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Vilnius Mayor and Council report


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Vilnius Mayor and Council two years report to Vilnius Tech Park community, Antakalnis based organizations representatives, and other active residents.

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Vilnius Mayor and Council report

  2. 2. DYNAMIC & GROWING EUR 9b+ total FDI (30%+ increase since 2011) 11,000 new well-paying jobs in 2016 30,000+ SMEs 44 service centres employing 11,000+ 60,000+ students 7,000+ in IT-related subjects
  3. 3. KEY GROWTH INDUSTRIES Fintech, GameDev & other ICT, Biotech, Lasers & Light, BPO & LPO Lithuania is one of the “fastest growing innovators in Europe” European Commission Report on Innovation in the EU 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 2013 2014 2015 2016 NUMBER OF FOREIGN COMPANIES SETTING UP ANNUALLY BY SECTOR SSC GameDev ICT Fintech Biotech Other 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 2013 2014 2015 2016 NUMBER OF JOBS CREATED ANNUALLY BY SECTOR SSC GameDev ICT Fintech Biotech Other
  4. 4. FAST & OPEN One of Europe’s “Top 5 cities for fast-growth businesses” # 1 in EU for ease of starting a business Inc. Magazine, World Bank Doing Business Report 2016 Europe’s 2nd youngest capital Fastest public WiFi in the world Register your company in 3 days Fastest for fintech 3-month licensing,1-year sandbox direct SEPA access
  5. 5. The debt of the City of Vilnius decreased by EUR 105.3 million (as much as 25 %) Interest savings –EUR 1.3 million HISTORICAL BREAKING POINT: DEBTS OF VILNIUS ARE DECREASING
  6. 6. Grinda A comparison of 2015 and 2016 showed that the volumes of the works completed increased by nearly 50%, operating costs decreased by 31% (or EUR 7 million) In 2016, earned EUR 840,000 in profit (EUR 924,000 in loss in 2015). Long-term liabilities decreased by 53%, or EUR 1.6 million, trade payables decreased by 90%, or EUR 4.4 million. SUCCESSFUL REORGANISATION AND IMPROVING PERFORMANCE OF MUNICIPALITY ENTERPRISES Water supply entity Vilniaus vandenys In 2016, the company reached a turnover of EUR 40.6 million, which was by 0.2 % down from 2015. The Company’s EBITDA within one year increased by one fifth to EUR 13.9 million (EUR 11.7 million in 2015). Operating costs decreased by more than 14%.
  7. 7. • Another 1,000 places will be created by building modular kindergartens • Starting from September a refund of EUR 100/month for child care will be allocated to all residents of Vilnius (those hiring baby-sitters, or raising children at home by themselves) • As of 1 September 2014, before the effective date of the new order, 87 private institutions were attended by about 3,000 children, and last autumn private kindergartens were attended by more than 5,000 children. • Renovation of a record-high number (total 8) of kindergartens in less than 2 years. MORE THAN 3,500 NEW PLACES IN KINDERGARTENS 7,500 places shortage at the beginning of the office term
  10. 10. 2016: • 34 km of streets asphalted • 8 km gravel roads • Arrangement of more than 440 driveways to yards • Installation of about 15 km of pavement, repair of 3 km of destroyed and chipped pavement RENEWING VILNIUS: RESIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME 2017: • Asphalting of about 54 km streets, 20 km more than last year • Arrangement of more than 460 driveways to yards • Installation of no less than 15 km of new pavement, and repair of about 4 km of broken-down pavement
  11. 11. Before 2017: • Repair of 120 problem spots on the cycle paths • Renewal of 6 km of cycle paths in Nemenčinė Rd. and Gabijos St. • Approval of the quality standard for bicycle paths • Launching of the ‘Cyclist-friendly street ’initiative, separate paths built at Islandijos and Universiteto streets, some illogical bicycle lanes erased from pavements. • Design of new bicycle paths in the entire city CYCLIST-FRIENDLY CITY 2017-2018: • Construction of 45 km of bicycle paths • Repair of no less than 250 problem spots in bicycle paths in the city
  12. 12. Renewal of 6.5 km of the bank of the Neris • 500 m restored in 2015 • 5 km restored in 2016 • The last kilometer under restoration in 2017 • Restoration of 7 km of natural paths of the river valley along the Neris, from Lazdynai to Žvėrynas, and along Vileišis street in Antakalnis and Vingis Park. The bank of the Neris river has not been repaired for 40 years THE RIVER RETURNS TO THE CITY
  13. 13. Ten new areas are being developed in Fabijoniškės, Lazdynai, Antakalnis, Šeškinė, Karoliniškės, Pilaitė, Naujamiestis, Naujoji Vilnia, Pašilaičiai and Naujininkai. Vingis park About one third of the Vingis park territory has been restored, asphalt laid on 4 km of bicycle paths, new handball and badminton grounds built, renewed sporting equipment, opening of the new access to the Neris river. CITY AREAS FOR RECREATION
  14. 14. Launching of an open international tender for the selection of a private carrier The winners of the tender will supply to Vilnius 52 medium-capacity environmentally friendly buses, accommodating up to 70 passengers, and intended to serve the routes reaching the suburban areas of Vilnius. Lot II in progress – procurement of 43 buses serving four main routes in the city. Shortly a new tender of the VVT will be announced to acquire 150 new public transportation vehicles. COMFORTABLE AND FAST PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION
  15. 15. S. Nėries swimming pool • Total 7 participants submitted their proposals for the public tender regarding the construction of a swimming pool at S. Nėries St. in Fabijoniškės district. • The contract on the construction of the swimming pool is scheduled to be signed in May. • The swimming pool construction project duration –8–12 months. Swimming pool in Lazdynai • Total 7 participants submitted their proposals for the public tender regarding the construction of a swimming pool in Lazdynai. • The contract on the construction of the swimming pool in Lazdynai is scheduled to be signed in May. • Duration - 18–36 months. NEW SWIMMING POOLS IN VILNIUS
  16. 16. • Two out of four child care homes were reorganised. • One fourth –about 40 foster-children were placed in communities of small families accommodated in modern apartments • The buildings previously used for the reorganised child care homes will be reformed into nurseries- kindergartens. • 11 professional foster parents were trained and prepared to accept children under a temporary care arrangement. • Construction of territorial family support homes in which personal family assistants take care of families assigned to social risk group and lacking social skills. INITIATORS OF CHILD CARE HOMES REFORM IN LITHUANIA
  17. 17. GROWING SUSTAINABLY Population: 620,000+ 1% annual increases through 2021* * Nordea Bank Projection 88% 92% 96% 100% 104% 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 CHANGE IN POPULATION Kaunas Klaipėda Panevėžys Šiauliai Vilnius
  18. 18. A CITY THAT’S LIVABLE & LOVABLE # 9 in the world for work-life balance Business Insider
  19. 19. EUROPE’S HAPPIEST CAPITALTM 98% of citizens satisfied with life in Vilnius Eurostat 2016 Survey