4 Easy Steps to the Cloud: Taking the storage path


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This slide deck showcases how you can begin to take advantage of the cloud’s lower costs by integrating cloud storage into your infrastructure strategy in preparation for a hybrid - or even fully cloud-based - environment.

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4 Easy Steps to the Cloud: Taking the storage path

  1. 1. Cloud Storage: The Path to Cloud Infrastructure Google confidential | Do not distribute
  2. 2. Traditional Enterprise Storage Migrate To New System Update software Estimate Demand Retention / Compliance Offsite Vaulting Data Encryption Backup/Disaster Recovery Evaluate and Procure New System Operating System Hardware Security patches Power/Cooling/Bandwidth Upgrade hardware Google confidential | Do not distribute
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Growth Areas 40% of users already use cloud storage, but it’s projected to be the area of greatest growth © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 2012
  4. 4. Google Supports Massive Scale Search YouTube Android G+ 1B Searches/Month >25% of F500 (GSA) 72 hours of video uploaded per minute 1.3M+ activation per day 500M+ accounts; 135M+ active in stream Apps Chrome Maps & Earth Cloud Platform 425M+ Gmail 310M+ browser users 1B+ downloads; 200M+ mobile; 10M+ activations on iOS 1M+ apps; 250K+ developers Google confidential | Do not distribute
  5. 5. For the past 14 years, Google has been building out the world’s fastest, most powerful, highest quality cloud infrastructure on the planet. Google confidential | Do not distribute
  6. 6. 1.7B views and counting...
  7. 7. Google's Global OpenFlow Network Globally connected data centers, fiber network, peering relationships Google confidential | Do not distribute
  8. 8. Investing In Our Cloud $2.9B in additional data center investments worldwide Google confidential | Do not distribute
  9. 9. Google Innovations in Software MapReduce 2002 2004 GFS Dremel 2006 Big Table 2008 Colossus 2010 2012 Spanner Google confidential | Do not distribute
  10. 10. The Google Cloud Platform is us, productizing the same infrastructure that we use to build Google. Google confidential | Do not distribute
  11. 11. Google Cloud Platform Compute Storage App Services Compute Engine Cloud Storage BigQuery App Engine Cloud SQL Cloud Endpoints Cloud Datastore Caching Persistent Disk Queues Google confidential | Do not distribute
  12. 12. Use Cases Driven by Requirements © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. Cloud Storage Google confidential | Do not distribute
  14. 14. What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage allows you to store, access and manage your unstructured data on Google's infrastructure. Huge Storage Capacity Cost Speed SLA Security Support Cloud Platform
  15. 15. Cloud Storage Features and Value • Strict SLA • Enterprise Support • Competitive Cost • S3 Compatible API • Military Grade Encryption • Access Control • Version Control • Resumable Transfers • Storage Policies Google confidential | Do not distribute
  16. 16. Google Storage Classes Cloud Storage Durable Reduced Availability Storage speed speed availability availability durability durability cost cost Cloud Platform
  17. 17. Great, your data is in the cloud. Now what? The Google Cloud Platform is us, productizing the same infrastructure that we use to build Google. Google confidential | Do not distribute
  18. 18. Cloud Storage is Integral to Google's Cloud. Import/Export Google confidential | Do not distribute
  19. 19. BLOCK AND FILE STORAGE ON GOOGLE CLOUD STORAGE Storage + Tape Servers Desktops / Laptops Mobile Storage Gateway Company Network GOOGLE
  20. 20. Getting Started with Cloud Storage Of organizations currently using or planning to use cloud storage, Backup/DR is the most common use case, and often the first. © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 2012
  21. 21. Why Move Beyond Traditional Storage? •  Improved Offsite Data Protection o  Inaccessible backups o  Unprotected data o  Prohibitively expensive disaster recovery •  Simplified Capacity Management o  On-premises space constraints o  Endless provisioning requirements o  Skyrocketing maintenance & Forklift upgrades •  Consolidate Multi-Site Maintenance/Management o  Disaster recovery site o  Remote/branch office storage © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  22. 22. Why Do You Need TwinStrata? Seamless integration Cloud storage presented as iSCSI or SMB/SMB2/CIFS Performance Dynamic local cache ensures most frequently accessed data has local performance Optimization Data reduction, bandwidth throttling/scheduling minimize impact to WAN Security 256-bit AES encryption and local key management protects data in flight and at rest © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  23. 23. CloudArray Cloud-Integrated Software ON-PREMISE APPLICATIONS GOOGLE CLOUD STORAGE CloudArray® Software Unified Storage •  •  iSCSI/NAS No agents Encryption Backups •  Archives Secondary Storage 23 Data Reduction iSCSI / NAS Files Volume-Based Dynamic Cache Bandwidth Controls © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL In-Cloud Snapshots Encryption Auto Backup Instant & Upgrade Recovery AES 256-bit Local Caching API •  Performance tuning WAN Optimization
  24. 24. What Makes CloudArray Unique? §  Block and file access to cloud storage (SAN and NAS) •  •  Operates like a mid-range storage array (i.e. EMC/NetApp) Virtually unlimited capacity §  On-demand Disaster Recovery •  •  Over 90% savings versus traditional or hosted DR solutions Fast, optimized recovery with no need for a secondary site §  Downloadable Software •  •  •  CloudArray software is simple to trial in minutes Optional hardware platforms Ideal for any physical, virtual or in-cloud environments © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  25. 25. CloudArray Value We make it simple §  With a comprehensive, pay-as-you-go solutions that includes •  Cloud storage •  Local storage •  CloudArray software •  On-demand DR §  For a single monthly subscription © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  26. 26. Value Cloud Storage Adoption Time to Adoption Google Confidential and Proprietary
  27. 27. pre-cloud Storage Utilization 10-20% Google confidential | Do not distribute
  28. 28. public cloud Storage Utilization 100+% Google confidential | Do not distribute
  29. 29. The Fast Track to High-Value Cloud Services TwinStrata CloudArray® Google Cloud Storage Plug-and-Play 99.9% SLA Simple to use Consistency of Data Up in minutes Analyze World-Class Reliability NAS/SAN connectivity Compute Read-Your-Write-Consistency Like local Global Network Fast and secure Lowest latency for rapid access Flexible Platform Cost Efficiency Software, hardware, in-cloud Maximal service at critical need © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Google Compute Engine Google BigQuery Full Linux virtual machines running on Google's infrastructure. Analyze terabytes of data in seconds.
  30. 30. DEMONSTRATION © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  31. 31. Customer Viewpoint: Google / TwinStrata Value “ “ More and more of our applications and environment are going into the cloud. Already, our services and marketing teams use Google Docs, and Google Drive has become more widespread as well. TwinStrata’s tight integration into the Google Storage Platform keeps my options open for the future while providing a fantastic disaster recovery plan for today. -- Bill Suarez, Director of IT, Bit9 © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  32. 32. Case Study: Cloud Storage & Apps CHALLENGES §  Virtualized, Windows-based environment §  Rapidly expanding data volumes §  Security company needed assurance of sufficient encryption §  Offsite data protection and access mandatory for business continuity © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL SOLUTION §  §  §  §  Considered hardware, colocation, other cloud solutions Decided on Google/TwinStrata solution One-step solution that covers archive and offsite data protection Simplified backup, restoring content from anywhere BENEFITS §  50% less than cost of local storage §  4-5 times less than alternative offsite data protection options §  Simplified implementation and maintenance §  Common control of multiple locations
  33. 33. Summary: An All-Inclusive Data Storage Solution §  Simple to implement §  Local performance §  Integrated offsite data protection §  Secure §  Flexible §  Affordable & predictable © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  34. 34. CloudArray Subscription Options CloudArray Cloud Storage Subscription CloudArray BYOC Subscription §  1 fee: cloud storage & unlimited software licenses §  Pay by the license §  Unlimited capacity for all but entry-level §  Based on cloud capacity per TB §  Bring Your Own (Google) Cloud account §  Integrated cloud storage costs §  Includes Disaster Recovery as a Service §  Includes Disaster Recovery as a Service §  Physical appliances available §  Upgradable capacity & physical appliances available © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  35. 35. FIN Google confidential | Do not distribute