped a lot to improve our financial intelligence and understand what services we’re paying for with greater user friendly transparency. Hoooray m/
  24. 24. Streamlining our outsourcing initiative Our outsourcing initiative was based on sprints which were measured with hours invested. So we billed clients with invoices based on our hourly rate. We struggled a lot because there’s no automatic tool for measuring what’s our involvement in a project. We couldn’t find a single effortless time tracking tool for trello. So we created and streamlined our outsourcing business
  25. 25. New team members - - @margarita - @ivo Becoming a Camplighter is difficult. Staying one is even more impressive because it involves a constant lifestyle of self-improvement, mindfulness and focus. We don’t actively seek for new team members to join us because not everybody likes our principles and values. We had the luck to connect with people who were adventurous enough to try to stay around the fire <3
  26. 26. The team is evolving and so is our financial intelligence We established a team with the role of up-to-date bookkeeping, financial advices, shared expenses processing, account management, organizational contracts and operations. We start to feel more confident about our evolution.
  27. 27. Thank you for experiencing our journey. We’ll continue to be brave, dream big, be honest, transparent and collaborative like you Afterall ...
  28. 28. … Reality is an agreement … So let’s consent together? ;)