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A brief presentation of a charity travel project in Australia with the

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Charity project australia_2013

  1. A charity project with in Australia By Jessica Ward and Vanig Krikorian -2013-
  2. Who are we ?Vanig Krikorian Jessica WardA French advertising specialist with A young Australian Environmentala background in social science and Engineer specialised in water and soil.cultural studies who does photography Grew up nearby indigenous Australianas a hobby. Communities in South Australia.
  3. Where this all startedMany people travel through Australia and its most remoteareas for the landscape and wilderness without everacknowledging the life of the communities which inhabitthem. Why not travel through these inspiring areas for a reason?
  4. So we partnered up with a well known and reliable charity came up with a project both fun and meaningful.
  5. Our projectA fundraising trip around Australia to raise awareness for the well-being of aboriginal communities.The objective would be two-fold:•  Acknowledge the importance of indigenous Australian culture.•  Support a healthy future for all indigenous Australians wherever they live.
  6. Our projectWhat better cultural symbol than aboriginal art to gather people’s attention in a fun and engaging way?
  7. Our projectStep 1 :Start our fundraising campaign to gather people’s support and attention for our project.Obtain a white 4wd car which we will travel with.Step 2 :Travel around Australia’s outback, northern territories and west coast in the car and get the car painted along the way by aboriginal artists and school students.Collect donations along the way as the car will raise attention.Step 3 :Once the car artwork is complete, we would either donate it or auction it in order to gather more funds for the chosen charity.
  8. : Paint stop Itinerary First painter scheduled
  9. Our communications channels We would maximise our communications channels in order to gather as much funds and awareness for our project: •  Before leaving : we would organise a large fundraising party to launch the project. •  During the trip : we would distribute brochures, go to public events and speak to people in towns along the way. •  On the internet : we would open a blog and a facebook page to keep people entertained on which we will give information about the trip, aboriginal art, your organisation and allow people to follow the progress of our trip.
  10. We are highly motivated for this project and we would prepare it and organise it in a very professional way… … But we need you to make it happen!
  11. What we need from you?For this amazing project, we are missing one essential element: The white 4wd car! Old model, new model or second hand… it doesn’t matter as long as it is ready to drive and be painted.
  12. What we need from you?And this is all we’d ever ask from you: one car and we can make a lot of good for all visited communities to gain and for your brand image.All our personal expenses and travel expenses will be on us, our fundraising campaign will help us retribute the painters
  13. What’s in it for you?•  Your brand would be fully associated with the project only by donating one car.•  All content created by the project would be ready for use and share for you, blogs, interviews, photos, etc. We would focus on getting pictures that would put the car and the brand in highlight.•  The project would create online activity for your brand or facebook page as all our activity would be open for you to share.•  At the end of the trip, we will provide you a PR report and a toolkit for communicating about the charity project.
  14. Thank you and Be the brand to sponsor the project