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Starting a Web Development Project


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In this slide I discuss some methods on approaching a serious web development or programming project, whether it is a freelance project, for a companay or your own. This video was created from my own experiences as well as some general research

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Starting a Web Development Project

  2. 2. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PROJECTS • Freelance Project / Dealing Directly With The Client • Company Project / Dealing With A Project Manager/Lead • Your Own Project / Dealing With Yourself
  3. 3. GET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS • Objective & Scope • Purpose • Target Audience • Technology Requirements / API • Budget (Document EVERYTHING) • Deployment
  4. 4. CREATE A TIMELINE • Carefully establish a timeline based on all that stuff • Document your timeline/tasks • For clients, always tell them longer than you think
  5. 5. WIREFRAMING & MOCKUPS • Know what the final result will look like • Create wireframes or mockups using PS, Sketch, etc • What components will go where? • Send for approval
  6. 6. START CODING (FINALLY!) • Use everything we have talked about as a guide • Setup your dev environment • Research other projects that are similar • Set up a Git repo with branches • Everyone has their own workflow
  7. 7. COMMUNICATE • Keep in communication with the client/manager/team • Make sure your on the same page • Project management software may be a good idea • Get feedback
  8. 8. TESTING • Be thorough with your testing • Test on multiple platforms/OS/browsers • After deployment, test more…
  9. 9. THANK YOU! • Take all this with a grain of salt. Everyone is different and not everything works in every situation and for every project. I hope you enjoyed this 