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  1. 1. Airplane
  2. 2. How has the airplane changed our world? Airplane changed the world because in the 18th Century, there were no airplanes.Then we needed to travel by ships or other transport, and it took a lot of time too. But when airplanes were invented, people saved a lot of time because airplanes went very fast. Now, if we want to go other places and it is far away from our home, we can take an airplane. When we take an airplane, we can see many beautiful views. But now when humans start wars, they will use airplanes to damage their enemy and they can cause a lot of damage, and that’s not good.
  3. 3. Introduction A fixed-wing aircraft is a heavier-than-air craft where movement of the wings in relation to the aircraft is not used to generate lift. The term is used to distinguish from rotary-wing aircraft or ornithopters, where the movement of the wing surfaces relative to the aircraft generates lift. Fixed-wing aircraft are called airplanes in North America (the U.S. and Canada), and aeroplanes in Commonwealth countries and Ireland (excluding Canada).
  4. 4. The first airplane Orville Wright (1871-1948) and Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) requested a patent application for a "flying machine" nine months before their successful flight in December 1903, which Orville Wright recorded in his diary. As part of the Wright Brothers' systematic practice of photographing every prototype and test of their various flying machines, they had persuaded an attendant from a nearby lifesaving station to snap Orville Wright in full flight. The craft soared to an altitude of 10 feet, traveled 120 feet, and landed 12 seconds after takeoff. After making two longer flights that day, Orville and Wilbur Wright sent this telegram to their father, instructing him to "inform press."
  5. 5. How does the airplane work When air flows past an airplane wing, it breaks into two airstreams. The one that goes under the wing encounters the wing's surface, which acts as a ramp and pushes the air downward and forward. The air slows somewhat and its pressure increases. Forces between this lower airstreams and the wing's undersurface provide some of the lift that supports the wing.
  6. 6. How did airplane help us In the 18 Century, there are no airplane. People need to travel by ship, it take a lot of time, and it is not comfortable, because the ship will shake. But when airplane invent, people save a lot of time. Airplane is more comfortable too. When you take ship from USA to England, it takes about half month. But when you take airplane from USA to England, it only take about few hours.
  7. 7. How fast is airplane goes It depends on different kind of airplane. Some of them are fast and some of them are not fast. But most of the airplane is quit fast. Most of them their speed are over 500km/h.
  8. 8. How much did I need to pay to travel by airplane? If you take a long trip, it will cost more then you take a short trip. But it depends of each airline. Some of the airline cost more and some of them cost less. And it have 3 classes in the airplane. They are First class, Business class and Economy class. The most expensive one is First class and the cheapest is Economy class. And most of the people will take Economy class.
  9. 9. Video Fright landing in the old Hong Kong Airport: Fright landing in the new Hong Kong International Airport: Airbus A380 landing at Hong Kong International Airport:
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