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The Mobile Tipping Point was originally presented at the 2012 LearnShare Conference. The program included Brandon Hall Group and The LHT Group.

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  • Brandon Hall 2011, Today’s Innovations, Tomorrows Trends N = 67
  • RIM 7.13.11: Mobile Learning: From Early Adoption to Mainstream N = 146
  • The World Population is 7 Billion People September, 2011….They estimated 6 Billion Wireless Connections by end of 2011….
  • Social movement as well – Social is being used as business tool. Get updated graphics.
  • Social movement as well – Social is being used as business tool. Get updated graphics.
  • U.S. adults spend an average of aFlurry says that daily time spent in mobile apps has now surpassed web consumption. The average user now spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet. In June users spent an average of 81 minutes daily on mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes on the web.This compares to 66 minutes on mobile apps daily in December of 2010, and 70 minutes spent daily on the web. And June, the average user spent just under 43 minutes a day using mobile applications versus an average 64 minutes using the Internet. little over an hour engaged with their mobile phones over the course of a day, a 30 percent jump compared to last year,In June average smart phone users spent an average of 81 minutes daily on mobile apps
  • Ara – I will wrap this slide up by asking you to provide examples of where you’ve seen organizations create a strategy and begin implementing each of these use cases, and what was successful about their plans and what did not work.
  • Mobile Tipping Point

    1. 1. Mobile Tipping PointPRESENTED BY: Stacey Harris, VP, Research & Advisory Services, Brandon HallGroup
    2. 2. About Brandon Hall GroupA preeminent research based advisory and analyst firm. Covering topic areasthat provide strategic insights for executives and practitioners that areresponsible for learning, talent, growth and business results within theirorganizations. Our focus is on ensuring continuous business performance.• Established in 1992• Nearly 200,000 subscribers• Over 10,000 clients globally• Memberships and Research “We provide insight, objectivity, and personalized support”
    3. 3. Mobile Capabilities are Hot! Which LMS features are you most interested in acquiring? 5% 5%18% 43% Mobile Social LMS/LCMS 29% Virtual Conferencing Other Brandon Hall Sept 2011, Today’s Innovations, Tomorrows Trends
    4. 4. But Mobile Learning Strategies are Not! Where is your organization in regard to mobile learning 3% 15% Mobile learning is a part of our learning strategy We are atcively planning to implement mobile learning 28%54% We are in the information gathering stage We are not considering mobile learning If your organization is considering mobile learning, when do you expect to have it implemented 34% 21% Within less than 6 months 6-12 months 29% 16% 12-24 months Not sure Brandon Hall July 2011, Mobile Learning: From Early Adoption to Mainstream
    5. 5. Global Trends Driving Change M-Lifestyle Becomes Main-StreamTipping Points• 87% of the world population have Mobile Phones, June 2012 WikiPedia• 54.9% of US Mobile Subscribers own a SmartPhone, June 2012 Nielson Data• 89% of SmartPhone users, access their phone multiple times in a day, ThinkwithGoogle June 2012 SmartPhone Usage, ThinkwithGoogle, June 2012
    6. 6. Global Trends Driving Change The World Becomes Educated Consumers
    7. 7. Global Trends Driving ChangeExtending Your Social Reach Becomes Good Business
    8. 8. Global Trends Driving Change The World Has Become Content Creators • Feedback • Comments • Articles and Posts • Videos • Pictures • Answers • Etc…………………..
    9. 9. Are M-Learning Projects Failing?4% % of Training Delivered in M-Learning % of Training Delivered in M-Performance 3% More than 40% More than 40% 28% Less than 40% 33% Less than 40% Dont Know 54% Dont Know 60% Not Used Not Used 8% 10% Leaders Access Learning on Mobile Individual Contributors Access Learning on Mobile More than 60% of the time – 17% More an 60% of the time – 12% Less than 60% of the time – 33% Less than 60% of the time – 35% No percentage – 50% No percentage – 51%BHG, Prelim Relationship Centered Learning Survey 2012, N =366
    10. 10. Framework for Assessing Mobile Needs Administrative Setup & Maintenance M-Learning • User Setup • Courses • Course Prep • Simulations • Wait list management • Videos • Profile Setup • Curriculums Manager/User Dashboards • Daily decision making views • Priority setting views • Guidance support • Compliance tracking Administrative Work Activities M-Support• Time-Tracking • Job Aids• Approvals • Communication• Assessments • Tools• Scanning activities • Nuggets Static Push
    11. 11. Consumer Driven Learning Experience Learner Requirements Learning Mobile Design ConsiderationsEasy to use - intuitive Mirror native environment UI’s Lists, layers, and big buttonsLearning experience fits to delivery mode Responsive Web Design Application versus HTML5 "Human Interface Guidelines"Content is accessible no matter what device Multiple Application FormatsI’m using Location web accessible (to URL or non URL)Content is accessible in any location or work Cloud Storage Accessibleenvironment Online and offline access optionsEasy to find and Easy to share Cataloging and Searching capabilities Forward, e-mail, tweet, etc.Easy to comment, make notes, add to… Cloud Saving Capabilities (Notes, social feedback, comment tools)Engaging in art, modern conventions, and Colors, Textures, Patterns, Shadowsstyle Configurable visuals versus simplicity
    12. 12. Consumer Driven Expectations Computer PC Mobile Tablet Mobile Phone Optimized for screen Optimize for 9 to 5 inch screens Optimize for 3 to 4.5 inch resolutions screens Optimized for mouse Optimized for finger swish Optimized for finger swish (long) (short)Optimized for audio with Optimized for both audio Optimized for both audio head-phones headphones and without headphones and without Optimized for high- Optimized to run off-line Optimized for low- bandwidths bandwidthsInformation & Link Rich Visually Rich & Socially Friendly Simple & Social Flash, Video, & More App & Video App & VideoAccessing during focused Accessing in a relaxed work Accessing on the run work time environment
    13. 13. Presenter Stacey HarrisVP Research & Advisory Services Brandon Hall Group @StaceyHarrisHR
    14. 14. Thank You!