March 2013: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's happening in the Outreach Department at the Westerville Public Library.

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March 2013: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. Newsletter 56 March/April 2013 The Outreach Life Back in 1941 By Nola Mohrman Back in 1941 things were very different and very simple when Imoved in the house at Whitney Road, Wellington, Ohio to be with mynew husband, Jeff. My husband was living in the house that he hadbeen born in. The house was sturdy but lacked the things that madelife easier living. There was a hand pump that was fed from a cisternunder the house. That was just inside the house and where the work-ers could stop and wash their hands and comb their hair before theyate. Mrs. Austin was their housekeeper back then. She did everythingthat needed to be done in the house. She was quite deaf and when shestarted to talk, her voice would get louder and louder as she wentalong. In the large kitchen there was a large black stove which ran ongas-since there was a gas well on the farm. There were gas lightsthroughout the house which were lighted with matches. There werethree fireplaces in the house, one in the dining room, one in onebedroom and a stove in the parlor. Jeff remodeled the living roomand took out a wall, built a stone fireplace there and took out theiron stove. He also put a furnace in the basement which was back in1963 and it is still heating the house. It should run another 40years. Along came electricity for the whole house and new windows(Andersen, of course). Another fireplace in the dining room andpaneling two glassed in corner cupboards. So down through theyears the house was practically new.
  2. 2. P a g e 2 (Life...cont.) The boy’s bedroom had two windows in it and was redone with tile floors and, of course, with all newwallpaper. All this was done and the new residents of the Farm arevery happy with everything and said they’d not change a thing. I stayed there after my husband died in 1980 for 27 years alone,doing the upkeep and whatever needed to be done. I was lucky to haveone son close (fairly) to take care of the major repairs until I retiredto a place in Columbus. I had lived there for 66 years. My neighbor did the farm planting and the harvesting too afterJeff died. I had known him since he was born and his mother and I wereclose friends. In later years I loved to ride on the combine with himto watch the grain flow from the spouts. Farming has changed consid-erably over the years. No more horse drawn plows or equipment. Thebig tractors all have cabs on them with air conditioning, and comput-ers that show you at a glance how many bushels over a certain spotand if you were preparing the ground how much fertilizer was neededin that spot. So farming has kept in step with everything modern. We Need You!The Outreach staff is looking for more patrons who would like to be featured in our newsletter. Please submit yourstories and poems to be printed or let us know if you would beavailable for an interview. Please call 614-259-5034 for more details.
  3. 3. P a g e 3 Upcoming Events  March (every Saturday)… Enjoy free live music at Java Central from 7-10pm. 20 S. State St.  March 17th… Rotary Club of Westerville presents Fish Fry and Chicken Bake. 11:30am-5:30pm at Otterbein Cam- Upcoming Events pus Center. All you can eat chicken, fish and hot dogs plus great sides! Carry out meals available and all proceedsJanuary- go to Westerville City School Scholarships.  March 19th...Container Gardening. 11am at Inniswood Metro Park. Learn the basics of growing plants in contain- ers. Age 50 and over. Call 614-895-6216 for more de- tails. March 24th… “A Joyful Noise” The Otterbein UniversityFebruary-  Concert Choir - 7:30 pm - Grace Lutheran Church, 100 E. Schrock. Free will offering accepted.  April 7th...High School Honor Band - 2 pm at Fritsche Theatre at Cowan Hall, 30 S. Grove St. Free and open to the public.  April 27th…Shredding Day. 10 am– 2pm at Hoff Woods Park, 556 McCorkle Blvd. Shred any important docu- ments that need shredded.
  4. 4. P a g e 4 Staff Picks_ The Diary JULIE of Mattie By Spen Sandra Da ser llas Mattie bachelor aagrees to marry th n e in Colorad d sets off to build town’s eligible learns the o. As they cross th a home with him finds love truth about her n e wilderness she in this poig ew nant saga husband and of pionee ELLYN It Happen ed O n e N r life. True Sisters 1934) ight (NR, s By Sandra Dalla HEATHER rmon converts Only Time Will TellThe year is 1856. Mo and Anne (from Jesse, By Jeffrey ArcherNannie, Louisa, travel in the Martinthe British Isles) any and make the 1,300 This is the tale of Harry Clifton, born inHandcart Comp m Iowa City to Salt Lake 1920, who spends his life working on the mile journey fro any hardships along the docks in southwest England and often City, enduring m wonders the true identity of his father. way. Packed with colorful characters, this uthern Wild Beasts of the So 12) novel will bring to life a family history (PG-13, 20 that no one would have imagined. MARIE The Bourne Legacy (PG-13, 2012) oblet of Fire H arry Potter and the G By J.K. Rowling ent in the Harry In the fourth installm mpetes against co The W Potter series, Harry ic schools for the ag Arts i esterville Y students of other mWizard Cup. s of 20 upon us! ear of the coveted Tri 1 F uled 3, there w or the res a t Perfect (PG-13. 2012) the C ctivities s ill be sched Pitch ity of ponso - inclu r THOMAS ding Westerville ed by Publi t Krakauer c Lib he Westerv , Into Thin Air by Jack imme rary, ille r f s his spring 1996 craft, sing your ocusing on s The author describe a disastrous ex- explo or maybe elf in a r j trek to Mt. Everest, ed the lives of S tay t ing somet ust pedition which claim plains why he uned hing for m ne eight climbers and ex . or e i n w . survived fo. Lawless (R, 2012)