Ron Gorham. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. 29th January


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Ron Gorham. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. 29th January

  1. 1. The Decommissioning and Waste Management Supply Chain 1947 to 2014 Ron Gorham, NDA’s Head of Supply Chain Optimisation and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Champion 1 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide
  2. 2. Topics Why do we need a Supply Chain? History and Myths NDA’s approach to the Supply Chain 2
  3. 3. Why do we need a Supply Chain? • Insufficient skills and or experience • Better management of risks and or opportunities • Adoption of Best Practices from other sectors and Industries • Better value 3 • Access the Global Market
  4. 4. Some NDA Estate Supply Chain facts £1.6bn is spent in the Supply Chain annually the vast majority of which is spent via our SLC’s The NDA Estate is the second largest D&WM Programme in the World Our Estate supports over 3000 Suppliers The NDA Programme stretches into the next Century There is no such thing as a typical contract A growing number of Contracts cover the entire NDA Estate - £300m pa There is mature existing domestic Supply Chain which is refreshed by new entrants There is no “ideal size” of Supply Chain company Simple solutions are often “best” Nuclear experience is generally an advantage Performance really counts; safety, quality, programme and cost 4
  5. 5. History and Myths 5 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide
  6. 6. The early days of Nuclear in the UK Magnox Calder Hall 1956 Dounreay Windscale AGR – Operational in 1962 Windscale Piles 1950
  7. 7. Overview Decommissioning and Waste Management only starts at the end of the Programme No - For many Nuclear sites, these are ongoing activities during commissioning and operation Today's new Nuclear facilities have to be designed to be decommissioned Chapelcross Cooling Towers 7
  8. 8. There are totally separate Supply Chains for; VRR back overseas Chapelcross begins Reactor 3 defueling Nuclear New Build Nuclear Operation and Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management No! 8
  9. 9. NDA’s approach to the Supply Chain 10 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide
  10. 10. Supply Chain Optimisation in NDA Supply Chain is a key “enabler” to help deliver our Mission so it has its own strategy We don’t mandate the use of the Supply Chain but......... NDA works across all our Estate and is now engaging with the other Nuclear clients We seek to learn lessons from other sectors and markets domestically and internationally Our role (and that of the SLC’s) is to help enable the Supply Chain to be successful The Supply Chain should be rewarded commensurate with the risk and opportunity 11
  11. 11. Supply Chain Optimisation in NDA (cont) The vast majority of work is awarded following open competition Developing predictable and consistent acquisition processes “Best” bidder wins Developing “Supply Chain Pipelines” to support Supply Chain Capability and Capacity growth Recognition of success 12
  12. 12. So in summary; The Supply Chain is an integral part of the whole Nuclear Sector, which is now a global business. Clients need to focus on being the best we can and the Supply Chain needs to bring its highest quality offering to the table each and every time. What we all do really counts 14 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide