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Hyundai global marketing strategy


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Global Marketing

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Hyundai global marketing strategy

  1. 1. Group 4 윤재연/박윤지/김가연
  2. 2. Contents_ Initial Market Marketing New Hyundai & Analyzing Strategy MarketingWhy Hyundai • Faced Problems • Competitors in Early Stage Strategy
  3. 3. Hyundai & Why Hyundai
  4. 4. Hyundai & Why Hyundai
  5. 5. Initial Market Analyzing: Faced Problems Selling Amount 3000000 2,603,000 2000000 1,608,000 1000000 0 1986 1987 1990Low Quality + Less Adaptation + Bad Service Negative Brand Image High Claim from consumer
  6. 6. Initial Market Analyzing: Competitors Detroit (GM,Ford,Chrysler) TOYOTA & HONDA Brand Image “Keep America Rolling" “Where do you come from?” Price Policy Incentive & Cash rebate PremiumTop-Selling Product Truck and SUV Compact Car Category Hyundai, find a new way
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy in Early StageS T P Excel Elantra Sonata 25~35 age 40~50 age S Young Couple Highly educated woman Major city citizen $30,000 yearly income T Low income Middle-upper class Upper class P Low Price Best Value Luxury Brand Car
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy in Early StagePRODUCTQualityManagement “100 Brand in the World”
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy in Early StagePrice Market Penetration StrategyLow Price Policy 1986, HYUNDAI , EXCEL
  10. 10. Marketing Strategy in Early StagePromotion Warranty
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy in Early StagePromotion Warranty 2 years / 24,000 miles
  12. 12. Marketing Strategy in Early StagePlace Glocalization System Alabama Factory in Montgomery
  13. 13. “The Car Good Value for Money”“The Dream Car for Someone”
  14. 14. New Marketing StrategyS American middle class 10 million dollar yearly income or moreT Consumer Interested in purchasing carP Dream Car with High Safety, Quality, and Luxury Performance
  15. 15. New Marketing StrategyPRODUCT Quality Management Emotional Management EQUUS Various & more comfortable interior
  16. 16. New Marketing StrategyPrice Reasonable Price Policy $20,000 20,000,000
  17. 17. New Marketing StrategyPromotion Customer -centered Marketing Emergency Service Warranty Hyundai Assurance Program Race Game in New York Youth Times Square Marketing
  18. 18. New Marketing StrategyPlaceSellingthroughDealers
  19. 19. Evaluation Develop Make Hyundai’s Upgrading itself Brand Image with key message to be a dream car High Spec like BMW “JOY”
  20. 20. Thank you 