Antarctica Christmas 2008


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Antarctica Cruise during Christmas 2008 including amazing wildlife and beautiful iceberg formations.

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Antarctica Christmas 2008

  1. 1. We fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina landing at this air strip
  2. 2. Our ship, the Corinthian II is waiting for us at the dock
  3. 3. Docked next to us was Mel Gibson’s Yacht
  4. 4. CORINTHIAN II December 22, 2008 – January 1, Drake Passage 2009 Elephant Isl. Clearence Isl. King Georges Isl Racon Isl. Penguin Isl. Robert Isl. Greenwich Isl. Livingston Isl. Snow Isl. Walker Bay Our route across Smith Isl. the Drake Deception Isl. D'Urville Isl. Passage and Bransfield Strait Joinville Isl. Low Isl. various stops in Dundee Isl. Antarctica Trinity Brown Bluff Isl. Paulet Isl. Vega Isl. Brabant Isl. Weddell Sea James Neumeyer Channel Ross Isl. Seymour Isl. Port Lockroy Anvers Isl. Dorian Bay Cuverville Isl. Snow Hill Isl. Pleneau Isl. Neko Harbour Paradise Bay, Larsen Ice Shelf Almirante Brown Lemaire Channel
  5. 5. Our incredible expedition staff that will take us exploring through the Antarctic
  6. 6. On the third day, we arrive at our first stop
  7. 7. Six Zodiacs are lowered into the icy waters
  8. 8. I was proud to be riding on the safest transport between the ship and each shore destination, boats manufactured by our company, Zodiac
  9. 9. Sally with a quarter million penguins
  10. 10. This “rookery” covers the entire island
  11. 11. From the seashore all the way up the hill mating pairs are nesting
  12. 12. Feeding their young
  13. 13. Skipping up the rocky hillside
  14. 14. At locations where snow is present, penguins develop a roadway between their nests and the sea
  15. 15. These roadways are complex and allow for two way traffic during the busiest times.
  16. 16. To feed, these penguins have to make their way to the sea shore and then develop the courage to swim in these dangerous waters filled with hungry seals
  17. 17. Courage to enter the water is best developed in groups
  18. 18. We saw many species of seals, mostly molting and sleeping
  19. 19. They seem so docile while resting, but these are fierce hunters that prey on the penguins
  20. 20. We celebrated Christmas with special carvings by the talented crewmembers and a delicious feast
  21. 21. Notice the wonderful lighting patterns in the ice
  22. 22. This iceberg rolled over right in front of our eyes
  23. 23. There were spectacular formations
  24. 24. It is simply impossible to describe the majesty that surrounded us in every direction. Everywhere one looks is magnificence on a scale none of us had ever seen before.
  25. 25. We were simply in awe and spent hours sitting in the middle of all this splendor
  26. 26. The weather was magnificent. We were all fortunate souls as it is not always this “perfect”
  27. 27. We saw millions of ice formations in the sea
  28. 28. Our ship had to carefully maneuver its way through ice fields
  29. 29. One day, we had a barbecue lunch on the aft deck
  30. 30. Whale skeletal remains on the beach
  31. 31. A rock shack built by 20 of Ernest Shackleton’s men to survive the bitter winter
  32. 32. There were many opportunities to climb to great heights like this volcanic island
  33. 33. And this snow and ice covered island
  34. 34. It was windy at the top
  35. 35. Conditions were ideal for sliding down these slippery slopes
  36. 36. Our Group Photo
  37. 37. We were blessed to have an extraordinary group from around the world including Russia and Singapore
  38. 38. Oh yes, where there are kids and water……………
  39. 39. The water temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit
  40. 40. And in some places, thermal springs to make bathing more relaxing
  41. 41. Beautiful birds were in abundance
  42. 42. A penguin kill
  43. 43. The woman to the right (with hat), was a wonderful 65 year old guest from Singapore
  44. 44. Tragically, on New Year’s Day she was found unconscious in her cabin as we docked back in Ushuaia. An ambulance took her to the hospital in a coma. She died the following evening.