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Motorev asia

  1. 1. moto-rev india tagline to come here
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  3. 3. contents MOTOR SPORTS MARKETING 02 our team 08 events 18 3 7 6 5 2 4 1 9 BRANDING sponsor packages 8 38 59
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  5. 5. WHAT IS MOTORSPORT MARKETING? AND WHY IT is THE WORLD’S LEADING SPORTS ADVERTISING PLATFORM. Sports sponsorship is the most advanced and Joyce Julius & Associates specializes in innovative face of corporate marketing for the tracking the success of sports marketing worlds leading companies, with over $12 billion programs. On the basis of over twenty spent annually. Of this pie, 25% is directed years of research, Julius stated in an article towards Motorsport making it the world’s for USA Today, that leading sports advertising platform, handsdown. To understand the industry of motorsports, you need to understand its components and how they function. A race team is a business made up of team management, race technicians, riders and equipment. The team management has the important job of making the team successful, getting it on the racetrack, winning and moving forward along with its sponsors. In major racing leagues, team ownership is big business involving all the management and marketing tools used by mainstream businesses. These teams employ talented marketing and promotions managers and are highly sophisticated in their business dealings. They understand that in order to be successful on the track, the team must be successful in the boardrooms. “Dollar for dollar, motor racing is the best bargain in sports marketing”. Their research shows that racing sponsorship is the most economical means of reaching a specific market demographic. And these very demographics speak of racing fans, that are “High” on product loyalty and are very “Brand Conscious” Motorsport watchers tend to be in a wealthy, free spending bracket and show immense interest, and loyalty to brands associated with the sport. Many of the Motorsport sponsors can tell you exactly how effective their association with the sport has been, and why they are with the sport for many years. This makes “Racing Fans” the most enviable “Consumer Set” across all sports and event platforms. 3
  6. 6. Moto-racing is without a doubt the world’s appearances away from the race event to most advanced sport with more science and further the sponsorship association. Trucks/ engineering going into it than that which goes Vans which transport the Racing machines and into all other sports combined. No other sport/ equipment to the racing circuit, also serve as event has such a lethal mix of Man and Machine traveling billboards for the sponsor and its racing hammering it out at v-max lap after lap providing association. Products can be showcased at the the fans and audience with the most potent dose track through hospitality functions and display of adrenaline. This very sublime uber-tech & high exhibits where additional signage and product adrenaline atmosphere that racing generates sampling opportunities are available. Print and rubs off onto the sponsors brands supporting electronic media outlets, which set the standard the teams, providing these brands with the for news coverage, have agreed to mention race ever important hi-tech tag in the minds of the sponsors of events and cars in their coverage if consumers, one that would undoubtedly cost those sponsorships are an integral part of the millions more to attain through the conventional story. This is a much more liberal policy than is consumer market. followed in other types of sports coverage and in hard news and feature stories. Cross marketing The racing motorcycles serve as moving programs between several corporate sponsors billboards for the sponsor’s logo. When properly present opportunities to sell and promote placed on the vehicle, the sponsor’s graphics are products in a unique and innovative fashion. highly visible to the fans in the stands and to the In-store product displays using a racing theme, THE ACTION IS TV viewers at home. Riders and team uniforms, coupled with a driver autograph session or a along with event and race circuit signage, which race superbike display; generate additional traffic carry prominent sponsor identification, give into retail stores. Corporate trackside hospitality the sponsor additional visibility with fans at provides for a unique way to entertain clients, the track and also appear in TV coverage and employees and VIPs. newspaper photos. Riders support sponsors by wearing brand or corporate apparel at public 4
  7. 7. THE MESSAGE Hence, as a marketing vehicle, Motor-racing is a “action” has to stop to get the message across, in proven winner and no other sport attracts more motorsport, THE ACTION IS THE MESSAGE. corporate sponsorship dollars because, only Moto-racing provides the corporate sponsor with so many different ways to merchandise and market its racing association. It is also worth remembering that in traditional advertising, the 5
  8. 8. Motor-Sport in the 21st century has seen sponsorship coming from a diverse sect of companies across a full spectrum of Industries with each one of them often basing their advertising and PR strategy around motorsport BECAUSE IT WORKS! Here are some of the major companies that have invested on motorsport in the last decade. 6
  9. 9. Here are the five tent pole benefits of sponsoring services. The various media covering a racing Motor-racing teams: event usually include sponsor names and/or 1. ENHANcING IMAGE AND SHAPING cONSuMER ATTITuDES photos. Additionally, the media coverage you Companies are often looking to improve how a particular audience perceives them. One way of achieving this goal is by becoming affiliated often receive as a sponsor would prove too expensive if purchased outright, assuming it was even available. Motorsports sponsorship often generates publicity that could not have been bought. with well-liked sports personalities. Professional motor racing is the largest spectator sport in the world and reaches a consumer market that crosses all boundaries of age, race and gender. Sponsoring a racing team is an excellent way to shape the buying attitudes of this vast demographic and will help to generate a positive reaction towards your company. 4. DIFFERENTIATING FROM cOMPETITORS The mere act of sponsoring a racing driver or team, especially an exclusive sponsorship, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name can stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Motorsports sponsorship is a powerful weapon 2. DRIVING SALES Motorsports sponsorship is an extremely effective promotional tool. Many successful companies use motorsports sponsorship to stimulate consumer interest, which in turn, against a competitor with a larger advertising budget. Sponsorship allows smaller companies to compete with their industry giants, and consumers often perceive sponsorship in a positive way. Using motorsports sponsorship will give you a decided edge over your competition. generates sales. They also use it to drive traffic to their web sites and increase online purchasing. This contributes to a significant rise in overall sales volume as well. 5. ENHANcING buSINESS, cONSuMER, AND EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Motorsports sponsorships that offer hospitality 3. HEIGHTENING VISIbILITY AND cREATING POSITIVE PubLIcITY Motorsports sponsorship provides wide exposure in broadcast, print and electronic media. This allow companies the chance to entertain key customers and solidify business relationships. Treating employees to a fun day of racing excitement is an excellent way to boost morale and to thank them for their hard work. exposure creates positive publicity and heightens visibility of your company’s products and 7
  10. 10. 8
  11. 11. Indian Motorsport Revolution or MOTO-REV Brands today were in fact a causatum of a simple INDIA as we are better known, very simply battle between some riders on a lonely racetrack summarizes, everything about who we are, and somewhere on this planet. what we set out to do. Coming into force in the year 2010, we aim to set a benchmark for an Motor-Rev India aims to be this very warhead Indian racing outfit, and we have begun moving for India’s automotive progression, contributing swiftly in that very direction, considering we are in our capacity however small and to be an currently third in the ongoing 2010 PETRONAS organized platform for the abundant racing talent FIM ARRC Championship in our Debut year, that exists in our country. and leading most of the National Racing Championships. Motorsport is always a good yardstick to measure a nation’s automotive health. India MOTO-REV India is aware of the fact that to be today is amongst the fastest growing car markets a successful racing outfit, not only do we have and the world’s second largest motorcycle to lead in terms of technical development but market So its only natural that Motorsport also be a very successful corporate organization. is also amongst the fastest growing sports to Hence we fully value the association of our catch the imagination of India’s new generation. future partners and have put together very Through decades, Motorsport has always been a exciting packages to forge a mutually successful breeding ground for automotive technology, what partnership and offer benefits and exposure with, the most popular of today’s innovations like for your brand, that you would have truly never ABS, Seatbelts, Traction Control, Electronic Body come across from any other sports organization Control etc..all which have been some racing in the past. team’s endeavor to push the envelope forward in terms of performance and more importantly Please let us introduce pacing out their rivals on the race track. Motor ourselves . . . racing has also lead to the birth of some of today’s most Iconic brands such as MV Agusta, Lotus, Ducati, Benelli, Honda, Suzuki etc..Today the effect of these companies on their respective nations economies requires no lecturing. So, some of the world’s most well known Mega- 9
  12. 12. TOSHIYuKI HAMAGucHI When it comes to Motorcycle racing in Asia, the buck stops here. He is, simply put, the most successful racer in the history of the championship, winning it for a staggering 6 times in 8 Years! Coming from the town of Nagoya, Japan “Hammer” as he known by his fans, he is undoubtedly the most famous and followed rider in the Championship. Not only does he draw admiration from his fans but is also a role model for other riders on track. BIKE NUMBER #64 AGE: 40 YEARS NATIONALITY: JAPANESE 10
  13. 13. Rajini krishnan The Fastest Indian rider in the world is now with the fastest Indian Moto-racing team. 10-Time national racing champion, Rajini is the “Michael Schumacher” of Indian motorcycle racing.Having raced across the globe, Rajini brings great racing acumen and solid racing performance to the table. Having a maniacal following among motorcycle racing fans across the south of India, Rajini with his racing accomplishments throughout the last 8 years, is a guaranteed feature on every Indian automotive publication, every month! BIKE NUMBER #67 AGE: 30 YEARS NATIONALITY: INDIAN 11
  14. 14. GAuTHAM MAYILVAGNAN In 2011, Gautham makes history again to become the youngest Indian rider in the FIM Asian GP with MOTO-REV.A Chennai dude, Gautham is touted by racing experts as amongst the most exiting racing talent in the country today and just coming off a 3 week training session with MOTO-GP world champion, Kenny Roberts in California, Gautham is raring to announce himself on the world scene. BIKE NUMBER #65 AGE: 20 YEARS NATIONALITY: INDIAN 12
  15. 15. bala Vijay Director & Racer Owns Hi-REV Automotives and the competition on the race-track! He is the driving force behind Moto-Rev India and is determined to take the team to the epitome of motor racing. In 2010, Balavijay took his racing game to an entirely new level, showcasing sheer dominance by first winning 5 out of 6 races in the 2010 MRF INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE to clinch the championship followed by a record-braking performance in the 2010 IJTC winning 8 out of 10 races to seal the championship in the 4th round itself!...2011, will see him returning to the grid as defending champion. 13
  17. 17. DINESH KuMAR BIKE NUMBER #14 AGE: 24 YEARS NATIONALITY: INDIAN DEBUT: 2007 CHAMPIONSHIP: SIDVIN NMRC Director Abishek Raju Co-Owner of SBK India, an upcoming nationwide Superbike specific Superstore. An automobile engineer and an amateur racecar builder, he has an intricate understanding of racing systems and the nuances of motor-sport marketing. 15
  18. 18. TECHNICAL CREW VIcTOR LIM Team Manager ADRIAN Race Engineer chaNdraMOHAN Chief Mechanic 16
  19. 19. tSuNETAKA igami Race Motorcycle Technician ASAM Race Motorcycle Technician YOSHIO kasai Race Engineer pit GIRLS Megami, yuka, reiko, alisha 17
  20. 20. EVENTS 18
  21. 21. PETRONAS FIM ARRC attracted riders from beyond the region like or the ASIAN GP, as its widely known, is very Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. As the simply, the World’s third largest Motorcycle Racing Asian equivalent to the FIM World Road Racing Championship covering 6 countries presently and Championship or better known as the MOTOGP, having a rapidly expanding footprint. The event is the Asian GP celebrates its 13th year anniversary commissioned and governed by the FIM(Fédération in 2010 and is poised to cement its stature as one Internationale de Motocyclisme). of the world’s biggest sporting series in the years international The FIM Asian Road Racing championship (ARRC) to come. The FIM is the world’s largest body motorcyclegoverning body with over 90 associations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceana. It is a 100-year-old organization, which is responsible for also conducting the MOTO GP, that the world’s third-largest-watched sporting OuR RIDERS FOR THIS EVENT 1. TOSHIYuKI HAMAGucHI 2. RAJINI KRISHNAN 3. GAuTHAM MAYILVAGNAN spectacle with a 3 billion strong audience. Under their guidance one can only expect the ASIAN GP to soar to dizzying heights in the seasons to come. The growth of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), known also as the Asian GP has been evident over the past few years, with the participation of more teams and riders from the region. The ARRC is the only motorcycle championship that has spanned the Asian continent, with championship rounds in Malaysia, Philippines, India, China, Japan, Qatar, and Indonesia. Aside from drawing in riders from Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India onto its starting grid, the ARRC has in the past 19
  22. 22. AbOuT THE cHAMPIONSHIP The ARRC is a six round championship with of a second, which is why the championship each round consisting of two races. Points are has a highly professional timekeeping setup in awarded for places 1-8 in each of the 12 races. place. Results are issued almost instantly after The rider and team that secures the maximum the chequered flag is waved, accompanying the points at the end of race 12 are declared results are a detailed lap-by-lap analysis of the champions. race, which is essential in a highly technical sport like motor racing. RAcE cONTROL The nerve center of the entire championship is contained in this high-tech operations truck.A bank of television screens show every inch of the track and officials manning race control send out rapid-fire instructions to the marshalls on the track in response to every situation that arises. In the high-risk world of motorsport, nothing must be left to chance, and we make sure we cover all gaps. RAcE OFFIcIALS Highly experienced race officials, many with decades of motorsports experience on their resume, are a key component of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC.These officials include the Race stewards from Automobile and Racing associations from Malaysia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Qatar and China, the clerk of the course, the chief timekeeper, the chief technical Scrutineer, race secretariat officials, TIME KEEPING The difference between victory and defeat in motor racing can sometimes come down to 0.001 flag Marshalls and post Marshalls. Every single person filling the posts above are trained to have the same hair-trigger responses as the riders, equipped to handle any emergencies. SAFETY The safety record of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC is one of the best in the business. Working handin-hand with our governing body, the automobile & racing associations of the host nations, we ensure that nothing is left to chance. 20
  23. 23. MObILE TRAuMA uNIT The championships million dollar Mobile Trauma Unit anchors the safety requirements. The custom designed 42-foot truck boasts a reception area, recuperation area, and a fully equipped operation theatre. HOSPITALS The PETRONAS FIM ARRC also ties up with select hospitals at each venue. The medical personnel at the hospitals stand by in case any emergencies are sent their way. IN THE PITS Life is anything but the pits in the paddock of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC.This hive of constant activity is where team personnels and riders are based over the course of the weekend.Here SuRGEONS-ON-cALL We have acquired the services of three specialists who are able to provide the highest degree of medical advise, should the need arise. technical maintenance, repairs and tuning are performed at breakneck speeds by the cream of the technical talent in the region, All ARRC teams only hire the best technicians, engineers and mechanics and this ensure the highest rate of development, performance and competition. AMbuLANcES: Motorsports is the ultimate in demanding Each round of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC has the deadlines.Races start to the dot of the minute, services of up to 3 ambulances standing by to and with the exception of safety reasons, the attend to any accidents if and when they occur. schedule brooks no delays. cROWD SAFETY The paddock of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC is a The safety of our Spectators takes top priority. Thousands of meters of custom designed fence lining don the entire circuit, keeping spectators safe from the high-speed action that can sometimes be happening mere feet away. Our custom designed shock absorbing fencing is colorful assault on the senses, decked out in the dazzling colors of each teams respective sponsors.Spectators are always curious about the pit activity, however, this area remains restricted to teams, authorized personnel and of course, sponsor guests. highly flexible and can be configured to fit the shape and layout of any racetrack. 21
  24. 24. Added, since 2008, the championship arranges for daily pit walks in a one hour window, where the fans can enter the pits to interact with their favorite riders and also learn more about the brands and products showcased through information counters and kiosks and promoted by the teams. LOGIcAL ORcHESTRA Coordinating the logistics of moving such a huge circus to venues around the country is a massive task, akin to conducting an intricate orchestra.The championship on the move boasts a supply train that comprises of twenty four containers on board twelve container trucks; five lorries; five cargo carriers; eight cargo vehicles for advertising material; fork-lifts and cranes. These cart the organizational assets of the championship from venue to venue. The races are beamed live over a 1-km radius and plasma television sets are placed at strategic locations around the track for the spectators. Once at the race venue, the pits are kitted out, additional tents and marquees are set-up, miles 5-STAR HOSPITALITY of railings put up, scaffoldings erected, and The PETRONAS FIM ARRC provides top notch acres of floor mats laid down.Electricity for services at the hospitality wings at each of the activites in the entire track is generated by the International racing venues, the best generator sets from which loops of power cables food and beverages, security arrangements, are run to Race Control, Hospitality, Paddock and event cleaning and turnaround time as well as the promotions area.At the same time, the sound comfortable and hygienic restrooms. system is strung up for the race commentary for the spectators for the venue along with general Gone are the days when visitors were served entertainment and sponsor adverts between packed lunches.We have our own catering team races. that works exclusively for us and travels with 22
  25. 25. the circus from country to country.The food, sponsor logos can be seen from afar, the track cooked fresh on site, is always delicious and has itself is lined with corner boards and A-boards. become a huge hit with our guests and sponsors Umbrella girls decked out in sponsor uniforms alike.Items on the menu combine staples such as add to the glamour of the event.All these add Pasta, Rice and bread along with delicacies like up to a visual reinforcement of our partners’ roast lamb and other dishes that are special to branding and presence. the race host nation. PubLIcITY MObILE SHOPPING MALL In terms of media visibility, the PETRONAS FIM The promotion area of the PETRONAS FIM ARRC being the world’s third largest motorcycle ARRC is a mobile shopping mall.Festooned with racing series has its own comprehensive PR flags, music and games galore, this is the most personnel working in tandem with local host frequented area of the race.Here the spectators nations PR agencies to deliver widespread news and fans witness new product launches, try new coverage along with interesting insights into the products browse through sponsor displays and championship.Covered in major newspapers, interact with kiosks and sponsor reps all in a auto magazines and websites the PETRONAS festive setting. FIM ARRC makes it very easy and comfortable for all its fans to follow.The championship is covered Live in Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, China an Qatar and very soon in India.All in all, the PETRONAS FIM ARRC is second only to Formula 1 when it comes to media coverage in the Asian sub-continent. Following are the racing venues of THE buzz the Championship . . . Two weeks before each event, a buzz of excitement electrifies the host venue of the upcoming round.Working hand in hand with the local authorities, the championship blankets the streets with buntings, billboards and directional signages.On-track, flags bearing our partner & 23
  26. 26. sepang SEPANG F1 cIRcuIT Country: Malaysia Length: 5.43 Km Opened: 1999 Seating Capacity: 130,000 Spectators 24 The Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is a racing circuit in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. It is located near Kuala Lumpur International Airport, approximately 60 km south of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. It is the venue used for the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, A1 Grand Prix as well as the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
  27. 27. autopolis AuTOPOLIS cIRcuIT Country: Japan Length: 4.67 Km Opened: 1990 Seating Capacity: 90,000 Spectators Autopolis is an international racing circuit located near Kamitsue village in Ōita Prefecture, Japan. Opened in 1990, it hosts a range of domestic and international motorsport events throughout the year. The circuit was designed by Yoshitoshi Sakurai who was the project leader of the Honda F1 team during the 1960s.This Kawasaki owned circuit ranks amongst the best in Japan. 25
  28. 28. sentul Sentul circuit Country: Indonesia Length: 3.96 Km Opened: 1993 Seating Capacity: 100,000 Spectators 26 Sentul International Circuit is a motor racing circuit located in Citeureup, 42 kilometres (26.10 mi) away from the Toll Gate of Jakarta towards Bogor, Indonesia. Sentul International Circuit was designed to meet the Formula One motor racing standard.
  29. 29. mmRT MMSc circuit Country: India Length: 3.71 Km Opened: 1990 Seating Capacity: The Irungattukottai race track, which is the first of its kind in India was inaugurated in 1990. The main track has three straights, with the longest one being 250 meters. The circuit conforms to the two international bodies - the Federation Internationale de Automobile and the Federation Internationale du Motocyliste, who lay down the norms for racing and racing circuits. 1000 Spectators 27
  30. 30. zhuhai zhuhai International Race ciruit Country: China Length: 4.3 Km Opened: 1996 Seating Capacity: 200,000 Spectators 28 Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) was the first permanent motor racing circuit built in China. Completed in November 1996 to host China’s first international motor race event, the 4.3km long circuit has since become a hub for Motorsports enthusiasts from all over the world.
  31. 31. losail Losail circuit Country: Qatar Length: 5.38 Km Opened: 2004 Seating Capacity: Built in just under a year by 1,000 workers at the cost of $US 58 million, the track opened in 2004 to the inaugural Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar. In 2007, Losail added permanent outdoor lighting for night races. At the time, the lighting of the Losail Circuit by Musco Lighting was the largest permanent venue sports lighting project in the world. 120,000 Spectators 29
  32. 32. JPSK F1 circuit (coming in 2012) between 15 billion and 18 billion INR (up to $364 million) to build, the new circuit will be designed by Herman Tilke and is expected to be completed Country: India by April 2011. It will be 3.147 miles long covering Length: 5.50 Km an area of 875 acres (354ha). Seating capacity Opened: 2011 (Scheduled) is expected to be 2 lakh. The circuit will be part Seating Capacity: 200,000 Spectators of the 2500 acres Jaypee Greens Sports City, which is planned to include a 100,000 seat cricket stadium, 18-hole golf course, 25,000 in every department. The JPSK F1 circuit coming seat hockey stadium and a sports academy. The up in Noida, will be amongst the biggest sporting sports complex is expected to generate $170m arenas in the world and certainly the biggest of revenue annually, and employ 10,000 people. arena India has ever produced.This circuit is a It has been reported that the circuit will be the clear sign of India’s entry into the big league of second-fastest on the calendar after Monza and Motorsports and signals that motor-racing has that the design was forwarded to the teams to well and truly arrived in India. Estimated to cost gather their feedback. jpsk f1 Designed to beat every circuit, around the world 30
  33. 33. MEDIA cOVERAGE TELEVISION cOVERAGE The championship is covered live across a host of channels in different parts of the world. Apart from the regular Live coverage of the races many of the channels have motorsport related programming that keeps the viewers upto speed on the championship with inside news and scoops. MALAYSIA INDIA cHINA INDONESIA QATAR JAPAN WORLD WIDE 31
  34. 34. PRINT MEDIA (INDIA) web media 32
  35. 35. SIDVIN NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP Organized by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (F.M.S.C.I) the Sidvin National national Motorcycle Road Racing Championship is the biggest motorsport event of the country.With riders coming on to participate from all over the country, this championship is responsible for OuR RIDERs FOR THE EVENT 1. RAJINI KRISHNAN 2. GAuTHAM MAYILVAGNAN 3. SRIKANDARAJAH 4. PRAbHu producing almost all of the racing talent India can boast of in the International arena today.The championship consists of 5 Rounds all of which are scheduled at the MSSC Racetrack in Chennai. The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) was founded in 1971 and is Media coverage Television a long-standing member of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), TEN SPORTS the world bodies for 2/3 and 4 wheeler motor sport respectively. The FMSCI is the only national motor sport federation recognised by the Government of India for the promotion and control of motor sport in India, and is affiliated to print & web media: the prestigious Indian Olympic Association. The Same as ARRc FMSCI is affiliated to the Asian Motorcycle Union (UAM), the Continental Asian wing of the FIM. 33
  36. 36. mmRT MMSc circuit Country: India Length: 3.71 Km Opened: 1990 Seating Capacity: 1000 Spectators 34 The Irungattukottai race track, which is the first of its kind in India was inaugurated in 1990. The main track has three straights, with the longest one being 250 meters. The circuit conforms to the two international bodies - the Federation Internationale de Automobile and the Federation Internationale du Motocyliste, who lay down the norms for racing and racing circuits.
  37. 37. JK TYRE NATIONAL ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP The JK Tyre National Road Racing championship is India’s oldest and premier racing series for cars.It has been the platform that has national provided Indian motor-sport with talents such as Formula 1 drivers Narain Karthikeyan & Media coverage SAME AS SIDVIN MOTORcYcLE cHAMPIONSHIP Karun Chandok apart from other racers like Armaan Ebrahim, Parthiva Swareshwaran and more. A 6-round, 12-race championship,it sees the cream of Indian racing talent compete in classes such as Super Saloons, Touring Cars and Formula Racing Cars. This year this mega circus will also hit the newly constructed, 1700 crore, JPSK F1 circuit in Noida apart from the KMS (Kari Motor Speedway) and the MMSC Race Track. OuR RIDERs FOR THE EVENT bALA VIJAY EMMANuEL JEbARAJ 35
  38. 38. 36 mmRT
  39. 39. jpsk f1 37
  40. 40. branding indulgence & exhibitions 38
  41. 41. TITLE RIGHTS Pepsi has had it, Playboy has it, RedBull has just got it and now you can have it! Yes, your brands own Race Team. Little needs to be said about how these respective brand’s Racing Teams, acting like brand ambassadors has totally changed their consumer’s attitude towards the brand and subsequently the brand’s popularity skywards. Moto-Rev is offering you “Title Naming Rights” that will see your brand’s name precede “Moto-Rev India Racing Team”. This is Moto-Rev’s biggest offering to our prospective partners and will undoubtedly give your brand that “Sporting Dimension” and “Marketing firepower” to outgun your competition. pits outBOARDS 1.OB-T : Out board Top 2.OB-R : Out board Right 3.OB-L : Out board Left 1 3 2 39
  42. 42. pits inboards 1.PTIN-SCHM : all the pits inboards will be themed in your brand colors/livery. 2.PTIN-lgo1~6: inboard logos PTIN-LGO3 PTIN-LGO1 PTIN-LGO4 PTIN-LGO2 PTIN-LGO5 PTIN-LGO6 2 1 40
  43. 43. pits CARPET 1.CRPT-SCHM : all our pits carpeting would be themeD in your brand colors/livery along with prominently sized logos. 1 41
  44. 44. pits kiosk 1.ksk-l : kiosk left* 2.ksk-r : kiosk right* * all media content and print material for the kiosk should be provided by the sponsor. 1 42 2
  45. 45. pits plasma 1.plsm-l : plasma display left* 2.plsm-r : plasma display right* * all media content should be provided by the sponsor. 1 2 43
  46. 46. pit wall nerve centre 1.nrve-schm : our pit wall nerve centre will be themed in your brand’S colors/livery. 1 44
  47. 47. pits flags 1.flg-l : flag left 2.flg-r : flag right 1 2 45
  48. 48. 46 7 6 5 4 8 3 2 1 9
  49. 49. 1.fuc-l/r : front upper cowling left & right 2.suc-t l/r : side upper cowling left & right 3.suc-mb l/r : side upper cowling middle big left & right 4.suc-lb l/r : side upper cowling lower big left & right l/r : tail cowling side left & right : tail fin left & right 7.sw-l/r : swing arm left & right lower cowling left & right logos 1~8 9.fmg-l/r : front mud-guard left & right 47
  50. 50. 1.dbb-l: double bubble left 2.dbb-r : double bubble right 3.fmg-c : front mud guard centre 4.tund-c: tail under centre 1 2 3 48 4
  51. 51. Rbk-schm: the full race bike will be painted in your brand’s colors/livery. sample is painted in the colors of the vodka brand the race bike below martini. similiar paint theme will be carried out on our race bike in the sponsor’s colors. 49
  52. 52. 1 2 5 3 7 12 9 13 10 17 11 8 4 14 6 15 18 19 16 20 50 22 21 23 24 25
  53. 53. racing gear 1.HMT-f t: helmet front top 2.HMT-R r: helmet rear right 3.HMT-f R: helmet front right 4.HMT-f l: helmet front left 5.HMT-r l: helmet rear left 6.JKT-SL L: jacket side sleeve 1-4 7.JKT-FT R1: jacket front top right 1 8.JKT-FT R2: jacket front top right 2 9.JKT-FT R3: jacket front top right 3 10.JKT-FT R4: jacket front top right 4 11.JKT-FT L1: jacket front top left 1 12.jKT-FT L2: jacket front top left 2 13.JKT-FT L3: jacket front top left 3 14.JKT-FT L4: jacket front top left 4 15.JKT-F M1: jacket front middle 1 16.JKT-F M2: jacket front middle 2 17.JKT-SL r: jacket side sleeve right 1-4 18.JKT-FARM r: jacket fore arm right 19.JKT-FARM l: jacket fore arm left 20.PNT-BS r: pant big side right 21.PNT-BS l: pant big side left 22.JKT-RT M1: jacket rear top middle 1 23.JKT-RT M2: jacket rear top middle 2 24.JKT-RT M3: jacket rear top middle 3 25.pnT-rwst: pant rear waist band rcst-schm: our rider’s racing suite will be themed in your brand’s colors/livery. 51
  54. 54. 1 7 2 3 5 4 8 6 9 10 11 52 12
  55. 55. uniform 1.cap-f1: cap front 1 2.psht-sll 1~3: pit shirt sleeve left 1 to 3 3.psht-ft r1: pit shirt front top right 1 4.psht-ft r2: pit shirt front top right 2 5.psht-ft l1: pit shirt front top left1 6.psht-ft l2: pit shirt front top left2 7.psht-sl r1~3: pit shirt sleeve right 1 to 3 8.psht-R1: pit shirt rear top middle 1 9.psht-R2: pit shirt rear top middle 2 10.psht-R3: pit shirt rear top middle 3 11.Psho-r: pit shorts right 12.Psho-l: pit shorts left psht-schm: our crew uniform will be themed in your brand’s colors/livery. 53
  56. 56. pit girls 1.pgrl-schm The hottest part of the coolest sport would have to be the Pit Girls. MOTO-REV will dress up our sexy Pit Girls in your brand colors & livery. Along with their outfits come their large umbrellas, which tend to grab the limelight in most motor-sport events that will assure your brand maximum airtime. But, one warning about their outfits, our Pit Girls have a very unique taste, “They don’t like to dress too much!”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 54
  57. 57. corporate hospitality MOTO-REV is rolling the red carpet for its corporate sponsors. Come witness first hand the thrills of racing, the ultra efficient logistic systems in place, the best technicians in Asia working on racing machines at breakneck speed and off course to chill out with the Race team, MOTO-REV style. Here are some of the features of the MOTO-REV hospitality package: 2 Nights / 3 Days package for 2 Guests at every round of the Championship Limousine Airport Transfers Luxury Hotel Accommodation Transfers to and from the Race Circuit 1-Day City Highlights Tour Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at crewrecommended restaurants and cafes in each of the international events. Beverages & Refreshments all along the stay Pit lane all-access passes with riders and crew introduction Watch each race from the airconditioned hospitality lounges Receive complimentary Team Merchandize autographed by our Star Riders 10 Free Grandstand tickets at each round of the Championship Night out at the hottest Night Club in town 55
  58. 58. showcase MOTO-REV will organize for its Racing Motorcycles with your brands Signage and Livery to be present at the venue of your choice, be it your office premises during promotional / red letter days or Resorts during your Annual Company meets or even at trade shows & exhibitions to give your brand that edge over your competitors. Public interest & involvement is guaranteed, as these Racing Motorcycles are a massive crowd puller just standing stationary. Along with these machines, one of our Race crew will also be on-site to hand over team merchandize and to take any questions on the team and of course sponsor associations. TWO EVENTS EAcH YEAR 56
  59. 59. endorsements Moto-Racing is a high technology sport, pushing which goes a long way to inhibit your customers the envelope of science to its limits. Its the favor towards your brand over your competition. partnership of Man & Machine, hammering When we endorse a product, every one of our away lap after lap at V-Max under extreme Team be it our Star riders, Technical crew or conditions with the help from the technical crew. event the Pit Girls are available for adverts or The audience knows these facts and hence, promotions to showcase your brand’s association any product or service used by Racing teams is with racing. All products we endorse will be bound to excel at these high pressure situations given “Segment Monopoly” which means, we will and to zero tolerance to failure. So, MOTO- not be partnering with any other brand in the REV endorsing a product will instantly give the same industry and your brand will be offered the product/service “Hi-Tech, Fit for Racing” tag “Official Supplier Status”. stationery All of MOTO-REV’s correspondence and public announcements like letter heads, adverts, promotions, calendars, visiting cards and posters will display your brands logo. stn-lgo1 stn-lgo2 stn-lgo3 stn-lgo4 stn-lgo5 stn-lgo6 stn-lgo7 stn-lgo8 57
  60. 60. media creation MOTO-REV appreciates and values your brand’s association & partnership and nothing pleases us more than to be able to see your brand gain advantage in the market, leading up from this racing association. We are dead serious about this and hence MOTO-REV is going the full distance to even design, develop and direct AV & print content showcasing MOTO-REV endorsing your brand / service / product. To bring out the right flavor of a racing association, these ads will be created by our in-house art directors and A/v experts. So, we are ensuring your association with “World’s hottest sport” will definitely not go unnoticed. 58
  61. 61. sponsor packages 59
  62. 62. Agostini Gold Package 600,000 uSD (full season) TITLE RIGHTS pits outBOARDS OB-T pits inboards PTIN-SCHM PTIN-LGO1 pits CARPET CRPT-SCHM pits kiosk KSK-L KSK-R 60 pits plasma PLSM-L PLSM-R pit wall nerve centre NRVE-SCHM pits flags FLG-L FLG-R RBK-SCHM SUC-MB L/R FUC-L/R
  63. 63. racing gear RCST-SCHM JKT-F M1 JKT-RT M1 PNT-BS L/R HMT-FT corporate hospitality showcase endorsements uniform PSHT-SCHM PSHT-FT L1 PSHT-R1 PSHO-L PSHO-R CAP-F1 stationery media creation pit girls PGRL-SCHM 61
  64. 64. ROSSI SILVER PACKAGE 400,000 uSD (full season) pits outBOARDS OB-L OB-R pits inboards pits plasma PLSM-L PLSM-R pit wall nerve centre PTIN-SCHM PTIN-LGO1 NRVE-SCHM pits CARPET pits flags CRPT-SCHM FLG-L FLG-R pits kiosk KSK-L KSK-R 62 RBK-SCHM SUC-MB L/R
  65. 65. racing gear RCST-SCHM JKT-F M1 HMT-FT uniform PSHT-SCHM PSHT-FT L1 PSHT-R1 CAP-F1 corporate hospitality LIMITED TO ANY 3 EVENTS ONLY showcase ONLY 1 EVENT PER YEAR endorsements stationery pit girls PGRL-SCHM 63
  66. 66. LOGISTICS SPONSOR To avail this package the sponsor is obligated to provide the full moto-rev crew comprising of 15 members, return air tickets to 7 countries that the petronas fim arrc championship visits. pits inboards PTIN-LGO4 pits plasma (non exclusive) PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-FT L2 corporate hospitality LIMITED TO ANY 1 EVENT showcase SUC-T L/R DBB-L endorsements racing gear JKT-FT L2 JKT-SL L1 JKT-SL R1 64 stationery
  67. 67. HOSPITALITY SPONSOR To avail this package the sponsor is obligated to provide the moto-rev team with 10 double bed 3 star hotel rooms in all 7 host cities of the petronas fim arrc championship. pits inboards PTIN-LGO5 pits plasma (non exclusive) PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-FT R1 showcase endorsements stationery SUC-LB L/R DBB-R racing gear JKT-FT L3 JKT-SL L2 JKT-SL R2 65
  68. 68. MOTORCYCLE SPONSOR To avail this package the sponsor is obligated to provide the Moto-Rev team with 4 nos of 2011 Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles at their R&D centre in singapore, that would be used as donor machines to build the race motorcycles. pits inboards PTIN-LGO6 pits plasma (non exclusive) PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-FT R2 corporate hospitality LIMITED TO ANY 1 EVENT showcase SUC-LB L/R TC-S L/R ONLY 1 EVENT PER YEAR endorsements racing gear JKT-FT L3 JKT-SL L/R4 66 stationery
  69. 69. PARTS & LUBES SPONSORs All parts & lubes sponsors will be allowed to retain their logo on the respective component that they are sponsoring to Moto-Rev.* * The components must pass tests conducted by the Moto-Rev R&D team apart from being permitted by the rules of the championship. pits plasma (non exclusive) PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-SL L/R1~3 endorsements LC L/R 1~8 stationery racing gear JKT-SL L/R1~4 67
  70. 70. BEVERAGE SPONSOR To avail this package this package, the sponsor is obligated to provide the team with 400 cans/ bottles of an energy drink at the racing circuit of each of the 7 rounds of the petronas fim arrc championship and the 5 rounds of the sidvin national road racing championship at Chennai. pits plasma (non exclusive) endorsements PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-SL L/R1~3 68 stationery
  71. 71. RIDING GEAR SPONSORS All riding gear sponsors will be allowed to retain one logo on the respective piece of riding gear that they are sponsoring to Moto-Rev.* * All provided riding gear must adhere to the necessary safety standards as prescribed by the fim for motorcycle racing apart from getting an approval from our riders on comfort & performance parameters. pits plasma (non exclusive) PLSM-L PLSM-R uniform PSHT-SL L/R2 endorsements racing gear JKT-FT R1 PNT-RWST stationery 69
  72. 72. our race bikes custom racing yamaha yzf-r6 70 ENGINE cAPAcITY: 600 cc IGNITION: MOTO-REV cuSTOM buILT RAcING Ecu TORQuE: cANNOT bE DIScLOSED POWER: cANNOT bE DIScLOSED AccELERATION (0-100KMPH): 2.8 SEcS TOP SPEED: 300 KMPH WEIGHT: 140 KGS
  73. 73. honda hrc cbr600rr ENGINE cAPAcITY: 600 cc IGNITION: HRc(HONDA RAcING cOMPANY) ELEcTRONIc cDI TORQuE: 50 FT-LbS@12,400 RPM POWER: 120 bHP@15,000 RPM AccELERATION (0-100KMPH): 3.2 SEcS TOP SPEED: 280 KMPH WEIGHT: 150KGS 71
  74. 74. Snapshots from One day before our first race.. Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Malay members of our team working at full clip! An unforgettable moment!, a podium in our very first race. 76
  75. 75. m the 2010 season The cynosure of the Japanese media at the Autopolis circuit. There are 5000 fans in Japan wearing the “I LOVE TO MOTO-REV” T-shirt thanks to yuka being in a very generous mood! 77
  76. 76. Ready to race!... in Indonesia Round 4, Chennai the 6th interview in 60 minutes... the media cannot seem to get enough of the 6 time champion 78
  77. 77. The moto-rev national team at the 2010 sidvin national road racing championship MOTO-REV INDIA owns the competition after dominating the 2011 NATIONAL RACING SEASON winning a record 52 trophies in whole 79
  78. 78. MOTO-REV india’s Preetham at full clip under the dazzling lights of the LOSAIL circuit, during the QATAR Night Race Hammer signing MOTO-REV shirts & Calendars for the exited chinese fans, during the ZHUHAI GP 80
  79. 79. HAMMER with the glittering trophy, after a storming race to clinch 3rd place at QATAR during ROUND 6 of the 2010 FIM ARRC This Post race press conference marked the close of the 2010 Racing season with the last race at Qatar in december. 81