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Dialouges you use while speaking in english at- the railway station by


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Various dialogues that can be used while speaking in english abou at Railway Station. This is Presented by first english speaking

home study course in marathi.

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Dialouges you use while speaking in english at- the railway station by

  1. 1. 2012 Dialogues you use while Speaking in English at- The Railway Station Home Study English Speaking Course By Rajesh Gurule Email –
  2. 2. Dialogues you use while speaking in English about –The Railway StationThese phrases are very useful, and are to becommitted to memory and masteredthoroughly.They should serve as a motive to
  3. 3. I am a stranger in this city.I dont know where I am now.I cant leave town unless I know where therailroad station is.There is a policeman.I am going to find out from him.Will you please tell me where the depot is?We have three railroad stations in thistown.Where do you want to go?
  4. 4. I want to go to Boston.You cant take a train to Boston before fouroclock.You just missed the ten-thirty train.Dont you have a timetable with you?No, I have no timetable with me.Do you know where I can get one?Let us go to that hotel there, and see if theyhave one.Oh, I forgot youll find the time table in themorning
  5. 5. I have a morning paper here.Let us see.Train service from Spring Street station.There is a train for Boston at 6.55 amexpress at 9.55 am, local at 10.30 am,express at 12.10 pm, local at 4.03 p.m.,express for Boston.I think Ill wait and take the four-threetrain this afternoon.How can I reach the station from here?Take the Orchard car from here; ask
  6. 6. conductor to give you a transfer for SpringStreet.Get off at the corner of High and SpringStreets.Take a Spring Street car, and that will takeyou to the depot.Thank you very much.Welcome sir.Spring Street station.Here it is.At last I have found
  7. 7. I have no time to lose.I must buy my ticket, check my trunk, andhave something to eat before I go.What time does the next train leave forBoston?At four- three.Let me have one ticket.Three dollars and ten cents.I wonder if my trunk is here.Oh, here it is.I must check it.Check this trunk,
  8. 8. Where is your ticket?I must weigh that trunk.I think youll have to pay excess money forit.It weighs more than the limit.How much more do I have to pay?Twentycents.Now I can eat something.It is only twenty minutes to four.I have twenty-three minutes
  9. 9. Information bureau Baggage room Parcelroom Track Number 3 TicketofficePassengers are forbid den to stand on thisplatform for men for women Look outDanger Railroad crossing Look out for theengine Waitingroom.No spitting on the floor When you are atthe railroad station, and are in doubt aboutthe arrival and departure of your train,always go and ask someone in the in-formation bureau about
  10. 10. Buy your ticket before you check yourtrunk.When you check your trunk, have yourticket with you.In a large city, when you buy your ticket,al- ways ask the man in charge of theticketoffice for the number of the track onwhich your train is found.This will save you much trouble.When does the next train leave for NewYork?At twelve
  11. 11. Is it an express, or a local?Is it a through train to New York?It is a local.You change at springfield.There is no express train before
  12. 12. For more dialogues about various situation like this go to our