NCAA Coaches Tour - May 2008


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Five NCAA Head Football Coaches play flag football games with US Military troops overseas and meet with President Bush in the Oval Office.

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NCAA Coaches Tour - May 2008

  1. 1. NCAA Coaches Tour May 2008 Organized by: Morale Entertainment in Association with Armed Forces Entertainment
  2. 2. Col. Al Hunt, Scott Air Force Base Wing Commander, with Coach Randy Shannon (University of Miami) & Coach Tommy Tuberville (Auburn University)
  3. 3. Scott AFB Personnel Lining Up for our First “Meet and Greet” Autograph Signing and Picture Taking Ceremony
  4. 4. The Entire Coaches Tour Mission is flown on a KC-135 Aerial Tanker Refueling Aircraft
  5. 5. We Board the Aircraft in Great Spirits Ready to Visit the Troops
  6. 6. While Airborne, Boom Operator Our KC135 Tanker Holds Norris Demonstrates How the Air 190,000 Pounds of Fuel Force “Passes Gas” We can Download 1,000 What a Wonderful Surprise for Our Gallons of Gas Per Minute Coaches. The Receiving Plane Showed the School Colors on the Dashboard
  7. 7. Coach Mark Richt (University of Georgia) Learns all about Flying from our Air Force Crew of Nine, All Exceptional Young Men
  8. 8. Our First Stop is Ramstein Air Base In Germany. Charlie Weis (University of Notre Dame) is Warmly Greeted at the Base.
  9. 9. At Breakfast, the Troops Can’t Wait to Begin Talking with Each Coach. Here Randy Shannon (University of Miami) Discusses Football. Coach Jack Siedlecki (Yale University) with Mike Whalen (Morale Entertainment) And They Get a Signed Football Georgia Fans are Excited to Meet Coach Richt
  10. 10. The Coaches Pose for a Group Photo with Colonel Cotter The Coaches All Sign a Commemorative Book Each Coach Receives a Certification Thanking Them for Taking the Time to Visit These Remote Bases
  11. 11. Die Hard Fans Can’t Believe They Charlie Weis Hands This Young Airman are Meeting Their Heroes his Personal Telephone and has him Call his Dad in Ohio who is a Huge Notre Dame Fan After Waking Up His Dad at 4:00 AM, his Groggy Father Thinks this Call is a Hoax. Charlie Quickly Convinced Him This was for Real!
  12. 12. We are Driven Across the Air Base to a B-1 Bomber They Walk the Coaches Over to Four 2,000 Pound Bombs and Request They Write Some Words to be Delivered to the Enemy
  13. 13. While Visiting Some Bases, Certain Troops Were on Duty and Could Not Join Events. A Special Request was Made for Coach Richt to Visit These Men at their Post. They were Thrilled Beyond Belief
  14. 14. There Were Several Q&A Sessions Along Our Tour. Some Troops Were Genuinely Emotional about the Opportunity to Meet their Heroes. At this Gathering, One Said, “You are My Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt” to the Assembled Coaches.
  15. 15. There Were Skills Competitions. Shown here is a Quarterback Challenge Run By Coach Siedlecki (Yale University)
  16. 16. An Injured Army Soldier was Led to the Signing Table by a Caring Nurse. Coach Weis Stopped the Signing Process and Insisted that Three Coaches at that Table Join this Hero for the Only Group Picture that Evening.
  17. 17. There was Great Camaraderie Amongst All Trip Participants. We were Joined by Ivan Maisel (at right), an ESPN Reporter.
  18. 18. While on the Ground in Bahrain, our Air Force Crew Wants to Take a Group Photo with the Coaches and Their KC135. These Airmen are the Greatest Guys.
  19. 19. Auburn Team Photographer Todd Van Emst gets into Position for a Great Shot of this Navy CH-53 Helicopter that will Fly us out to a Ship in the Persian Gulf.
  20. 20. The Navy Invited us to Spend a Day with Them at Sea aboard the USS Nassau, a Multi-Purpose Assault Ship. Our CH-53 Landed on their Deck about Five Miles off the Coast of Iran.
  21. 21. Our Coaches Tour 2008 was Sponsored by “Under Armour” Bryan Offutt (center) Represented Under Armour Col. Ed Shock (left), Chief of Armed Forces Entertainment & Col. Billy Francis (right and brother-in- law of Coach Richt) display their “Big Guns” and Under Armour Gear
  22. 22. Every Place we Visited, the Military The Coaches Conducted a Combine on the Deck of the USS Personnel were Really Happy to Meet Nassau. Here Coach Tuberville is Working on the Starting the Coaches and Have a Few Positions with this Young Naval Athlete Moments to Chat with Them. Crowds Gathered to Watch the Competition Coaches Weis and Shannon Timed the and Cheer for their Fellow Ship Mates Competitions and Announced the Winners
  23. 23. The Coaches Met with Each and Every Person Waiting in Line Meticulously Taking Individual Photos and Signing Anything Requested
  24. 24. We were Driven to the Flight-Line. Under Cover was a U-2 Surveillance Aircraft. Nose Art (at left) was Colored in Chalk. The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed Dragon Lady, is a single-engine, high-altitude aircraft flown by the United States Air Force and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency. It provides day and night, high-altitude (70,000 ft, 21,000 m plus), all-weather surveillance. The aircraft is also used for electronic sensor research and development, satellite calibration, and satellite data validation.
  25. 25. She is Rolled Out of the Hangar. The Pilot Suit The Small Wheels Under Each Wing Will Drop Off has been Pressurized and he is Breathing Pure After Take Off. This Lowers Weight and Eliminates Oxygen for Several Hours to Become Acclimated any Stowage Location Requirements for the Wheels. for the Mission Requirements. The Pilot Lands on the Single Wheel under the Center of the Fuselage Until the Plane Slows and Tips Over on One of the Wingtips. The U-2 Pilot Cannot See Over the Extended Nose of With the Coaches in the Chase Vehicles, the Aircraft. Chase Cars are Required to Provide the U-2 and Surrounding Cars Race Down “Eyes on the Runway” while Taking Off and Landing. the Runway Until She Gently Lifts Off
  26. 26. We are then Taken to an Air Conditioned Hangar to See the Current State-of-the-Art: The Global Hawk
  27. 27. The Northrop Grumman Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by the United States Air Force as a surveillance aircraft. The Global Hawk air vehicle is able to provide high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)—that can penetrate cloud-cover and sandstorms—and Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) imagery at long range with long loiter times over target areas. It can survey as much as 100,000 square kilometers (40,000 square miles) of terrain a day.
  28. 28. We are Given the Opportunity to Board an AWACS Early Warning and Control Aircraft
  29. 29. Mission Specialists Sit at Consoles to Control the Airspace During Extended Operations
  30. 30. The Coaches have a Few Minutes to Prepare Their A Flag Football Game has been Scheduled at 6:00 PM so Teams for the Game the Intense Heat will have Partially Subsided. Here Charlie Weis and Tommy Tuberville are Going Over the Rules of this Game with Seven Men per Team. Charlie Weis will be the Lead Referee. Here he is Randy Shannon Goes Over Plays Coordinating Game Rules and Plans for this Game. with his Squad.
  31. 31. Let the Games Begin!
  32. 32. These Military Teams are Comprised of Great Athletes. The Competition is Fierce!
  33. 33. Under Armour Gear is Given to Every Person Involved in the Game
  34. 34. After a 16 Hour Flight Home with Intense Headwinds, we Land at Andrews Air Force Base and Drive Directly to the White House
  35. 35. President George W. Bush is Waiting for us in the Oval Office. We Sit Down on the Couches for a 30 Minute Conversation with The President. (Only White House Photographers were Allowed in the Oval Office.)
  36. 36. President George W. Bush Leads our Five Coaches to the South Lawn Where he and Charlie Weis Make Statements to the Press
  37. 37. The Final Group Picture Taken of the Coaches in the Roosevelt Room Next to the Oval Office
  38. 38. The MIA-POW Flag Flew Over the White House on Memorial Day. After 20,000+ Flight Miles, 5 Military Bases, a Naval Ship in the Persian Gulf, 11,000+ Troops Met, 15,000 Items Given Away, We are Honored to Have Had this Extraordinary Experience. Everywhere we Visited, the Military Leaders were Thanking us for our Time to Visit Them. We Cannot Possibly Thank Each and Every Service Member for the Exceptional Commitment, Professionalism, Courage and Service Given to Our Thankful Country. We are All Changed Forever!!