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The Evolution of Blue Ocean Databases, from SQL to Blockchain


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1. The evolution of blue ocean databases, from Oracle to MySQL to MongoDB to BigchainDB
2. Decentralized software stacks, including decentralized file systems, decentralized databases, and decentralized processing (smart contracts)

[This was presented at a BigchainDB Hackfest, Feb 2017 in Berlin]

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The Evolution of Blue Ocean Databases, from SQL to Blockchain

  1. 1. Database for the PlanetDatabase for the Planet Berlin Space Shack Feb 28, 2017 BigchainDB Hackfest
  2. 2. “Bitcoin is a database for the planet” and “Blockchains are databases”
  3. 3. “Bitcoin is a database for the planet” But… Where’s the queries? Where’s the scale?
  4. 4. “Bitcoin is a database for the planet” But… Queries? Scale? …. What if we had this? What would that look like? Could we truly get a database at planetary scale?
  5. 5. The first “Blue Ocean” DBs: Relational DBs Benefits: powerful structured querying Winner: Oracle, 80s and 90s
  6. 6. The next “Blue Ocean” DB: Website-ready DBs New benefits: lightweight for startups Winner: MySQL, early 2000s
  7. 7. The next “Blue Ocean” DB: Distributed / NoSQL DBs New benefits: “Big data” scale, flexible schemas Winner: MongoDB, late 2000s-now
  8. 8. The next blue ocean DB: blockchain database New benefits: decentralized, immutable, native assets Who: BigchainDB
  9. 9. BigchainDB Architecture: Two-Layer consensus MongoDB BigchainDB Federation Alice Bob Blockchain consensus Add tolerance to double-spends + other byzantine faults DB consensus Fault-tolerant consensus
  10. 10. BigchainDB: best of traditional DBs & blockchains = a blockchain database Immutability Decentralized Control Native Assets Scalable Queryability Operationalized Traditional Dist. Databases Traditional blockchains BigchainDB
  11. 11. The Stack
  12. 12. Centralized (but distributed) compute infrastructure FILE SYSTEM e.g. S3, HDFS DATABASE e.g. MySQL, MongoDB / Atlas APPLICATION PLATFORM e.g. Azure PROCESSING e.g. EC2
  13. 13. Partly decentralized compute infrastructure (the silly way) APPLICATION PLATFORM e.g. Azure “Blockchain” e.g. Bitcoin
  14. 14. Partly decentralized compute infrastructure APPLICATION PLATFORM e.g. Azure, PROCESSING e.g. EC2 FILE SYSTEM e.g. S3, HDFS DATABASE e.g. MySQL, MongoDB, BigchainDB/IPDB
  15. 15. Fully decentralized compute infrastructure E-GOLD / E-CASH Bitcoin, zcash FILE SYSTEM e.g. S3, HDFS, IPFS DATABASE e.g. MySQL, MongoDB/Atlas BigchainDB/IPDB APPLICATION PLATFORM e.g. AWS, Azure, Monax, BlockApps PROCESSING e.g. EC2, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Tendermint, Lisk
  16. 16. No need to re-do the whole stack, Just add one more (special) database. On Deploying
  17. 17. Getting Started: -> Quickstart
  18. 18. Use Cases
  19. 19. Vertical: IP – Music rights Value proposition: A streaming service owned by all
  20. 20. Vertical: IP – Digital art Value proposition: Enables creators of digital art to get compensated, via claiming attribution & licensing ascribe
  21. 21. Interledger Vertical: Identity Value proposition: Low-friction assurance, sovereign personal data Authenteq ©ITU/L.Berney, (CC BY 2.0)
  22. 22. Interledger Vertical: Government – Land Registry Value proposition: Low-cost registry, less risk of corruption BenBen ©ITU/L.Berney, (CC BY 2.0)
  23. 23. Vertical: ID - Education Credentials Value proposition: reduce fraudulent degrees, lower HR friction Recruit
  24. 24. Vertical: Energy Value proposition: manage $ flow in energy deregulation
  25. 25. Vertical: Supply Chain / Health Value proposition: government-mandated transparent $ flow
  26. 26. “Decentralized Atlas” Runs BigchainDB + MongoDB Anyone can write, anyone can read Permissions as assets Sweet spots: ID, IP IPDB (Interplanetary Database)
  27. 27. A few more Financial network interoperability – Interledger / Ripple Loyalty and Reward System – CapGemini Financial Infrastructure – 17 POCs with one partner Voting – SettleMint National identity system (>10M people) - <coming soon> Fix social media filter bubble – <coming soon> Personal data consent – <coming soon> <<waiting list on IPDB – 200+ of orgs>>
  28. 28. BigchainDB is a scalable blockchain database For the planet, and the enterprise. Let’s hack! Let’s ship! Trent McConaghy @trentmc0