BizTalk Server 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS


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Biztalk Server 2013 windows azure in this session will take a look at Windows Azure IaaS and how best to leverage it with BizTalk Server 2013. This session will start with a quick IaaS primer so someone new to Azure IaaS will not miss out. Next we will take a look at how best to use BizTalk Server 2013 in Azure IaaS and the new scenarios that are now available. We will see how simple it can be to script via PowerShell the creation of a fully configured standalone BizTalk Server or even an entire isolated BizTalk Domain. Last we will take a look at some of the basics for administration and supporting your Virtual Machines running in IaaS.

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BizTalk Server 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS

  1. 1. brought to you by BizTalk 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS STEPHEN W. THOMAS
  2. 2. About Me  10 Year Integration MVP  Run the community site  Co-authored “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform”  Pluralsight Author  Presented at numerous events of the past 12 years  One of the worlds worst spellers  Twitter @StephenWThomas  Email anytime –
  3. 3. With Risks Comes Great Rewards  Risk of ending up in the Dog House for leaving my wife at home with our 2 weeks old  Reward
  4. 4. Overview  Common Infrastructure pain points  Basics of Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  BizTalk 2013 and Windows Azure IaaS
  6. 6. We are Control Freaks  Infrastructure is usually out of our control  Makes us ask questions  Why does it take so long?  This really isn’t that hard, right?  I need to open a ticket?  What do you mean you erased by VM?  Why am I not a member of the SSO Admin group?
  7. 7. Common Pain Points  Resource onboarding  Slow, Out of space, Additional support, Costs  Upgrades  Multi-server environments  Solutions with a short life span  Bursting
  8. 8. Basics of Windows Azure IaaS IMPRESS YOUR BOSS WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE
  9. 9. What is Windows Azure IaaS  Microsoft’s pay-per-use infrastructure offering  Two key components  Virtual machines  Virtual network  Rich and growing list of pre-built Images  Create custom images and pre-built disks  Pay-per-minute pricing and MSDN discounts  Allows for programmatic creation of environments
  10. 10. Inside an Azure Virtual Machine Windows Azure Virtual Machine (PersistentVMRole) Service OS Disk Azure Storage Data Disk Azure Storage Data Disk Azure Storage Azure Storage Data Disk
  11. 11. Quick Tips  Disks  Use more disks to increase throughput  Geo-replicated disk could be out of sync  Charged for actual storage with file level shrink  Always use Quick Format  VM  Plan in advance because not all settings can be changes after a VM is created  New features are not always available to existing objects
  12. 12. Too Good to be True?  Windows Azure changes quickly  Core features  Portal  PowerShell  Limitations are often hard limits  Object latency can cause unpredictability
  13. 13. BizTalk 2013 and IaaS TAKE BACK CONTROL
  14. 14. BizTalk 2013 for Windows Azure IaaS  Pay per minute or bring your own license  BizTalk Provisioning Tool  Installed on Azure VM Images  Command line tool  Using XML configuration for single and multi-server configuration  Service needs to run on all Machines  Client runs using XML Config file on one machine  Still have issues with unattended configuration
  15. 15. My Dream Scenario  Have more if not total control over your environments (Dev and Test)  Automated  Self service  Repeatable  Secure
  16. 16. Lots of Options  Portal  REST API  PowerShell
  17. 17. When to use the Portal  Isolated single server scenarios  One off scenarios  Pros  Simple  Cons  Too simple for anything more than one isolated server  Some properties can not be set via the Portal  Not scriptable
  18. 18. Demo Windows Azure Portal
  19. 19. Windows Azure REST API  Allows programmatic access to Azure  Exposes more than the portal  Authentication via certificates  Supports A-Sync operations  Versioned
  20. 20. When to use the Azure REST API  Programmatic access to Azure through .Net, BizTalk, SharePoint  Multi-user build out  Works great with the BizTalk REST Adapter  Pros  Once understood, easy to use  Support for more than one Subscription  Cons  Authentication is BizTalk like (Azure360?)  Documentation is sometimes wrong  My Vision  Self service portals  Virtual Labs and demos
  21. 21. Demo REST API Tool and BizTalk REST Adapter
  22. 22. Windows Azure PowerShell Commands  Downloadable commands to do Azure task via PowerShell  New features added often  Easily understood since its PowerShell  3rd Parties have created custom commands  Use remote PowerShell on VMs
  23. 23. When to use PowerShell Scripts  Individuals doing build outs  Pros  Universal adoption  Easily customizable  Cons  Initial setup and troubleshooting is a pain  Frequent releases that could break existing scripts  Poor documentation on new changes  Do not forget to run as Administrator
  24. 24. BizTalk IaaS PowerShell Scripts  Single server installation and configuration (BROKEN)  Uses the supplied BizTalk 2013 Evaluation Image (Well, it did)  Full, end to end setup and configuration of BizTalk  Very hacky  About 50 hours to create
  25. 25. BizTalk IaaS PowerShell Scripts  Full domain build out  Uses Enterprise Images for BizTalk and SQL  Understand the cost impacts of this  Doman Controller  Add BizTalk domain users and groups  SQL Server  Two BizTalk Servers  BizTalk configuration is manual  Over 150 hours, mostly on unattended configuration
  26. 26. Demo PowerShell
  27. 27. Scenarios  Ready now  Dev and Test environments  Environment creation as part of nightly build and unit testing  Less BizTalk Configuration for multi-server  Depending on scenario  Production, single server BizTalk Environments  Geo located  Use BizTalk 2013 features
  28. 28. Review  Windows Azure IaaS is simple to use  Scripting allows for easy environment creation  BizTalk plays nicely with Windows Azure IaaS
  29. 29. Questions?  Email:  Scripts and Sample BizTalk Code to be posted to in a few days