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The Science Behind a High-Performing Website


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Building a high-performance website that drives direct bookings is paramount to a hotel's success. Darlene Rondeau and Naveen Nawaz discuss how to improve your hotel's website based on scientific research.

Published in: Travel
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The Science Behind a High-Performing Website

  1. 1. Copyright © 2016 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 The Science Behind a High-Performing Hotel Website December 8, 2016 Darlene Rondeau, VP, Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo Naveen Nawaz, UX Manager, Leonardo Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Copyright © 2016 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation
  2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo #LeoWebinar @darlenerondeau
  3. 3. Follow: @VFMLeonardo Tweets & Questions: #LeoWebinar #LeoWebinar
  4. 4. Naveen Nawaz UX Manager Leonardo #LeoWebinar
  5. 5. The Goal of Your Hotel Website #LeoWebinar of hoteliers said their biggest challenge was driving direct website conversions* Your website should be your most profitable marketing channel It should convert lookers into bookers *Leonardo Poll, 2016 60%
  6. 6. When Engineering and Web Design Converge #LeoWebinar  Chao Liu (Microsoft Research) found that the time users spend on a webpage follows a Weibull distribution  A large number of people bounce, but the small number remaining stay longer  If you can convince them to stay past 30 seconds, they will stay even longer Average Time On Webpage Just Under One Minute Nielson Norman Group
  7. 7.  65% of us are visual learners  High-quality images capture attention  60% of OTA bookers will visit your hotel website before booking through an OTA Triptease, 2016  Images, language, rich-text descriptions, videos all matter Content That Sticks We Process Visuals Up To 60,000 Times Faster Than Text #LeoWebinar
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  15. 15.  People distrust online purchases due to data theft  Only 8% of people are comfortable sharing financial details and completing financial transactions online NCC Group, 2014  Alleviate fears with “confidence icons” on your website Booking Abandonment & Conversions #LeoWebinar#LeoWebinar 81% of online travel bookings are abandoned each year, worth nearly $1.78 Trillion! SalesCycle, 2014 #LeoWebinar
  16. 16. Booking Abandonment & Conversions #LeoWebinar Phocuswright, 2016 Frustrating checkout process also leads to booking abandonment #LeoWebinar
  17. 17.  Mobile has overtaken desktop in web browsing (51.3% vs. 48.7%) StatCounter, 2016  52% of online travel bookings in the US will be made on mobile devices in 2016 Skift, 2015 Google Announcements  April 2016: Rewarding mobile-friendly websites with higher rankings  October 2016: Moving to mobile-first index in the coming months Mobile is Everything #LeoWebinar
  18. 18. Questions & Discussion #LeoWebinar
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  20. 20.  Recording of this webinar. Share it with your colleagues  Survey next week: Event feedback for 2017  Win a $50 Amazon gift card for participating It’s a Wrap #LeoWebinar
  21. 21. Connect With Us! #LeoWebinar 1.877.593.6634 @VFMLeonardo Naveen NawazDarlene Rondeau