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Lord Howe Island Project Brochure


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A brochure I made for a Year 4 HSIE school project.

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Lord Howe Island Project Brochure

  1. 1. LORD HOWE ISLAND BROCHURE BY TALIA PLANTS AND ANIMALS locationThere are no snakes, venomous or Lord Howe is an irregularly shapedstinging insects, animals, plants and no crescent volcanic remnant.day-time sharks off the beaches. The island is in the South West of theThere are 18 land bird species that Pacific Ocean, approximately, 600 kmbreed on the island, and over 14 East of Port Maquarie, and 700 kmspecies of seabirds that nest on the North East of Sydney.island. † ABOUT THE ISLAND ¢ Lord Howe Island is 11km long, andLord Howe is also home to the worlds between 2.8km and 600m wide. I have put this brochure together from a numberrarest bird - the Woodhen. of different websites. Some good websites I found You can fly to Lord Howe Island on about the island include:The island is also home to many turtles, Qantas Airlines. Flight time is under • Lord Howe Island Info Websitewhales, coral, starfish, tung shells (also two hours, with flights departing fromknown as sea snails), lobsters, jellyfish, Sydney on most days, and from • The NSW Office of Environment and Heritagesquid, Kingfish, and dolphins. Brisbane on weekends. • Wikipedia and other websites
  2. 2. Island Island Island Activities History Management Prior to European settlement, there were Before 1855, the British had official control no people who lived on the island. The of Lord Howe Island. In 1855, island was discovered in 1788. management of the island was passed to The island was named after Richard Howe, New South Wales Government. First Earl Howe, who was First Lord of the The island is now managed by the Lord Admiralty at the time. The name was Howe Island Board as part of New South picked by Lt. Henry Lidgebird Ball - who Wales. also named a mountain after himself. It was Lt Ball who discovered the island. There are seven people on the management board, including four from the islandTourists can climb the tallest In June 1834, permanent settlement began. community. The board meets every threemountains on the island. The island Three men were left to establish a supply months on the island.also has rain forests, volcanic station. They would supply ships that weremountains, palm fronds and transferring goods between New Zealand The island itself has a population of 350grasslands. and Sydney. people.Tourists can go on bush walks, andcan stay in lodges on the island.Other tourist activities includeswimming, snorkeling and going onboat rides around the island.Tourists also love to visit the manybeaches on the island.You can also go bike riding, playgolf and lawn bowls, tennis, surfing, Unofficial flag of Lord Howe Islandand hand feed fish. For tourists thatlike to take a break there is a dayspa and beauty facility.