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Europas BlaBlaCar pitch


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BlaBlaCar is a long distance car sharing community, connecting drivers with empty seats and people looking for a ride. Our website and mobile apps allow drivers to publish a planned journey. Passengers can then search available offers, and get in touch with the driver of their choice.
We provide a range of features to create a secure, reliable, trust-based community and easy connections between drivers and passengers. For instance, members specify how chatty they are on the scale “Bla”, “BlaBla” and “BlaBlaBla”, hence the name BlaBlaCar. Members rate one another after travelling together, allowing them to build trusted reputations in the community, and contact details are verified.
BlaBlaCar is currently used by more than 500,000 people every month across Europe. The community, already numbering 2.5 million members, has been growing rapidly since 2009, in great part due to rising fuel costs and expensive rail fares.

Europas BlaBlaCar pitch

  1. 1. EUROPASNicolas Brusson @nbrusson
  2. 2. We connect driversand people looking for a ride A search engine travel site A  trusted   community  
  3. 3. ALONE CAR-SHARINGCost of motoring = £30 £90 £30 £30
  4. 4. Less CO2 Social experienceUseful to people & planetLess traffic Savings
  5. 5. BlaBlaCar is growing fast
  6. 6. … and disrupting road travel
  7. 7. BlaBlaCar is the European leader European  market  shares     Share  of  trip  offers  on  main  routes  in  2012  
  8. 8. Growth is powered by social WOM…92%  of  our  traffic  is  natural   Our  Community  is  socially  acBve   Paid   8%   Free   Referral   200  000  Facebook  fans   20%   Organic   72%   10  000  Ambassadors   BlaBlaCar  Traffic  sources  in  2012   Google  AnalyBcs    data  Sept  2012  
  9. 9. …and by strong media coverageMajor  TV,  radio  &  press  regularly  cover  BlaBlaCar  as  leaders  of  a  growing  social  phenomenon,  with  a  powerful  impact  on  acquisiBon.  
  10. 10. We have a sustainable business model ü  2,500,000 members (November 2012) ü  500,000+ people transported monthly ü  100%+ year-o-year growth ü  5.0 million unique visits per month** ü  50 million+ Pages views* ü  Commission based model     ü  A mainstream travel option +     BlaBlaCar  is  the  only  car-­‐sharing  plaCorm   enDrely  moneDzed  by  online  booking.   * AdDecisive data Sept 2012     ** Google Analytics Sept 2012