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Campaign priorities

  1. 1. European Regional Meeting 27 – 29 September 2013
  2. 2. Four Key Strands: 1. Put Tibetans in Tibet first; Amplifying Tibetans actions. 2. Exert renewed pressure on our governments to take tangible action that supports Tibet. 3. Target China’s leaders responsible for Tibet policy. 4. Chinese outreach to build support for Tibet through solidarity with dissidents in China and other Chinarelated movements
  3. 3. Network Priority Campaigns “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
  4. 4. Stand up For Tibet Campaign Primary Goal: To generate strong, multilateral diplomatic action by key governments to take multilateral action on Tibet and increase pressure on China to end the crackdown.
  5. 5. Activities & Resources: - Public Awareness-raising: 70,000+ signatures, Key signatories (including Nobel Laureates & parliamentarians) - Protests: Global Days of Action (2 November, 10 December, - Advocacy: Targeting key leaders summits (G20, G8), Tibet Lobby Days, Chinese leadership handover, China’s Universal Periodic Review linked to China’s membership of UN Human Rights Council
  6. 6. Amplify Tibetan Resistance - I Heart Tibet: Highlights & promotes Tibetan resistance through writing, music and cultural activities - Lhakar: The Network encourages member groups to support the growing Lhakar movement - Possible New Campaign: exploring ways to support the Tibetan peoples’ call to bring the Dalai Lama home to Tibet.
  7. 7. Working Campaign: Home • At the 2010 International TSG Conference the idea to have a campaign for the Dalai Lama to go “home” to Tibet was warmly received. • The Network convened an informal working group to develop the idea but political changes in Dharamsala led us to pause. • The public call in Tibet for His Holiness’ return has escalated during the self-immolation crisis. • In November 2012 the Network Steering Committee reconvened the working group to evaluate the idea & make recommendations. • We now have a DRAFT outline.
  8. 8. Free Tibetan Heroes Primary Goal: Significantly raise the profile of a range of Tibetan political prisoners, to secure their release and highlight the strength and breadth of Tibetan resistance.
  9. 9. Prisoners Profile • Dhondup Wangchen: Filming in Tibet’s new campaign • New joint profile of political prisoners linked to self-immolation protests: Yonten Gyatso, Lobsang Kunchock & Lobsang Tsering and Dolma Gyari • Panchen Lama: 25 birthday will be in 2014
  10. 10. Nomad Rights Primary Goals: - Raise public awareness of the critical issue of Tibetan nomad resettlement - Amplify the call for China to stop the resettlement of Tibetan nomads - Urge China to adopt “best practice” model to manage impacts of climate change on the grasslands
  11. 11. Spotlight on Chinese Leaders Primary Goal: - Educate ourselves about China’s new leaders and their Tibet policies - Brand Xi Jinping as the man with the problem of Tibet on his hands - Send Chinese leaders a strong message that they need to address China’s failed Tibet policies Activities to date:, “Xi Jinping’s Tibet Challenge”: Report and media opportunities, Protests around key summits & leaders visits
  12. 12. Paradise Hotel in Lhasa Goals: - InterContinental Hotel Group to pull out of opening the hotel. - Ensure other multinationals understand exploiting business in Tibet carries a heavy public relations risk - Raise awareness with new audiences & media about the current situation in Tibet - Global Day of Action: 5 November
  13. 13. #SaveLhasa • Primary Goal: To stop the rapid urban development in Lhasa taking place at the expense of historic buildings by generating pressure on UNESCO World Heritage Committee to seek an urgent mission to Lhasa. Actions to date: petition, Report about developments, letters to UNESCO & ICOMOS, lobby meetings
  14. 14. Campaign Tables • Stand up for Tibet • Amplify Tibetan Resistance • Free Tibetan Heroes: Dhondup Wangchen, New Profiles, Panchen Lama • Nomad Rights • Chinese Leaders: Xi Jinping • Paradise Hotel Lhasa • #SaveLhasa • Other options?: e.g. EU elections, Put Tibet Back on the Map,