A380 Inaugural


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This slide show tells the story of our inaugural flight aboard the Singapore Airlines A380, the very first passenger flight of this full double decker aircraft.

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A380 Inaugural

  1. 1. Singapore Airlines Maintains its Reputation for SuperiorService During Every Phase of the A380 Maiden Voyage
  2. 2. As an InvitedGuest of Singapore Airlines and a successful eBaybidder for Sally and Briana’s seats, we begin our check-in process.
  3. 3. It is difficult to capture theenormous size of the Airbus 380
  4. 4. The Singapore Airline’s A380 has twocomplete decks, seating 471 passengers in three comfortable classes.
  5. 5. There was a formal ceremony to present individual bank checks to the three charitieswith funds totaling 2 Million Singapore Dollars raised during the Global eBay Auction.
  6. 6. These were a few of the world-renowned “Singapore Girls” who were extremely lucky to participate on the Inaugural Flight
  7. 7. There were hundreds of the World’s Media from virtually all Major Populated Continents
  8. 8. Most of the Press wanted to know myobservations of the differences betweenthe Inaugural B747 Flight 37 years ago and this brand new A380.
  9. 9. Our Family beinginterviewed on a “Live”morning televisionshow in Singapore.
  10. 10. The Press Included Newspaper and Magazine Reporters plus Radio and Television Media. This crew is from Germany.
  11. 11. The German Media were particularly interested in this original “Stern” Magazine datedFebruary 1st, 1970.
  12. 12. German publication “Stern” Magazine similar to Life Magazine dated Feb 1, 1970 does story on 747 First FlightTom’s father (Burt) mother (Deane) and sister (Cathy)Thomas Lee at 17
  13. 13. My Formal Introduction toSingapore Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chew Choon Seng
  14. 14. Briana commented on the comfort of her seat and the ample elbow room betweenthe window and the side wall.
  15. 15. The exhilaration ofour very long60-second take offroll wasoverwhelming!The Pilot reportedonly using 74% ofthe availableengine power.
  16. 16. We gently lifted off over Singapore and immediatelynoticed how absolutely quiet the passenger cabin is inside the A380
  17. 17. Champagne was servedfreely in all classes of service to commemorate this great event.
  18. 18. There were several young people onboard. This boy from India captured a lot of Press attention.This charming little girl (left) was also a media darling in herSingapore Airline’s Flight Attendant Uniform.
  19. 19. Singapore Airlines CEO Mr.Chew Choon Sengpresented this speciallyframed honor that includesmy original Pan Am B747First Flight certificate from1970. He also personallysigned today’s Certificatefor this A380 First Flight.
  20. 20. This occasion provided me an opportunity to detail for the CEO Monogram Systems & Zodiac’s Contribution to Singapore’s A380 aircraft
  21. 21. Capitan Robert Tingwas very popular onour flight and waskind enough tocongratulate me andsign the official A380First Flight certificatecommemorating theopportunity to be theonly person in theworld to makedouble-deckerinaugural aviationhistory twice.
  22. 22. Onboard the flight were 75+members of the Media. Thisphoto was taken after being interviewed by Richard Quest for CNN International.
  23. 23. There were many aviationenthusiasts onboard. Thisyoung man plans to be anairline pilot and bashfullyasked to have his picturetaken.
  24. 24. This same young man also requested anautograph on one of the many pieces of A380 Inaugural memorabilia.
  25. 25. Julian Hayward is the 38 year old Australian Internet Entrepreneur thatspent US$100,300 on the eBay Auction to buy one First Class Suite
  26. 26. Here is Briana testing out Julian’sseat in his extremely comfortable First Class Suite
  27. 27. Singapore Airlines was givenunprecedented permission by the Australian Airworthiness Authorities to perform a 1,500 foot “Fly-By” directly over the world famous Sydney OperaHouse and Harbor Bridge. Many Helicopters chased us through this low altitude pass.
  28. 28. After a seven hour flight and upon landingin Sydney, the Press put their cameras in the air to capture the rousing applause heard throughout the entire aircraft
  29. 29. Dozens of Sydney Airport ground staffeagerly awaited and then applauded as we taxied into our arrival gate.
  30. 30. This was quite an historic event. Here is the front page of one of the Australian newspapers.
  31. 31. Sydney greeted us with all her splendor and fabulous weather capping off our long, but memorable journey.
  32. 32. Media Coverage
  33. 33. Within hours,literally hundreds ofpublications aroundthe world picked upthe story. Here arejust a few.
  34. 34. For more coverage Type into Google: “Thomas Lee A380”