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The Ultimate Strategy Session Checklist


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This is a template I created to assist recruiters in preparation for kick-off meetings with hiring managers. A great recruiter is always prepared to ask the right questions because they recognize doing so can limit errors, and lead towards an excellent partnership, as well as a great candidate experience.

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The Ultimate Strategy Session Checklist

  1. 1. ___Kick-Off Meeting Checklist___ Hiring Manager: Date: Job Title: Requisition Number: Requisition Approval: [_] Completed [_] In Progress Background on Role & Responsibilities 1. Do we have an approved requisition? 2. Do you have a Job Description? 3. Why is this position open? Is this a new role or a backfill? 4. What are the top responsibilities of this role? 5. What software or technology will the new hire be using most? 6. What team will they be working with? How big? Who will this role report to? 7. Will this position supervise others? How many? 8. What soft skills are needed to do well in this role? Requirements 1. What are the nice to have's vs the must have's? 2. Given the quality of prospects/candidates we find, would we be open to considering them if they do not have direct industry experience? Location 1. Where will this position be located and will there be any traveling? 2. Will there be any travel reimbursements? Interview Process/Logistics 1. Where will the interviews take place? 2. Who will be interviewing? 3. Who will be making the final decision? Compensation 1. What is the budget range for this role? Any bonus? 2. Will there be opportunity for advancement? 3. What benefits/perks will be offered? (HRBP)