Microsoft Azure Websites for PHP Developers


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This Presentation highlights the features of Microsoft Azure Websites for PHP Developers

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  • Default Support
    Change configurations with .user.ini
    Load extensions via PHP_Extensions AppSetting
    Customized Support
    Bin deploy specific PHP Runtime
    Configure FastCGI Handler in Web Site Configuration
    Uses local php.ini file for extensions and configurations

  • Additional Extensions can be uploaded to the Bin directory. Extensions are loaded by specifying a list of relative paths to the dll starting from the wwwroot folder.
  • Available for Administrative Purposes, Authentication is Required!
  • Install phpMyAdmin site extension to show off site extensions.
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  • Microsoft Azure Websites for PHP Developers

    1. 1. Azure Websites For PHP Developers Presenter Name Position or role Microsoft Azure
    2. 2. Agenda  What is Microsoft Azure?  What is Azure Websites?  Environment  Extend the Environment  Continuous Integration  Background Tasks (cron)  Application Services  Scale
    3. 3. What is Azure?
    4. 4. Azure footprint 16 regions worldwide in 2014 Data Centers Regional Partners
    5. 5. Microsoft Azure ServicesClientlayer (on-premises) Tablet Phone Games consolePC On-premises databaseBrowserOffice Add-in On-premises service AD Multifactor Authentication AccessControl Layer Integration layer Service Bus CDN BizTalk Services Traffic Manager Virtual Networks Express Route Application layer API Mgmt Websites Cloud Services VM Mobile Services Media Services Notification Hubs Scheduler Automation DataLayer Storage Blobs Tables Queues Data Machine Learning HD Insight Backup and Recovery SQL Database Caching StorSimple
    6. 6. .NET Support2014 Offline Sync Mobile Services Networking Visual Studio & .NET Virtual Machines Memory Optimized Disk Optimized Resource Manager Portal VSO GA XamarinPoint-to-site VPN Web Sites SMB File System IBIZA Remote Debug VM Management SQL Database Puppet Chef Docker Powershell and DSC Capture / Deploy Autoscale Dynamic Routing Subnet Routing Static IP Storage Autoscale Traffic Mgr Web Jobs Backup Java Support ASP.NET MVC 5.1 ASP.NET Web API 2.1 AD support Powershell Automation Node.JS project support Remote Debugging Kindle Support BD’s up to 500GB 99.95% SLA Self Service Site Recovery Active GEO replication HDInsight Hadoop 2.2 YARN support .NET 4.5 .NET Foundation Azure Redis Cache API Management Site Recovery Remote Apps Cordova VSO Open Api’s Event Hub
    7. 7. Support for Open Source Languages CMS Devices Databases / Apps Operating systems Management
    8. 8. What is Azure Websites?
    9. 9. Fastest way to build for the cloud
    10. 10. Open and Flexible for Everyone
    11. 11. Environment 13
    12. 12. Supported PHP Versions 5.4.0 5.3.13 5.5.11
    13. 13. Features SNI SSL IP SSL Custom Domains Sticky Sessions HTTP Compression App/Framework Installer Site Specific Configuration Command Line Access IP Restriction Web Sockets URL Rewriting Auto-Healing
    14. 14. Extend the Environment
    15. 15. Site Slots
    16. 16. Site Slots
    17. 17. Site Slots
    18. 18. Site Slots
    19. 19. Hybrid Connections Web Sites Corporate Network MySQL Hybrid Connection Other published resources Hybrid Connection Manager
    20. 20. Site Extensions
    21. 21. Continuous Integration
    22. 22. GitHubVisual Studio Online Git BitBucketCodePlex DropBox FTP Choose your own Adventure!
    23. 23. Customizing the Deployment azure site deploymentscript --php  Install Dependencies  Compile Source code  Minify JavaScript/CSS  Run Unit Tests
    24. 24. Background Tasks
    25. 25. WebJobs
    26. 26. WebJobs
    27. 27. Scale
    28. 28. Manual Scaling 1 6Instance Count Instances
    29. 29. AutoScale
    30. 30. AutoScale
    31. 31. AutoScale
    32. 32. Traffic Manager North Europe US West North America Europe DNS Routing Based on:  Performance  Failover
    33. 33. Application Services
    34. 34. SDK open composer.json require: “microsoft/windowsazure” php composer.phar install git add index.php git commit -m "My first Azure PHP app" git push azure master
    35. 35. Data Redis Cache Service Azure Blob Storage Azure Table Storage HDInsight Service
    36. 36. Messaging Service Bus Queues Service Bus Topics Notification Hubs
    37. 37. Much More… CDN Azure Active Directory Media Services API Management
    38. 38. Thanks! We are done now.
    39. 39. Get started Visit
    40. 40. Azure footprint 16 regions worldwide in 2014
    41. 41. Web Sites Service Architecture Windows Azure Load Balancer Runtime Database Application Database API Endpoint Frontend (IIS ARR) Publish Endpoint Blob Storage File Server Metering Deployment Server(s)
    42. 42. Web Site Windows Azure Web Site Public Site Extensions Private Site Extensions Web Site Kudu Web Jobs Monaco MSDeploy Build/Upload Your Own Gallery
    43. 43. WebSockets 5Concurrent Connections Tier Free 35 Shared 350 Basic / Standard Persistent Connection