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Camplight 5.0 - transparency report for 2016

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A story about how a remote, self-organized, transparent cooperative made over 1M BGN turnover in fiscal 2016 and other interesting facts ...

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Camplight 5.0 - transparency report for 2016

  1. 1. Camplight 5.0 Transparency report for 2016 from a digital cooperative
  2. 2. A story about one, beyond exponential, year around the fire …
  3. 3. A lot has happened in 2016 … but how do you remember it (?) defines your reality
  4. 4. RIP Pavka… We lost one dear friend, co-founder and member of Camplight. We’re still recovering from this stress :/
  5. 5. We survived two cobudgets for food Cobudget is our way of self-organizing and keeping the money balance in the organization between individuals. This means that in 2016 we nearly went “bankrupt” … twice ... but thanks to generous Camplighters, who had big enough buffers of money, we collectively managed to survive those crisis.
  6. 6. Apart from every pushback we collectively thrived
  7. 7. 2016 was fun... As entirely remote team it was awesome that we shared some adventures and parties together
  8. 8. 2016 was bonding... We increased as a team and made new connections with inspiring people
  9. 9. 2016 was flying... There’s a saying “It doesn't matter how many times you fall down it's how many times you get up” ;)
  10. 10. 2016 was live and real-time … We did a lot of chats, talks, hangouts all in the sake of moving things forward
  11. 11. 2016 was … wtf
  12. 12. 2016 was like a musical
  13. 13. … and we composed a marvelous song
  14. 14. Our imaginary trend line can barely keep up!
  15. 15. Shared expenses On average a Camplighter spends 111,06 €/month Camplight pays for ~14 services On average a Camplighter income for 2016 is €21,629.01 “Shared expenses” is our way of self-organizing and dealing with expenses in the organization. Camplight is not having a “treasury”, thus every camplighter is paying for what he uses.
  16. 16. Projects Total number of outsourcing cards for 5 years: 626 Avarage income from project for 2016: €32,597.14
  17. 17. “Working with the Camplight team is a great experience! We at Despark are absolutely delighted by the energy of the dev team and the proficiency, with which they resolve every technical challenge we stumble upon in our work together. Looking forward to more collaborative projects with Camplight. “ Stoyan Dipchikov, Technical Director - Despark “Camplight is a superb partner. Reliable, responsive, technically proficient, and truly a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended! ” Deyan Vitanov, CEO and Co-Founder - Chobolabs Find more case studies at “The overall process was quite smooth and Camplight showed dedication beyond our expectations.” Borislav Popov, Director Publishing Solutions - Ontotext What people say about us
  18. 18. Initiatives The heartbeat of Camplight
  19. 19. All time initiatives trello cards in organizational board: 574 (74 of which executed in 2016) Initiatives are our best practice process for self-organizing in a proactive & transparent way. They rely on participatory leadership and seeking advice from peers
  20. 20. Let’s look at a curated list of executed initiatives ;)
  21. 21. Schedule calendar, this is how we get a glimpse of our client load and manage bookings
  22. 22. Bizdev board, we self-organized to proactively do business development ~159 trello cards Hundreds of emails Dozens of new contacts PR articles - hicomm, klin/klin, ikonomika
  23. 23. Incubated project -> Shared Expenses, tool for tracking of complex group spendings
  24. 24. Incubated project -> Trello Assista, tool for automated time tracking of tasks in trello
  25. 25. Incubated project -> organic-oval, new age frontend framework. Better than Angular and React ;)
  26. 26. Incubated project-> MoneyFlow 2.0, tool for the accounting of a cooperatives like ours
  27. 27. v3.0, our updated website and way to communicate who we are
  28. 28. Cobudgets, a way to support each other, ~€3000 cobudgeted in time of great need
  29. 29. Intentions sharing & advice process, a way to sync efforts and ways for collaboration
  30. 30. Camplight company & android presentations, a way to pitch to prospective clients
  31. 31. Happiness index, a way to sync between ourselves about how do we feel. From 1 to 5 we avarage around 3.64 which means we have a lot of potential
  32. 32. Camplight business cards
  33. 33. Оrganisation Account Management (OAM), a way to make Camplight operational
  34. 34. Project management trainings, a way to share skills, knowledge and wisdom
  35. 35. Collaboration with people, a way to transparently onboard new camplighters
  36. 36. We achieved all of this with THE Team 14 Camplighters combine over 100 years of experience Network of 149 more developers and partners
  37. 37. We appreciate you and your curiosity to see our transparency report. You’re unique ;) Keep in mind that there are always alternative ways to run your business. For example we don’t have ambitions to grow, acquire fame and become millionaires -> we want a live well lived with a healthy lifestyle business, the consequences of which may be above exponential growth, international fame and billions in revenue.
  38. 38. Thank you and keep camplightning! The journey is the reward… so what will be your next reward? ;D Wanna join and co-create our journey?
  • BorislavTraykov

    May. 18, 2017
  • ssuserb5430e

    Apr. 19, 2017

A story about how a remote, self-organized, transparent cooperative made over 1M BGN turnover in fiscal 2016 and other interesting facts ...


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