Popravi.mk irina shumadieva, macedonia


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Popravi.mk irina shumadieva, macedonia

  1. 1. Popravi.mk – report urban problemsin the city, make it a better place Irina Shumadieva Metamorphosis Foundation POINT Conference February 16th, Sarajevo
  2. 2. Although there are many creative ways for using street holes…
  3. 3. What is Popravi.mk?
  4. 4. What can citizens do?Address search Mark the location
  5. 5. What can citizens do? complexity photo category municipality description report problem
  6. 6. What can municipalities do? complexity votes status
  7. 7. Statistics• 367 problems reported• Most of them are street problems• Automatically generated figures  By category  By municipality  By status
  8. 8. The communication channel People Popravi.mk Municipalities
  9. 9. Popravi.mk in motion• Android application• Same functionality• + GPS enabled guidance to the place of the problem• Saving problems locally (if not connected at the moment)
  10. 10. Benefits for the citizens• Saves time and patience• Transparency in the work of their municipalities• Improved communication• By reporting the problems, they become part of the solution
  11. 11. Benefits for municipal institutions• Digitalized system• Promotion of their good work• Problems sorted by priority• Better administration• Less resources, more efficiency
  12. 12. In the future…• Cooperation with the Association of the units of local self-government of Macedonia• Municipalities will (hopefully) use the app• Mobile version for other platforms• Awareness raising and promotion
  13. 13. The communication channel People Popravi.mk Municipalities
  14. 14. Made by: Dime Pashoski Dalibor Nasevikj
  15. 15. Made by: Dime Pashoski Dalibor Nasevikj Supported by:
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention! irina@metamorphosis.org.mk www.metamorphosis.org.mk