March 2012 Newsletter


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March 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Trash Compactor Bardstown Rd. It will be held on Saturday, March Please let’s all work together to keep our community 10, 2012. Streets close down and Parade begins at attractive and clean. Please place your trash inside 3:00pm at the corner of Broadway & Baxter. the compactor and not next to it or on top of it. Floats/Units continue down Baxter to Bardstown Push the YELLOW button to make sure trash is Road. The Parade ends at Mid City Mall (Longest compacted. Please, DO NOT dump large furniture Ave.). outside of the dumpster, there is no service for this Streets re-open around 5:00pm. The after party and type of disposal. awards ceremony will be in the tent behind OSheas2400 Mellwood Avenue Irish Pub with live music by Eight Inch Elvis.Louisville, KY 40206 Happy St. Patricks Day!502.895.1185 Dont miss the annual St. Patricks Day parade RIVER OAK COMMUNITY NEWS River Oak Bracket ChallengeAre you ready for the River Oak Bracketchallenge?! Fill out your bracket andreturn to the office no later than the startof the first tournament games (March 15,2012) for a chance to win some rent $$$and/or other great prizes! Stop in theoffice or watch your door for official rules.With several KY teams likely to make anappearance in the big dance, we shouldbe assured an exciting March indeed!Current residents can pick up theirbracket Monday, March 12, 2012. *Thereis no fee to participate, but residents mustnot have a current outstanding balance* Calendar March Madness Mar 1. Rent is Due.The NCAA Mens Division I Basketball victories. The University of Kentucky is Mar 5. Last day to pay rent. Mar 11. Daylight Savings Time Begins. (SpringChampionship, more commonly second with 7 titles, and Indiana Forward!)known as March Madness, has University and the University of North Mar 15. Last day to turn in brackets.become one of the most popular Mar 17. St. Patrick’s Day. Carolina are tied for third with 5. 2010sporting events in the US. The champion Duke University ranks fifthtournament was the brainchild of Ohio Spring Office Hours with 4 national titles. Its impossible toState coach Harold Olsen and was first Spring is coming, and with extended daylightheld in 1939. It has been won most say who will win it this year, but even if comes extended office hours. Starting Marchoften by UCLA who hold 11 national you are not a hoops fan, its fun to pick 1, 2012 our office will operate from 9 AM - 6titles, and the legendary John Wooden a team to follow and get caught up in PM Mon- Fri, and 10 AM - 5 PM on Saturday.was the coach for 10 of those 11 the madness. Leasing Center Hours: M-F 9.00 AM-6.00 PM, SAT 10.00 AM-5.00 PM, SUN Closed MAR2012 *All offers subject to change.
  2. 2. MA R CH Rent is Due. 1 17 St. Patricks Daythu UK vs Georgia 9 PM sat 2 18 fri sun 3 U of L @ Syracuse 4PM 19sat mon 4 UK @ Floriday NOON 20sun tue Fun Facts about 5 Last Day to Pay Rent. 21 Good Luck Charmsmon wed • ncient Romans regarded opals as good luck A Rent is Late (10% fee) 6 22 charms because they were reminded of a rainbow,tue BIG EAST TOURNEY Begins (Mar6-10) thu which was also considered lucky. • t was considered good luck in ancient times to I 7 23 break the wedding cake over the head of the fri The wedding guests gathered up the crumbs to keep as good luck charms. Today we eat the cake 8 SEC Tournament begins (Mar 8-11) 24 (lucky us!).thu sat • n Eastern Europe, garlic and onions are thought I 9 25 to bring good luck and ward off any evil spirits. fri sun • ake sure your horseshoes all hang with the open M10 St. Patricks Day Parade 26 end up. Convention has it that all of the luck will pour out otherwise.sat mon • ow did four leaf clovers come to be considered H11 Selection Sunday 27 lucky? It probably began in Wales when farmerssun Daylight Savings Time *Spring Forward!* tue noticed how much fatter their cattle became while eating clover. This resulted in the farmer12 Brackets available for pick-up 28 becoming wealthier. Thus having clover nearbymon wed was considered very lucky.13 29 • t. Patrick introduced the concept of using the S three-leaf clover to teach about the Trinity of God,tue thu Son and Holy Spirit. Followers believed that a four- leaf clover, generally very rare, represented God’s14 30 grace, making this clover very lucky wed • adybugs are considered lucky in many cultures. L15 TURN IN BRACKETS- Before first game 31 In England, each spot on a ladybug that lands onthu begins! thu you represents a lucky month to come. In Austria, a ladybug nearby means good weather is on its16 way. Central Europeans believe that if a ladybug fri crawls across a young lady’s hand, she will soon be married.