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What does nature have to do with happiness?


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What does happiness have to do with nature? Lessons from a day of lectures at the Pando Populus conference for an ecological civilization

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What does nature have to do with happiness?

  1. 1. What’s nature got to do with my happiness? And why smelling the flowers is so important.
  2. 2. Spending time in nature helps you because...
  3. 3. your brain works better better memory longer attention span
  4. 4. you feel happier
  5. 5. even if there is rain, dirt & mosquitoes in all likelihood your memory of your experience in nature will make you happier
  6. 6. you get a sense of meaning for life
  7. 7. you feel connected to nature to other people on our planet to all beings
  8. 8. you feel inspired & (re)invigorated to do good work to help others
  9. 9. So do you have to drop everything and spend a two weeks backpacking to get the benefits?
  10. 10. No
  11. 11. It’s really about incorporating nature into your everyday life
  12. 12. Thoughtfully
  13. 13. Little things count
  14. 14. Eat dinner in the backyard
  15. 15. Bring your paperwork outside
  16. 16. Live with plants in the office at home everywhere!
  17. 17. Pin it up! if you can’t put plants in your space (or have a black thumb) put up posters of nature around you and on laptop’s your screen saver and on your phone’s wall paper
  18. 18. Appreciate the beauty on a walk as the seasons change everywhere!
  19. 19. What other ways can you bring nature into your life?
  20. 20. How Happy Are You? Take Gross National Happiness Index