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Val shawcross london assembly


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Val shawcross london assembly

  1. 1. Impact of the Co-Operative Party on London Elections 2012 Val Shawcross AM
  2. 2. Contents The role the Co-operative Party played in the 2012 elections. Key Co-operative policy points for London. The results of the elections. Where next? Issues facing Londoners
  3. 3. How you helped Organisation and mobilisation Funding and Support Policy development
  4. 4. An Economy in all our Interests Promote growth of co-operatives to create jobs by incentivising lending to start-up co- op enterprises, appointing a City Hall ‘Co- operative Commission’ Londoners should have access to a credit union The Mayor should advocate a more diverse banking system and stand up for customer owned banking as a crucial element in reform of the City.
  5. 5. Building for the Future All Londoners should have access to affordable homes over which they have real control. The Mayor and Assembly should look to bring London’s co-operative housing stock up to the European average of 10%. Existing social housing stock should be made more accountable to tenants. The Mayor should promote mutual forms of retirement homes.
  6. 6. Co-operative Communities Promote transfer of community assets – such as city farms – to the control of local people. The Mayor should advocate a new ‘community gateway’ model The Mayor should look to mutual models for cultural events. The Mayor should support and promote the Co- operative Councils initiative. Young Londoners must have a real democratic voice, a co-operative Youth Assembly and encouraging young people to be ambassadors for their communities
  7. 7. Ethical London The Mayor and Assembly must ensure that London takes seriously its position as the world’s largest Fairtrade city. London’s green spaces – such as the Royal Parks - should be made more accountable to Londoners The Mayor and GLA should use 2012, the UN’s Year of Co-operatives, to promote our movement and teach the values of co-operation
  8. 8. Sustainable Infrastructure The Mayor should promote and develop consumer energy co-operatives as a radical way to cut fuel poverty, tackle climate change and address the cost of living crisis. London’s infrastructure should be greener, sustainable, better integrated and ‘smarter’. The new Mayor should advocate a smart city approach and improved access to broadband, especially through telecoms co- operatives.
  9. 9. Mayoral Result
  10. 10. London Assembly
  11. 11. What do these results mean for Labour on the London Assembly? Labour have increased their control over Londons Assembly, despite Boriss win in the Mayoral elections We now have 12 seats, a gain of four over last year at the expense of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, and the Green Party held on to their two seats.
  12. 12. Where next ?The Co-operative movement and Londons future ?
  13. 13. Issues facing Londoners Unemployment, Low pay and Poverty High cost of Living Homelessness, lack of affordable homes High private rents, bad landlords Cuts to public services NHS, Police, Councils Impact of population growth –transport capacity Environment – poor air quality
  14. 14. Questions and Discussion ?