How to Develop Valid and Actionable Competency Models


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Competency models are a foundational element to any world-class Talent Management (Human Resources) strategy. They identify and describe the critical skills, knowledge, and abilities linked to top performance in your unique business environment and provide a clear roadmap for success for your people.

This presentation was created as part of a webinar that shares TalentFirst's best practices around competency models to empower participants with practical recommendations they can readily apply in their organization. To download the webinar use this URL

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How to Develop Valid and Actionable Competency Models

  1. 1. Part One: How To Develop Valid And Actionable Competency Models Luciano Gregoretti Consultant 908.897.0924
  2. 2. 1 - How to Develop Valid and Actionable Competency Models June 10th – 12th 2 - Competency-Based Talent Development June 24th – 26th 3 - Using Competency Models to Hire Top Talent July 8th – 10th 4 - Competency Models and Performance Management July 22nd – 25th 7 Steps to Developing Competency Models: Progression 5 - Competency-Based Coaching Aug 5th – 7th 6 - Competency Models and Leadership Development Aug 19th – 21st 7 - Integrated Talent Management and Cloud Technology Sep 2nd – 4th
  3. 3. 3 About TalentFirst A Talent Management consulting and technology firm that offers actionable tools and systems to optimize organizations’ human capital investment Consulting Technology Assessment
  4. 4. Competencies 101
  5. 5. Business Case For Competencies Dollar: Financial Capital = Competency: Human Capital
  6. 6. Other Advantages… For the people  Clearly defines expectations for the role(s)  Increases clarity and ownership around development (roadmap)  Drives greater employee engagement and organizational commitment For the organization  Increase performance (hard and soft)  Lower turnover rate  Higher talent retention For the HR department  From “reactive administrative” to “strategic business” function
  7. 7. What are Competencies?  Includes behavioral-anchored descriptors of the capabilities needed for success in a role(s)  Includes how these capabilities are applied or demonstrated at various proficiency levels Skills, Knowledge & Abilities Applied for Specific Outcomes
  8. 8. Competency Models Need To Be: Simple Targeted Actionable
  9. 9. Today or Tomorrow? 75% Critical Today 25% Future Focused
  10. 10. Form Follows Function Learning Applying Leading Expert  Applies to those individuals who have become function leaders and who are strategic and proactive in the achievement of their business responsibilities  Applies to those individuals who are able to work independently and who are fully functional in the position  Applies to those individuals who are new in the position and/or who have altered responsibilities  Applies to those individuals who command an extensive base of knowledge and organizational influence and who actively coach and mentor others
  11. 11. Example of Competency Learning Applying Leading Expert Influencing & Consultative Selling Uses a persuasive, consultative selling model and product knowledge to influence customers to choose Company’s products. Completes pre-call plan to identify objectives for each customer interaction. Evaluates results to refine approach. Engages customers to understand their specific needs and opportunities. Tailors selling strategies and approaches based on individual customer requirements and style. Applies power of persuasion to drive others’ decision making and actions to increase sales. Anticipates customer needs and proactively addresses opportunities/issues to drive increased short and long-term business results in the Territory. Delivers strategic, value-added solutions for customers that produce mutually-beneficial results. Demonstrates a track record of driving positive action in others. Advances capabilities of peers and serves as a resource for consultative selling techniques and influencing best practices. Creates champions throughout the customer base for a broad impact beyond product and Territory. Sought out by cross-functional partners to develop and implement sales strategies. Customer Engagement Definition: Cultivates relationships with key decision makers and applies persuasive, consultative selling skills to increase access and gain product support to achieve Company and customer objectives. Builds purposeful internal and external networks to develop and drive collaborative, value-added solutions.
  12. 12. Competency Development & Launch
  13. 13. It Starts With an Objective Analysis Leadership Interviews Behavioral Insight© Job Analysis Job Function Survey  Objective data linked to performance • Limits subjective biases • Reduces risk to the organization  Efficient, multi-pronged study  Greater staff engagement and ownership TalentFirst Foundation Study
  14. 14. Leadership Interviews Leadership Interviews Behavioral Insight© Job Analysis Job Function Survey  Capture strategic and systemic perspective  Allow to incorporate vision and strategy in model  Ensure optimal buy-in  45’ minutes/ 1 hour interview
  15. 15. Job Analysis (real-life observations) Leadership Interviews Behavioral Insight© Job Analysis Job Function Survey  Observe key behaviors in real life situations  Understand context and environment  Include top, average and low performers  Provide qualitative data to be leveraged in survey phase
  16. 16. Job Function Survey Leadership Interviews Behavioral Insight© Job Analysis Job Function Survey  To gather large number of information around KSAs  Everyone is involved in the process!  Buy-in and adoption
  17. 17. Behavioral Insight© Leadership Interviews Behavioral Insight© Job Analysis Job Function Survey  Identify core personality traits that differentiate top performers  A valid and reliable online behavioral assessment tool  High-Performance Footprint
  18. 18. Launching Competency Systems  Competency systems need to be launched for maximum impact and sustainability  Communication linking competencies to business strategy  Interactive launch session  1-2 competency-based tools and systems  Post-launch – phased deployment of additional tools and systems
  19. 19. “Change the expectations, change the outcomes”
  20. 20. The Next Webinar… REGISTER FOR THE NEXT WEBINAR! Competency-Based Talent Development June 24, 2014 at 1:00 - 1:30 PM ET June 26, 2014 at 3:00 - 3:30 PM ET
  21. 21. Audience Questions & Answers 21
  22. 22. TalentFirst Headquarters 1011 US Hwy. 22 West Bridgewater, NJ 08807  TalentFirst India B 45 DSIDC Industrial Estate Delhi 1100 95, INDIA  Luciano Gregoretti Consultant 908.897.0924