text mining schizophrenia narrative recovery mental health stereotypes and prejudice tojisha kenkyu teaching english as a foreign language autobiography nurising education audiovisual education narrative educational materials pac analysis active learning prejudice reduction media literacy nursing education urakawa qualitative research methods illness narratives psychiatric & mental health nursing qualitative methodology peace education children bethel 911 truth conflict resolution urakawa bethel house discovery prejudice mixed methods research mental illness college students peace psychology peace & conflict studies mixed methods uncovery spirituality developmental psychology conflict transformation abdominal surgery psychology nursing teachers hiv and aids education media literacy education coping strategies education data mining and text mining great east japan (tohoku) earthquake onomatopoeia visual narrative interview university japanese language sentence comprehension collaborative learning peace studies preoperative anxiety terminal care palliative care mental disorders nursing students comic essays autobiographies nonaka's seci model self help groups mental disorders (history) content analysis college student development quantitative methods essays tsunami healing touch rape nursing cluster analysis dipex ambiguous loss question formulation technique chinese particles psychology of launguage grammar psycholinguistics sentence processing self-directed study motivation self disclosure rape myth acceptance hiv/aids preventive education child-rearing practices hity method patients' comfort gender identity disorder worry anxiety social welfare questionnaire survey conspiracy theories manga jpop-voice knowledge management day care breast reconstruction breast cancer loose change personal attitude construct educational materials optimism animation complimentary and alternative medicine community nursing chronic pain community health disaster studies date rape posttraumatic growth positive psychology disaster psychology educational video pediatrics empirical studies suicide self-stigma observational replication public speaking viewing order model video literature review preventive care social capital teaching korean language community building group expressive therapy ptsd trauma care sri lanka japanese workers vietnam video speaking dream play hospital self disease name strengths dementia zimbardo prison experiment dialogue divorced parents single case counseling graphics visual facilitation patient experience dimentia nursing science parent magazine teacher school animals family 日本人学習者 スピーチ技術 英語教育 アクティブラーニング educational psychology empowerment critical thinking grounded theory strength program development group work korean launguage japanese universities foreign residents adjustment japan foreigners cross cultural psychology acculturation social justice human rights handicapped children special education japanese english language dutch language strategy bilingualism 質問紙調査 テキストマイニング 地域作業療法学 看護教育 看護実習 アートセラピー クローズド・グループ グループ表現セラピー professional education occupational therapy rehabilitation classroom history korean positivity oral presentation victim blame training statistics education standard deviation effect size stages of life stress parenting children and families preschool children family stress and coping fatherhood needs survey child welfare foster care marital and family psychotherapy child-rearing social perception spanish japanese studies educational video and multimedia prejudice reducation educational tv programmes preoperative worry rape myths comfort women gender difference political attitudes mental health and psychiatric nursing patient-centered care similarity tidal model nursing studies hospice & palliative care nursing website structural analysis self-study narrrative secondary analysis compliance medication user experience blueprints media biography analysis national development international development text minig conspiracy theory 9/11 truth article 9 japanese constitution constitution memorial day asahi shimbun the yomiuri shimbun constitution memoria editorial education and prejudice attitude change community clinical ladder psychoeducation survey nursery school early child education self-image burnout workplace conflict job satisfaction of high school teachers and menta hoaxes attitudes (social psychology) item analysis order structure analysis social distance victim baseball explanatory style pessimism newspaper manager freshmen education and conflict bibliographic research critical care nusing data mining history of nursing qualitative research quantitative research family nursing critical care coping styles teachers' professional development patient satisfaction fibromyalgia children's and young adult literature nuclear accidents time perspective tsunamigenic earthquakes case study research sleep disorders community and public health nursing parkinson's disease community health nursing complementary and alternative medicine happiness mass media judgement and decision making (jdm) mental health nursing attitude gender sexuality tohoku earthquake psychiatric nursing visualization critical psychology qualitative methods multimedia teaching media and materials tobyoki children's nursing self-directed research
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