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Hacking Public Speaking - Tips to Help you Rock It


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Public speaking is hard, even the most seasoned presenters get pre-talk jitters. Hear from a panel of veteran speakers as they share their best tips and hacks to help you rock your next presentation - Thom Greene, Ariel Sanchez Mora, Edward Haletky, and Simon Long

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Hacking Public Speaking - Tips to Help you Rock It

  1. 1. Thom Greene Edward Haletky Ariel Sanchez Mora Simon Long VMTN6694U #VMworld #VMTN6694U Hacking Public Speaking - Tips to Help you Rock It
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  3. 3. Introductions • Name & Current Role • Public Speaking Experience • Cool Story Bro! CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. Tips to help you present your first session • Commit • Present with someone else • Talk about a subject you know inside out • Start your slide creation as early as you need to • Create your own slides • Talk through the slides regularly on your own, out loud (also time it) CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Tips to help you present your first session On the Day…. • Make sure you think you look smart • Visit the room before your session to get orientated - removes the fear of the unknown • Directly before the session, don't stand one the stage waiting. Chat to attendees , chat to your co-presenter. • Do the introduction of the session • Don't try to be funny :-) • Keep calm and carry on CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Tips to help you present your first session • Be passionate about what you are presenting about! – It shows that you enjoy talking about the topic! – Nervousness gives way to excitement  • If you are being recorded, make sure you understand the camera/audio limitations • Do not forget your manners! Say thank you, please, be a good “host” for your guests • People forget details easily, but they remember stories and what you made them feel! • Keep it positive! Blips happen. Demos fail. Laugh it off and seek another way to give value • Record yourself and look for things you think you can improve • Present or show it to your wife, co-worker, the internet, whoever – do a vBrownBag!! CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. More Tips from the Field • Seek out the room, If a stage, walk on it to get a feel for dimensions! Yes, I have fallen off… • Ensure there is water, you never know when a frog will lodge in your thoat! • Pacing across stage is not a bad thing just always face your audience! • Visit the bathroom before hand, check yourself in the mirror, at least wash your hands. Doing something normal is calming • Take off your badge, it gets in the way • KNOW your material inside-out, backwards, and forwards. Not just your deck but concepts, ideas, and if necessary your code! • Use the time before the session to get to know your audience • Adjust your talk to meet your audience, it also shows you know your Material • Remember, they picked you to speak! You are the expert. 7
  8. 8. More Tips from the Field • During Q&A, if you do not know the answer, be up front, be sure to get the name/card of the person and get them the answer after the talk. Never hedge and haw, it detracts. • Always follow up with folks, if you say you will do so. Usually within a few days of the end of the conference. • ‘Slow Down’ you timed your talk. It is always faster on the day! • I need to do something with my hands. Keep ‘em out of of your pockets, hold something you can move around, a laser pointer is good and useful. • KNOW Your Material not just the deck, everything that brings you to this talk! • Find support, loved one, family, co-worker, even the community is here to help • Being dynamic comes with practice, so practice • Confidence is commendable, understandable, and desired. Arrogance is not! 8
  9. 9. Literally How to Get Started • Plug into a local user group – VMUG depends on the community • Ask for opportunities at work, in user groups, on Twitter, anywhere • Ask for help developing your deck or preparing for go time • Record it for YouTube 9
  10. 10. Game Time Tips • Walking around on stage is great, just don’t have happy feet! • Please don’t try to be funny (It’s worth saying twice) • Nobody knows if you forget something until you tell them 10