ebbf2013 - the green soul movement of china - farzam kamalabadi


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Farzam Kamalabadi offers new insights into the sustainability and spiritual awakening of China taking it back to its origins and roots.

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ebbf2013 - the green soul movement of china - farzam kamalabadi

  1. 1. Green Soul Movement, China's Positive Influence and Impact to the World Farzam Kamalabadi
  2. 2. CHINA THE COUNTRY OF FUTURE 1. One Fifth of the Global Population (1.5 billion globally) 2. Its Own World & Civilization (Divinity, Spirituality, Universe View, Astronomy, Historic Leader in Science and Inventions, Medicine, Philosophy, Art, Culture, Civilization, History, Administrative System, etc.) 3. Ranks Foremost Above All Nations in Internal Wealth, as well as Material, Literal (Cultural), & Spiritual Hidden Potentialities (Shoghi Effendi, 1923) 4. Assuredly Bright Future 5. Need for Peaceful Integration into the World 6. Greatest Resource For World Civilization: Unleash the Creative Forces of China to Serve the World of Humanity
  3. 3. CHINA; THE PARAMETERS • 33 Provinces & Independent Regions • Over 500 Major Cities • Some 2,700 Counties & Small Cities • Some 28,000 Townships • Several Millions of Villages • 1.4 Billion Population • 65 Million Members of the Communist Party • 200 Members of The Central Committee • 24 Members of the Politburu of the Central Committee • 7 Members of The Standing Committee of the Politburu of the Central Committee
  4. 4. CHINA; THE PARAMETERS RELIGIOUS FOLLOWERS 1983 2013 70 – 90 Million 2-300 Million 30 Million Some1- 200 Million Some 30-50 Million Same 30-50 Million Buddhism Christianity Islam
  5. 5. CHINA’S RISE • Introvert to Extrovert • Imitator & Follower ( via Independent – Intra-dependent) to Contributor & Leader • China’s Emergence Into The Global Community • Political Rise • Economic Rise • Scientific Rise • Military Rise • Peaceful Rise (Already Adopted by The State At Large) • Spiritual Rise (Social Movement Already in Major Formation)
  6. 6. FUTURE TRENDS LEADERSHIP IN CHINA ON GOVERNMENT & SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION Future Trends Attempt to Close the Gap Between For-Profit Enterprise, Government, NGO, Humanitarian, Socio Action, Thought Leadership, Strategy Think Tank, etc., by creating all above under one umbrella. Future Trends Affected State Policy and Movements Include: • 1. Change of State Ideology from “Class Struggle” to “Harmonious Society”, 1990 - 2005 • 2. “China Peaceful Rise” adopted as State Strategy, 1999 • 3. Re-instatement & Adoption of Confucius as Symbol of China Peace, and China Creation of 1000 Confucius Institutes in over 50 Countries, 2003-3013 • 4. China Presentation of “Statue for World Peace” to The President of France, Chili, and Israel (President and also City of Haifa), 2003-2013; Plans for India-Pakistan and others • 5. China Peace Books and Conferences including in US and Globally. • 6. Presentation of the Statue of Confucius to US Chief of Protocol, 1999; & Plans for Future Placement of Statue of Peace on the White House & Capitol Corridor
  7. 7. FUTURE TRENDS LEADERSHIP IN CHINA ON GOVERNMENT & SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION ONGOING & FUTURE FOCUS • 1. Divinity of the Divine Land Ancient & Poetic Name of China: 神州=The Continent of God = The Divine Land • 2. Green Soul Movement Solve the Source, Treat the Root Cause, Empower China to Become A Most Positive Force
  8. 8. DIVINITY OF DIVINE LAND & GREEN SOUL MOVEMENT 1 1. China’s Search for Direction and Ideology 2. Caught in Between The Two: Communism, or Sinology Identity 3. Post European Renaissance & New American Dream Material Civilization vs. Home Grown Ancient Divine Civilization (China Antiquity Had Solved: Reverence and Belief; Just Society, Unity and The Great Harmony or DaTong) 4. Mourning the Loss of Values in China, Domestic Popular Discontent +The West; China Bashing; Hillary, Clinton, Ambassador Gary Locke, Rand Institute Statements 1. Third Revolution: Spiritual Revolution 2. Search in Antiquity for Spiritual Heritage; Confucius, Laozi, Mozi only at the Central Arc & Middle Point of The Bow of Chinese Civilization; Go Find and Re-Build The Divine Land! 3. Movement of Unity of Religions: From 3 Unity (Confucian, Taoism, Buddhism) to 9 Unity
  9. 9. DIVINITY OF DIVINE LAND & GREEN SOUL MOVEMENT 2 1. Neutral & Generic Spiritual Identity 2. Central & Common 3. Super, Lofty, & Exalted 4. Unifying The Nation and Religions 5. Raise to the Level of Cultural Branding & Civilization Name Tag 6. External Value of New Emerging China Image: Lofty, Ideal, Peaceful, Dignified, Responsible Stakeholder, Contributor, Thought Leader… 7. No China Threat, Not Only China Peace, but… 8. Give China The New Mission and Destiny: China to Save the World! That is, China to Help Re-shape & Restructure the World to Build the Healthy New World Order, & Take the Lead to Jointly Create the New Peaceful and Spiritual World Civilization)
  10. 10. GREEN SOUL MOVEMENT & WORLD ECO CIVILIZATION CONGRESS • Under Directional Leadership of Future Trends • Game Changer Movements to Start from China and Influence the World • Supported by the Divinity of the Divine Land Movement; The Teams of Club of Budapest China (China Team of Dr. Erwin Lazlo); The Teams of United Nations Affiliated Green Industrial Development Organization, The Teams of Honey Bee Movement (Movement of Students To Serve as Village Government Leaders), etc.; the Teams of Chambers Alliances; the Teams of World Chinese Associations Alliance; etc. • Guiding The Leaders, Unifying The Unifiers, Moving The Movers, Shaking The Shakers! • Determination Goal: Not To Be Gratified With Process, Nor With Partial Results, But Must Create Real Lasting New Equation Game-Changer Results • Plans for Brazil & Thailand Summit Congresses with Head of States Participation • World Eco Civilization Congress in China (Preparatory Conference in 2014; Main Congress in 2015, then 2017, then 2019, then 2021)
  11. 11. CURRENT REVERSAL GAME CHANGER EFFECT • Change From The Motivation To Gain & Own, To The Model of Create & Contribute (Beyond “To Gain or To Give; There is No Question; The Third Mode”! ) • From Partial Gestures of Minority Donations, To Exemplary Acts of Perpetuating Majority Contributions (Beyond Sustainability; Calculate the Incremental Increase of Greater Margins of Contributions) • Core Culture Changer: Move From the Highest Ideal Being Equality & Justice (Mosavat), to The Basic Natural Satisfaction of Preferring Others Over One’s Self (Movasat) • Create & Cultivate Culture of Constructive Competition: Vying in Service • Accumulation is Discredit; Involved Contribution as the Credit
  12. 12. STARTING PAGE • EBBF Golden Key • EBBF Mentor Expert Resources • EBBF Crucial Corridor • EBBF Action Lab System Most Fit to Ensure China Plan’s Perpetuation YOU ARE GREAT