Internet compendium india 2014


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Internet compendium india 2014

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  2. 2. Page 2 Internet Compendium India 2014 Internet Compendium India 2014 The proliferation of Internet fuelled in particular by mobility is resulting in high penetration and usage among Indian Diaspora. This mobile proliferation is eventually resulting in higher rate of communications, ever increased digital content consumption and e-commerce. This trend is cutting across all segments of the Internet economy in India. However upgraded infrastructure and optimum spectrum allocation will further provide an impetus to the overall Internet economy. The present Internet compendium is a quantitative compilation of most recent statistics and data sets on all of the key segments of the Indian digital economy; a) Usage and Demographics b) Video c) Social Media d) B2C E-commerce e) Business Case for Multichannel Marketing / Commerce f) Customer Experience and Customer Engagement g) Usability h) Search Engine Marketing i) Email Marketing j) Internet Advertising k) Mobile The above segments have been further categorized into various sub-sections covering key user specific data sets and other related aspects. It puts forth all the latest trends evident in the Internet marketplace in India and brings the entire industry up-to-date as it covers the data sets up to 1H 2014 for the industry. The data sets have been culled from numerous sources and then analyzed and benchmarked before presenting them in final tabulated form. This compendium would be a one stop ready referral source that could be used as “go-to-market” asset by the industry stakeholders. Online Intermediaries, the companies that organise information by making it accessible and understandable to users, can contribute more than 1.3% toward Indian GDP by 2015 (i.e. around $41 billion).
  3. 3. Page 3 Internet Compendium India 2014 Table of Contents 1. Usage and Demographics 1.1. Global reach / Penetration of Internet 1.2. Overall digital media consumption figures 1.2.1. Internet security 1.3. Connection speeds 1.4. Broadband adoption 1.4.1. Levels of connectivity and broadband penetration and access charges 1.5. What users are doing and looking at online 1.5.1. How much time they are spending online? 1.5.2. What users are going online for? 1.5.3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 1.6. Gaming 2. Video 2.1. Market size and growth trends 2.2. User generated video, video sharing and video downloads 3. Social Media 3.1. Market growth and trends 3.2. Social networking 3.2.1. Twitter 3.2.2. Facebook 3.2.3. LinkedIn 3.2.4. Google+ 3.2.5. YouTube 3.2.6. Blogging 3.3. User generated content 3.4. Social gaming 3.5. Social media and mobile 4. B2C E-commerce 4.1. User demographics 4.2. Market size and growth trends 4.3. Top E-Retail product categories 4.4 .Internet Buyers product category-wise 4.5. Average spends per user Top E-Retail vendors & revenues 4.6. Call to Action & Conversion rates 4.7. Tier II & Tier III digitally addressable market in India 4.8. Shopping carts / dropout rates 4.9. Mobile commerce 4.10. Social commerce 5. Business Case for Multichannel Marketing / Commerce 5.1. Search Online & Buy Offline (SOBO)
  4. 4. Page 4 Internet Compendium India 2014 5.2. Use of multi products at various stages of online buying 6. Customer Experience and Customer Engagement 7. Usability 8. Search Engine Marketing 8.1. Global Search market 8.2. Local search 8.3. Natural search / SEO / organic search 8.4. Paid search / pay per click (PPC) 8.5. Search conversion rates 8.6. Mobile search 9. Email Marketing 9.1. Market size and growth trends 9.2. Plain vs. HTML 9.3. Deliverability/delivery rates 9.4. Open rates 9.5. Click-through rates (CTR) / response rates 9.6 Opt-in/opt-out (permission marketing) 9.7. Spam, virus email, spyware, phishing 9.8. Transactional emails 10. Internet Advertising 10.1. Market size and growth trends 10.2. Advertising formats 10.3. Advertising metrics 10.4. Online advertising response rates 10.5. View-through rates 10.6. Online advertising rates 10.7. Online advertising networks 10.8. Video advertising 11. Mobile 11.1. Mobile growth trends 11.2. Market size and demographics 11.3. SMS 11.4. MMS and camera phones 11.5. Mobile video 11.6. Mobile applications 11.7. Mobile advertising 11.8. Mobile advertising spend 11.9. Advertising impressions 11.10. Mobile internet
  5. 5. Page 5 Internet Compendium India 2014 Acknowledgements We acknowledge various industry sources for accessing their data for this compendium. A complete list of such sources would be provided with the compendium. To Access this Internet Compendium No. of Pages: 80 No. of Tables & Figures: 90 Format of Delivery: word and pdf single user Note: The Compendium can also be accessed in parts or sections. The charges for the complete access and the sectional access of the compendium can be provided as per your requirement. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Internet Research & Consulting New Delhi, India M: +91 9810474007 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Analysts Amita Sharma Vikram Bhardwaj _______________________________________________________________________________________________ About provides business research insights and intelligence to the digital media and market space covering Internet, E-business, online marketing, digital media, telecommunications and other related emerging technologies. We are a go-to-market destination for latest filtered research reports and data cuts covering worldwide markets. You can subscribe to our digital media database, forecasts, trackers and other regular research outputs syndicated reports and customized reports as per your choice. Our advisory and consultancy services further compliments, our Business Information Research Services making us a 360 degrees research service company. ____________________________________________________________________ To know more about subscribing our research products and services; Call +91 9810474007, or email at;